HopCat CollaBEERation: Crushie!

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Photo Courtesy of HopCat

Guess what friends: its CRUSHIE time!

It started out with a "psssst....… can we work on a beer together?".

The ever-innovating team at Odd Side Ales were gushing over a gose recipe they'd been working on, and their pals the local craft beer steward HopCat thought up 142,987 different fruit combinations to try and make a unique batch of their own. Bringing sweet pineapple and tangy pink guava to the party, the result is an incredibly refreshing, slightly funky fruited gose that will be sure to help make this a summer to remember!

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To earn this badge, simply check-in the Pineapple Pink Guava variant of CRUSHIE! purchased from any Michigan HopCat location between June 18, 2021 - September 18, 2021.

Crushies Pineapple Pink Guava  label

Crushies Pineapple Pink Guava

Odd Side Ales

Sour - Fruited Gose

Total (?) 64

Unique (?) 61

4.5% ABV



29 Ratings

Virtual Beer Hunting - Westbrook

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Unpack your supplies and find your favorite blind. It's time for some Beer Hunting. Stop by Lowes Foods and pick up a limited edition Westbrook Beer Hunting Box. And then join us on June 19th when we walk through five great Westbrook beers.

So make sure you get your box, learn some things, and then earn your Virtual Beer Hunting Badge.

To earn the Virtual Beer Hunting Badge for NC & SC festival goers, tune into the virtual festival to learn how to unlock the badge. If you haven't purchased your beer box, visit your local Lowes foods today until Saturday June 19, 2021 at 6pm EST.

Visit here for more information and to see what to expect in the beer box.


For North and South Carolina users, check-in one of the 5 Westbrook beers in the Lowes Hunt Club Box AND add the Lowes location that you purchased your beer box from or the Lowe's Virtual Beer Hunting venue to your check-in between June 19, 2021 - June 20, 2021 to earn the "Virtual Beer Hunting - Westbrook" Badge.

White Thai label

White Thai

Westbrook Brewing Co.

Wheat Beer - Witbier

Total (?) 62,855

Unique (?) 48,714

5% ABV

16 IBU


43,335 Ratings

One Claw label

One Claw

Westbrook Brewing Co.

Pale Ale - American

Total (?) 71,335

Unique (?) 49,538

5.5% ABV

30 IBU


44,752 Ratings

IPA label


Westbrook Brewing Co.

IPA - American

Total (?) 86,395

Unique (?) 59,300

6.8% ABV

35 IBU


53,663 Ratings

Key Lime Pie Gose label

Key Lime Pie Gose

Westbrook Brewing Co.

Sour - Fruited Gose

Total (?) 66,485

Unique (?) 47,094

4% ABV

10 IBU


42,682 Ratings

Blackberry Blueberry Smash label

Blackberry Blueberry Smash

Westbrook Brewing Co.

Sour - Fruited

Total (?) 473

Unique (?) 460

5% ABV



420 Ratings

Why We Love Summer...And Summer Beers

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Summahh! That's right we're officially saying that summer is here. Hence why Harrison Hickock (@harrybeerbeard) is sporting his favorite Hawaiian t-shirt for the latest episode of the Drinking Socially podcast. Which is all about....well, we're pretty sure you've guessed by now. Tune in as Harrison and co-host Jon Dispenza (@drinkingwithjon) talk about what makes summer the best season of the year.

How about summer nights? They're magical, full of adventure and mystery, and the guy you just met convincing you one more Jager shot won't be a mistake. What about breezes? In the summer they're warm and smell like hot sand and suntan lotion, fried clams and fresh squeezed lemonade. And we can't forget vacations. Vacations are always great - but summer vacation - cannon balls, ice cream for lunch, video games, and sleep overs every night - it's a call to freedom the likes of which even William Wallace could only dream about! You put the word 'summer' in front of any other word and it instantly makes that word better, except maybe summer school.

Luckily, those days are long behind Harrison and Jon. Instead, in front of them lies a new summer beer - not just to them but the world! They'll work on leveling up the "Summer Fun" badge - which is a pretty unique Untappd badge - with New Belgium's brand new "Summer Bliss", a tropical wheat ale! So grab your favorite summer beer and level it up with Harrison and Jon on this week's episode of the Drinking Socially podcast!

How exactly do we do that? 

By watching the summer fun go down here on YouTube or listening in wherever you grab your favorite podcasts. 

5 Best Milkshake IPAs of 2021

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Without question the hazy IPA has become the most popular beer style of the last decade. Breweries from coast-to-coast have created their own outstanding versions including The Alchemist Tree House, and Trillium. 

Of course, with the rise of such a popular style we've seen tons of riffs and remixes from double, triple, and quadruple dry-hopped to cryo-hopped and even kveik-yeasted.

But perhaps the most exciting interpretation has been the Milkshake IPA. Characterized by a combination of milk sugar and fruit these beers often cleverly mimic the iconic 1950s American malt shop favorite. Are you telling us you haven't shared a tender double-strawed moment on a stool with a significant other? (Or maybe someone just threw it in your face Rizzo-style).

Well, thanks to modern day brewers you can now enjoy this same experience on your bar stool. Just maybe without the straw. 

To achieve maximum silky, creamy, velvety goodness brewers add a dose of lactose. It's this unfermentable milk sugar that defines a Milkshake IPA and gives it that delightfully smooth mouthfeel. 

And fruit is the perfect pairing to this luxurious style. We've seen everything thrown into these hazy IPAs from tangerines to passionfruit. 

The fun part about Milkshake IPAs is that brewers often tap into their culinary or sweet tooth side with many drawing on popular childhood treats as inspiration. 

So grab a friend or a date and belly up to the bar because below are the 5 Highest Rated Milkshake IPAs on Untappd in 2021.

1. Blazed Orange Milkshake - Hop Butcher for the World

2. Strawberry Chantilly - Phase Three Brewing 

3. Milkshake IPA (Nitro Double Mango) - Tired Hands Brewing Co.

4. Pineapple Peach Orange Chantilly - Phase Three Brewing

5. Orange Cream Marbles - More Brewing Company

Powered by Untappd Data (minimum of 1,000 check-ins)

If you think these Milkshake IPAs blow your mind you should see some of the craziest beers Hop Culture Founder Kenny Gould tries each week.  On each episode of The Craziest Beer I Had This Week, Kenny drops a new crazy beer he's cracked. Watch this week's episode and don't forget to subscribe to Hop Culture's YouTube channel so you never miss a beat on the wild beer Kenny drinks next! 

Sponsored Scholarship to Appalachian State Brewing Course

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As part of the Next Glass commitment to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion at our company and within the tech and alcohol industries, we are happy to sponsor* one student's attendance at the Fermentation Short Course Program at Appalachian State.

Taught from July 25th to July 30th of this year, the program is "intended for those working within the Brewing Industry and the Advanced Home Brewer; specifically, those considering starting a business or intent on increasing their proficiency and understanding of Fundamental Brewing Principles and Technologies."

We invite those interested to apply by following the steps outlined below. We are sharing the message across all of our social media channels with the hopes of getting a diverse group of people to apply – so feel free to share this message!

Please submit your application by June 21, 2021. The winner will be notified by email.

*cost of course, travel, lodging

Application Requirements:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • City and State of Residence
  • Available to attend Fermentation Short Course Program at App State in Boone, NC between July 25, 2021 and July 30, 2021. Y/N
  • Current Employer & Role:
  • Please Describe Your Current Level of Brewing Experience:

Questions - both questions should be answered in short essay format (500 words or less per response):

  • How has the beer industry/community impacted your life?
  • How will this scholarship help you in furthering your career in the brewing industry?


The Rad Dad

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Check-in both limited edition beers 'Vader & Zoon' from De Molen and 'For My #1' from Uiltje Brewing Company that are specially brewed for Fathers' Day.

Where can I find the beers?

The special Father's Day beers can be found in the exclusive Father's Day beer packages 'Brave', 'Hero' and 'Fearless' on

Stand a chance to win an awesome beer package!

Among all badge unlocks we will randomly select a winner who will receive a surprise beer package full of special beers valued at €50,-. On June 30, 2021, we will contact the lucky winner via email.

How to earn this badge?

Check-in De Molen Vader & Zoon and Uiltje's For My #1 between June 14 and June 28, 2021 and add Bier&zO as your purchase point.

For My #1 label

For My #1

Uiltje Brewing Company

IPA - New England

Total (?) 4,245

Unique (?) 4,123

6% ABV

14 IBU


3,940 Ratings

Vader & Zoon label

Vader & Zoon

Brouwerij de Molen

Lager - Pale

Total (?) 232

Unique (?) 206

5.4% ABV

35 IBU


162 Ratings

Local Beer Is Better

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What makes for a better beer, exactly? Some may think it's about how cold it is. Or maybe the lip-smacking "ahhhh" that follows the first sip. But to your local, independent brewery, a better beer goes way beyond what's in the glass. A better beer is a beer that keeps local people employed. A better beer gives back to the community. Heck, a better beer creates community right in the taproom it's poured in. A better beer doesn't just taste better, it does good.

Each time your neighborhood brewery pours a pint, it makes an impact on your hometown. Local beer is better like that.

Don't have a good beer, have a better one. Find a local brewery near you to grab a pint that makes an impact where you live.

And while you're at it nab this newest Local Beer Is Better badge. 

To earn it simply check-in any beer from an American independent craft brewery between June 14 and June 30, 2021. 

So what are you waiting for?

Head over to your local brewpub or taproom and enjoy a pint, or grab a sixer or growler to-go. Here's to local craft beer!

Find a local craft brewery near you. And for more information check out #LocalBeerIsBetter

EC2021 Champion Badge Passport

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The Dutch squad has finally made it to the European Championship 2021 and it's time to celebrate that! During the European Championship from June 11 to July 11, you can earn several badges in The Netherlands to become the real EC2021 champion! By unlocking these badges you will earn 20% discount on your next order at Bier&zO. On top of that, we are privileged to give away 10 exclusive 'Uiltje All Time Oranje Legends' beer boxes to the value of 50 EUR among all badge passport completions. How to earn these badges?


To earn these badges, all check-ins must occur within the Netherlands.

During the European Championship 2021, from June 11 to July 11 you can unlock the 'Hup Holland Hup' badge by checking in three (3) different Dutch beers from the 'Hup Holland Hup Speciaalbierpakket XL' at Bier&zO.

To earn the 'Hattrick' badge, check-in three (3) different beers from three (3) different countries out of the 'EK Speciaalbierpakket XL'.

Once the knock-out phase starts, you will be able to unlock 'Knock-out Kampioen' the final badge of the passport. To do so, check-in three (3) different beers from a special Dutch EC2021 package from June 24 until July 1.

Multiple rewards – Discounts & Rare boxes

Once you complete either the 'Hup Holland Hup' or 'Hattrick' badge you will receive a personal discount code of 20% you are able to use on your next order on the Bier&zO webshop.

The icing on the cake: Complete this badge passport and stand a chance to be one of the lucky 10 to win an exclusive 'Uiltje All Time Oranje Legends' beer box worth 50 EUR! The winners will be picked randomly once the European Championship 2021 has ended and informed to claim this top prize.

Grolsch Oranje EK

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We needed to wait some time, but now it is time for the European Championship. We love watching these football games with a beer, that is being served as it should be: cold!

Specially made for the European Championship, Grolsch has designed a unique, tailor-made swingtop fridge….which you can win!

Score your favorite Grolsch beers and cheer the Dutch national team to the finals!

Click this link to read more about the legal terms and an image of the fridge.

Responsive image


Check in to 3 out of any of the following 5 beers of Grolsch to unlock your "Grolsch Oranje EK badge" in the period of the European Championship within the Netherlands, between June 11, 2021 and July 11, 2021.

Grolsch Premium Lager label

Grolsch Premium Lager

Koninklijke Grolsch

Pilsner - Other

Total (?) 491,761

Unique (?) 254,611

5% ABV

28 IBU


225,675 Ratings

Grolsch 0.0% label

Grolsch 0.0%

Koninklijke Grolsch

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Total (?) 14,759

Unique (?) 12,809


28 IBU


11,806 Ratings

Frisbittere IPA label

Frisbittere IPA

Koninklijke Grolsch

IPA - American

Total (?) 33,027

Unique (?) 30,669

5.5% ABV

32 IBU


28,979 Ratings

Puur Weizen label

Puur Weizen

Koninklijke Grolsch


Total (?) 80,969

Unique (?) 61,935

5.1% ABV

11 IBU


57,051 Ratings

Klassieke Blond label

Klassieke Blond

Koninklijke Grolsch

Belgian Blonde

Total (?) 13,791

Unique (?) 13,094

6.7% ABV

20 IBU


12,367 Ratings

Did you check in and score 3 out of 5 Grolsch beers? GOAL! You earned the badge and are automatically entered into a lottery to win the unique Grolsch Swingtop fridge!

Legal Terms:

• The winner will be random selected out of all participants (who checked in 3 out of 5 Grolsch beers) on 14 July 2021.
• The winner will be informed via e-mail associated with their Untappd account.
• The fridge will only be rewarded and delivered to a winner residing at an address in the Netherlands.
• It is not possible to correspond about the result.
• The prize cannot be exchanged for cash.
• More info about the legal terms:

Strainge Beast Hard Kombucha

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Hard kombucha is new to the Sierra Nevada lineup, but founder Ken Grossman has always explored beyond beer.

"[When] I had the homebrew shop," he says, "I actually made a lot of wine and sold wine grapes. And I had a still and fooled around with sake. So I had a fairly open mind toward fermentation."

Strainge Beast is born from that curiosity, and now there are six flavors on the loose—collect a badge for every Beast! They're brewed with 100% organic ingredients, and two of them have just 100 calories per 12-ounce serving.

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5 Best Fruited Sours of 2021

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Looks like you've taken the red pill. Welcome to wonderland! Fruited sours are complex, funky beers that have mimicked decadent treats from cheesecake to berries and cream and beyond. There are no boundaries or limits in the Matrix of fruited sours. 

On paper according to the Brewers Association fruited sours are characterized for their moderate to intense, yet balanced fruity esters. Brewers utilize natural microflora like Brettanomyces (often known as just Brett), lactobacillus (often referred to as "lacto"), or Pediococcus (sometimes known just simply as "pedio") to create the incredible funky and intense flavors that define this style. 

Sour beers were actually a happy accident. Way back in the day, brewers stored beer in wooden barrels or open-air vessels called coelships. While fermenting in these lidless tanks the beer picked up natural microbes and wild yeast in the air that actually gave a distinct funkiness to the final flavor. 

Sounds kind of simple right? I mean don't the natural microflora do all the work? It's a little more complicated than that and since souring beer is really a living, breathing process it can be tricky for brewers to nail. But, for you the drinker it means that pretty much every sour beer you drink is one hundred percent unique. 

With fruited sours in particular, brewers add an additional layer of complexity by choosing from a cornucopia of fruit to add to the base beer during fermentation. And nowadays, no fruit or ingredient is off the table. Brewers explore the whole harvest from the staple blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries to lesser-known fruits like passionfruit, guava, boysenberry, marionberry, and black currants.

More and more these fruited sours have become whimsical, wacky interpretations of beer. Some take inspiration from popular desserts and treats like lollipops, ice cream, popsicles, pies, crumbles, or smoothies while others simply indulge in smashing as much fruit as possible into one can.  

Regardless, drinking a fruited sour can whisk you away into a new magical world, a particular nostalgic childhood memory, or even just a beautiful, bountiful orchard. 

Below check out the current highest rated Fruited Sours on Untappd in 2021.

1.  Even More Hydra - ET NYC Edition - Evil Twin Brewing


3. Slang Du Jour - Raspberry Cheesecake - Drekker Brewing Company

4. Quad Mmm….J.R.E.A.M (Papaya, Pineapple, Peach, Passionfruit) - Burley Oak Brewing Company

5. Marshmallow Smoothie Sour: Blueberry Raspberry Blackcurrant - Vault City Brewing

Powered by Untappd Data (minimum of 1,000 check-ins)

If you think these fruited sours are crazy you should see some of the craziest beers Hop Culture Founder Kenny Gould tries each week. On each episode of The Craziest Beer I Had This Week, Kenny drops a new crazy beer he's cracked. Watch this week's episode and don't forget to subscribe to Hop Culture's YouTube channel so you never miss a beat on the wild beer Kenny drinks next!

5 Best Double / Imperial IPAs of 2021

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Like cranking up the volume on a single IPA, Double or Imperial IPAs are often characterized by a higher hop intensity and amped up alcoholic strength. These beers assault the senses with fresh hop character, extra juiciness, and a strong bitterness. 

The style is often attributed to Vinnie Cilurzo, now owner and brewmaster of renowned Russian River Brewing Co. In 1994 Cilurzo invented the double IPA while working on this first beer for Blind Pig Brewery in Temecula, California. He later took his innovation to Russian River where Pliny the Elder became one of the most highly regarded DIPAs in the country. 

Since then many breweries coast-to-coast have powered up their IPAs from Maine Brewing Co.'s Dinner and The Alchemist's Heady Topper to the aforementioned Russian River's Pliny the Elder and any number of Tree House's picture perfect versions. So much so that Imperial IPAs have become one of the most popular brewing styles in the country. 

Need proof? In 2020 Double / Imperial IPAs ranked as the third highest checked in style on Untappd with 34,000 different DIPAs appearing on the app and 6,585,229 total check-ins.

Below check out the current highest rated Double IPAs on Untappd in 2021.

1. JJJULIUSSS! - Tree House Brewing Company

2. Swish - Bissell Brothers Brewing Company

3. Pliny the Elder - Russian River Brewing Company

4. Doubleganger - Tree House Brewing Company

5. Heady Topper - The Alchemist

Powered by Untappd Data (minimum of 1,000 check-ins)

Looking for a double whammy? Every week Hop Culture Founder Kenny Gould drops a new crazy beer to try. This week he cracked open a can from Double IPA darlings Trillium Brewing and Other Half that almost left him almost speechless. Watch this week's episode and don't forget to subscribe to Hop Culture's YouTube channel so you never miss a look at the craziest beer Kenny tries next!

American Craft Beer Around The World

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The American (now global) craft beer revolution was born from American craft beer pioneers not seeking to replicate that of other brewing cultures, but rather to create their own styles that would redefine American beer beyond the traditional mass-produced lager. The variety of high-quality full-flavored beers being produced by the more than 8,000 small & independent American craft brewers today is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. From American IPA and Barrel-aged beer to sours or just well-made classic styles, we invite you to unlock the unrivaled innovation in quality, flavor, and style diversity by seeking out these participating breweries in your local communities. 

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Rainbow LOVE

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Photo Courtesy of Almanac Beer Co.

In honor of Pride Month each year, Almanac's bestselling LOVE Hazy IPA gets a rainbow glow up! These limited-edition cans help support the Oakland LGBTQ+ Community Center, a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing and sustaining the well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals, families and allies, by providing educational, social, health & wellness-related activities, programs, and services.

LOVE is brewed in the spirit of equity, inclusion, and justice for all people and is bursting with hoppy tropical flavors. Built on a simple base of Pilsner malt and rolled oats, this super dank IPA has a pillowy mouthfeel and is double dry-hopped with Mosaic, Citra, and Sabro. Flavors of mango, cantaloupe, and citrus will keep you infatuated.

Responsive image


To earn the "Rainbow LOVE" Badge, check-in one (1) Love Hazy IPA from Alamanac Beer Company between June 1, 2021 - June 30, 2021.

Hoppy Pride! Celebrate loud, proud, responsibly, and safely.

LOVE Hazy IPA label


Almanac Beer Company

IPA - New England

Total (?) 37,816

Unique (?) 31,945

6.1% ABV



29,312 Ratings

Sippin' Summer

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Photo Courtesy of Odell Brewery Instagram

Spend all summer Sippin' Pretty with our refreshing Fruited Sour and a chance to win a custom paddleboard. Text ODELLSUP to 855-933-4223 or visit for your chance to win an Odell 10' Paddleboard by Glide. Through 08/31/21.

More of a mantra than a beer, Sippin' Pretty is our Fruited Sour Ale. Loaded with our unique blend of açai, guava, and elderberry, and balanced with a delicate addition of Himalayan pink sea salt, this beer pops with a bright ruby color and a refreshing tart finish. So sit back, relax, and sip on something pretty.

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