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TK is drinking a Losus Naturae by Wicked Weed Brewing at Jango Monkey Studios

Nice. Super hoppy. The brett is understated- just making the finish dry.

TK is drinking an Ovila Abbey Quad with Plums by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

From 01/2013. A little hotter than I'd expect but smooth and sweet.

TK is drinking a 6 Geese-a-Laying (Bourbon Barrel Aged) by The Bruery at T-Ki Hut

Sweetness abounds. And it's delicious. Much better than the base.

TK is drinking an Apple Brandy Barrel Noir by Prairie Artisan Ales at T-Ki Hut

Apple brandy steals the show in the best possible way. Delicious. Thanks Sam!

TK is drinking a Date Night by Clown Shoes at T-Ki Hut

3.75 Some nice hops on the back end.

TK is drinking a Garden State Rhapsody by Clown Shoes at T-Ki Hut

Finishing the bottle. Damn this is delicious!

TK is drinking a 3rd Anniversary - Orange Bliss by Westbrook Brewing Co. at T-Ki Hut

The orange is much more subtle after 15 months. The chocolate imperial stout base is still outstanding.

TK is drinking a Cannon Dragger by Burnt Hickory Brewery at T-Ki Hut

Still mighty happy that I can find delicious BHB on shelves.

TK is drinking a Garden State Rhapsody by Clown Shoes at T-Ki Hut

Wow. Between the rye & the 1/5 barleywine blend this is a wildly different Crasher treatment.

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