NFL Week 11 In Review meets Untappd Data

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If you're like me, you watched your team play this week with a beer in hand and all sorts of emotions pulsing through your body. From yelling at the defense to celebrating the touchdowns and everything in between, game day is like no other. In Week 11, we saw the second-most check-ins at the stadium in a single week, coming in just behind the total from Week 9.

Each week, we'll take a look at the previous week of games, and take a look at the intersection of Untappd check-ins and data and NFL teams, cities and stadiums! Whether your team wins or loses, join in on the fun!

Thursday Night Recap

Last time we saw Seattle and Arizona play, we were gifted with an all-time meme that Jon, Harrison and myself discussed on the virtual tailgate! Kyler Murray and the Cardinals won the first showdown, but Russell Wilson and the Seahawks got even with a 28-21 victory this past Thursday. Off the field, Seattle cruised to a victory in terms of Untappd check-ins, registering roughly 4.5 check-ins to every one check-in in Arizona.

There weren't any fans in the stands for this one, but Ben was rooting on the Seahawks with a Seattle favorite from Holy Mountain Brewing.

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12 Days of Christmas

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Space Cake Double IPA Label

Space Cake Double IPA is the hoppy, juicy, sneaky-smooth flagship offering from Clown Shoes Beer. It is also one of the twelve (!) beers featured in their first ever mix pack, the 12 Beers of Christmas.

The 12 Beers of Christmas features a dozen different beers that make up a broad lineup of styles, including (but not limited to): Hazy, West Coast, Black, and Double IPAs, a Belgian Quadrupel, a Scottish Wee Heavy, and an American Imperial Stout with Mandarin Orange.

There's no need to wait for Christmas-time to enjoy this unique holiday mix pack, it's available now.

Anyone who drinks a Space Cake is now not only enjoying a delectable Double IPA, they have now officially tasted 1/12 of the 12 Beers of Christmas.

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12 Beers of Christmas Badge


Check-in to one (1) Space Cake from Clown Shoes Beer between November 24, 2020 - December 25, 2020 to receive the "12 Beers of Christmas " Badge.

Space Cake

Clown Shoes

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 147,242

Unique (?) 120,461

9% ABV

90 IBU


110,918 Ratings

How to Support your Local Breweries this Holiday Season

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"The craft beer industry, it's a brotherhood, we all take care of each other."  -  Hemisphere Brewing in Rockwall, Texas, founder Ruben Garcia

As we approach the holiday season this year, things look a little different. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are being felt worldwide and our local independent craft breweries are working hard to continue to deliver the hand-crafted brews we love.

In a show of support, Untappd is reminding everyone to earn this special badge to commemorate Small Brewery Sunday as a great way for all of us to show our thanks to the small, independent brewers that are making this year just a little bit better.

Join us on November 29 for Small Brewery Sunday, a day celebrating local flavor, local connections, and local pride.

"We are very thankful and thrilled with the support from the community."  - Chris Morley Mason's Brewing

DISC Artist Spotlight: Abigail Weaver - Empowerment

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Abi is a post–production generalist who does freelance design and film work ranging from business conference motion graphics to TV trailers. She's working on narrowing her sights in on a more specific field within the world of post–production but currently specializes in not having a specialty. In her free time, she enjoys reading, drawing, and trying to figure out how to engineer a time turner so she can actually have some free time. She has recently become a mom to two stray kittens that she found in a bush. You can find more of Abi's art here on her Instagram. Abi designed the "Empowerment" logo for Untappd's Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee's initiative. 

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#Collabfest (2020)

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Introducing the biggest event in Brewdog bars' yearly calendar, our annual celebration of all things craft. Nearly all of Brewdog bars worldwide brew a custom beer with their favorite local brewery and they pours them all across extremely hoppy weekend.

For its eighth anniversary, Collabfest will be rocking beers from over 80 different breweries, based in 16 different countries, throughout four amazing days of unique, unmissable beer. Despite everything that's going on, Brewdog is still making sure this year's festival will be just as good as ever!

Every UK BrewDog Bar will have dozens of different beers pouring over the four-day festival, every single one of which will be brand new and never have been poured before. If you live near one of our Scottish bars, you can pop in and treat yourself to a flight or two. Or order freshly canned beers to throw your own festival at home with BrewDog Now. Simply download the app or head to to place your order.

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NFL Week 10 In Review meets Untappd Data

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We can't officially advance to Week 11 until we get the Week 10 review through the Untappd lens! A familiar city took the crown again for most check-ins, while a team in the AFC North became the first stadium this NFL season to lead three separate weeks in check-ins! Also, we feature some game day check-ins from the Untappd community at the end, so be sure to check out how your check-in can potentially be featured in next week's review.

Each week, we'll take a look at the previous week of games, and take a look at the intersection of Untappd check-ins and data and NFL teams, cities and stadiums! Whether your team wins or loses, join in on the fun!

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12 Local Lo-Cal Craft Beers That Won’t Ruin Your Health & Fitness Goals

Days are growing shorter, nights are growing longer, and we're STILL spending our time social distancing as we head into Winter 2020.

We're not sure about you, but the two things that have been keeping us sane through this crazy year have been exercise and beer. 

"But those two things don't seem like they go together," naysayers may point out. "Psh," we'd reply. "We disagree!"

We work out so we can enjoy our favorite craft beverages without feeling guilty about it. It might surprise you, given that we named our company Work For Your Beer, but we're all about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle without sacrificing the things we love.

Yes, we enjoy treating ourselves, and we do so regularly. But we're also huge fans of finding beers that support our health and fitness goals — without basically tasting like watered-down version of beers our dads used to drink.

That's why we rounded up this list of low-calorie beers that still taste amazing, so you can grab something a little lighter the next time you Untappd At Home and want to drink something local and lo-cal. (See what we did there?)

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Small Brewery Sunday

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Pop quiz: What's small, independent, and utterly essential?

Answer: Your local craft brewery! By unlocking this badge you're showing your support for America's small and independent craft breweries. Cheers to you!

Small Brewery Sunday is on November 29, 2020 and it's a day for celebrating local flavor, local connections, and local pride. Our neighborhood taprooms and brewpubs can't do it alone. They need us to step up and order a pint, fill a growler, stock the fridge, grab beer and food to go, gift a gift card, and bag some sweet brewery merch. It's the least we can do for these businesses that add so much flavor to our communities.

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Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee

We're pleased to announce a new initiative here at Untappd: the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee.

The DISC was formed with the objective of channeling our energies into creating solutions that provide education and foster opportunities of growth for groups that are underrepresented in the beer and technology sectors, ensuring that everyone within the company and our industry has the opportunity to be seen, heard, and valued.

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Veterans Day (2020)

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Veteran's Day (2020) Badge

On this Veterans Day, November 11th, we will toast to all those, around the world, who have served both past and present. We thank you and appreciate your service.


In recognition of this day, check-in your favorite beer this Veterans Day weekend, November 11, 2020 - November 15, 2020, and you will unlock this year's "Veterans Day (2020)" badge.

NFL Week 9 In Review meets Untappd Data

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Another week of the NFL season is in the books and Week 9 saw nearly 4,000 more check-ins on game day than Week 8 in each city within a 10 mile radius of the stadium. Additionally, we saw our sixth different stadium lead the way in check-ins this week, and spoiler alert, it's from a team in the AFC South! 

Each week, we'll take a look at the previous week of games, and take a look at the intersection of Untappd check-ins and data and NFL teams, cities and stadiums! Whether your team wins or loses, join in on the fun!

Thursday Night Recap

Aaron Rodgers was no match for a San Francisco team that was decimated by injuries. The Packers went into Levi's Stadium and put on an offensive show. Sure, there weren't any fans in the stands, but Packer Nation enjoyed seeing their star quarterback throw for nearly as many touchdown passes as he did incompletions! Now, it wasn't a clean sweep for Green Bay, as San Francisco won the Untappd showdown, totaling roughly 250 more check-ins on game day than Green Bay.

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Bottles Up

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Cheers to you, beer lover! Raise those bottles high. Beer brings us together. It's a beverage that's central to celebration, whether you're celebrating a major milestone, from a wedding to a new job, or toasting something as simple as a Friday night.

We know you choose the right beer for those moments based on flavor. At O-I Glass, we love making glass bottles because glass brings something special to the table. Glass touches your senses through sight, touch and even sound with the smile-inducing chime of a toast between friends.

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NFL Week 8 In Review meets Untappd Data

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As some NFL stadiums are allowing more fans to attend games, we've seen an uptick in check-ins at stadiums over the past few weeks. Check-ins have more than doubled since the start of the season, and Week 8 actually featured the most check-ins at stadiums across the league that we've seen all year! Of course, not everyone gets to the game or feels comfortable attending due to obvious concerns, so keep checking in safely at home and make your own living room or man/woman cave a stadium of one for the game!

Each week, we'll take a look at the previous week of games, and take a look at the intersection of Untappd check-ins and data and NFL teams, cities and stadiums! Whether your team wins or loses, join in on the fun!

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Wash that Piglet

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Little Piglet Session IPA from New Holland Brewing

An IPA that keeps you on your feet. Little Piglet stems from a dutch phrase, "I'll wash that little piglet," loosely translating to "I'll get the job done." At only 4.6% ABV, Little Piglet lets you have a couple of beers without throwing off your whole day or skimping on taste. With citrus, spice and floral notes with a light and crisp body, our brewer's worked tirelessly to find a perfect recipe that combines that smooth, bitter taste of an IPA with lower calories and alcohol. The outcome, a freshly washed, Little Piglet - Session IPA.

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Stout Day (2020)

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Stout Day 2020 is right around the corner, with dark beers taking over over Thursday, November 5th. The world will join in a global toast to this rich and full-bodied style and we hope you do too! And for the first time in 9 years, the badge will be available to score for 7 days - from November 2nd to November 9th! If you're staying home during the pandemic, we encourage virtual events, and want to give stout lovers more time to plan, order and celebrate their stouts.

Show your support by checking in to any style stout from November 2nd to November 9th, with the big celebration on November 5th and you will be rewarded with the 2020 Stout Day badge! Erin Peters (aka "The Beer Goddess") is the founder of International Stout Day. The global holiday was created by the beer writer in Southern California, in 2011.

For more information about International Stout Day, check out the official site at and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


This year, you can unlock the International Stout Day badge for 7 days! Check-in to any "stout" style from November 2, 2020 - November 9, 2020 (in your local time zone) and the "Stout Day (2020)" badge is yours!

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