Brewery Madness Champion (2021)

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In March, we pitted our 64 most checked-in breweries against each other in a head-to-head battle of the beers. The winner? Other Half Brewing in Brooklyn, New York. Let's celebrate their victory as Untappd's 2021 Untappd Brewery Madness champion!

In March of 2021, we asked Untappd's data scientists for a list of the year's most checked-in breweries. Some of the results -- like Stone Brewing and BrewDog -- were expected. But others, like Other Half or Omnipollo, came as a surprise. While we knew these breweries were popular, we didn't know exactly how beloved they were by Untappd users until we saw the data. 

Once we had our list of 64, we seeded them based on popularity. Put simply, the most checked-in breweries got the top seeds. Then, we matched seeds in a head-to-head, single-elimination tournament based on check-ins received during periods that coincided with the March Madness basketball games. 

After a couple wild rounds of close calls (at one point, No. 35 Blue Moon Brewing Company beat higher-seeded Evil Twin Brewing by only 14 check-ins) and upsets, we emerged with two of craft beer's most popular breweries: Stone Brewing from Escondido, CA and Other Half Brewing from Brooklyn, NY. On April 5th, they went head-to-head for the Championship. 

The upset winner of the Untappd Brewery Madness Competition 2021 was… OTHER HALF!

As promised, the winning brewery will receive a free badge. From May 14th, 2021, to June 14th, 2021, check-in any beer from Other Half Brewing to support Other Half's come-from-behind victory and earn the Other Half Brewery Madness Champion 2021 badge.

Cut down that net, Other Half. You earned it!


Check-in any beer from Other Half Brewing between May 14, 2021 - June 14, 2021 to earn the Brewery Madness Champion (2021) badge.

Other Half Brewing Co. logo

Other Half Brewing Co.

Brooklyn, NY United States

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 3.65M+

Unique (?) 232,303


2,835,232 Ratings

1117 Beers

Virtual Beer Hunting - Edmund's Oast

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Unpack your supplies and find your favorite blind. It's time for some Beer Hunting. Stop by Lowes Foods and pick up a limited edition Edmund's Oast Beer Hunting Box. And then join us on May 15th when Brandon Plyler, South Carolina's first Advanced Cicerone and member of the Edmund's Oast team walks us through five great beers.

We'll be tasting some traditional beers like the ultra-deluxe premium blonde ale, their Something Cold. We'll also have their oat-infused IPA, Bound By Time, the refreshing Sour Apricot Peach, and the flavorful Cereal For Dinner. Finally, there will be the Breath of Nebula, a juicy, cloudy, tropical IPA.

So make sure you get your box, learn some things, and then earn your Virtual Beer Hunting Badge.

To earn the Virtual Beer Hunting Badge for NC & SC festival-goers, tune into the virtual festival and see below to learn how to unlock the badge. If you haven't purchased your beer box, visit your local Lowes foods today until Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 6pm EST.

Visit here for more information and to see what to expect in the beer box

For North and South Carolina users, check-in one of the 5 Edmund's Oast beers in the Lowes Hunt Club Box AND add the Lowes location that you purchased your beer box from or the Lowe's Virtual Beer Hunting venue to your check-in between May 15, 2021 - May 16, 2021 to earn the "Virtual Beer Hunting - Edmund's Oast" Badge.

Go 'Hard' Fest Tickets Are Live NOW!

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Untappd is excited to announce its virtual Go 'Hard' festival presented by Half Time Beverage featuring your favorite drinks with just a little kick in the teeth.

Step up your seltzers, light up your lemonades, turn up your teas, and amp up your meads. Showcasing over 11 hard beverages, our newest fest means it's time to either Go 'Hard' or Go Home.

According to the Brewers Association, the not-for-profit trade organization that represents over 5,400 independent craft breweries in America, sales of hard seltzer grew 140% year-over-year in a four week period ending July 12th, 2020. 

"The sustained growth we've seen in categories like hard seltzer and mead show they're not trends," said Kenny Gould, Creative Director at Untappd. "In general, I think we're seeing increasing consumer demand for beverages that are refreshing and easy drinking, but lower in ABV than a cocktail or glass of wine." 

If you're looking for more proof that hard beverages are here to stay just check out their performance on Untappd. 

"Only four months into 2021, the number of Untappd check-ins across hard styles is already 10% higher than the number of check-ins throughout all of 2020," said Talia Sperra, VP of Events at Untappd. "We embrace the phenomenon and want to celebrate it with our brewery partners and the Untappd community." 

If it seems strange for a company more typically associated with beer to be throwing a "no-beer" festival, consider that other types of beverages currently represent some of Untappd's highest rated products. 

Evil Water, a subsidiary of New York's Evil Twin Brewing, comes in a variety of dessert-inspired flavors like "Raspberry, Blueberry" and "Cream Soda," which hold ratings of 4.3 and 4.34 out of 5, respectively. And Smooj, a spinoff of Michigan's HOMES Brewery that produces a line of fruit-infused "smoothie seltzers," currently holds the app's top spot for a nano brewery in the United States, with a 4.498 out of 5 on almost 12,000 ratings. 

"Since many of these categories are so new, I wanted to find brewers and products that I knew Untappd users would really enjoy," said Britt Burke, Manager of Event Operations at Untappd. "I went through our database and reached out to producers with some of the highest ratings." 

Consumers in 30+ states are now able to purchase a box of of the follow 11 hard beverages:

Products Included in the Go 'Hard' Box 

1. Smooj Piña Colada Hard Seltzer 

2. Smooj Strawberry Banana Hard Seltzer 

3. Untitled Art Prickly Pear Guava Hard Seltzer 

4. Evil Water Cream Soda Hard Seltzer 

5. Superstition Meadery Fuzz Fuzz Peach and Vanilla Session Mead 

6. Boulevard Brewing Cherry Blossom and Lime Hard Seltzer 

7. Graft Cider Birds of Paradise Moscow Mule-inspired Cider 

8. Farmhaus Cider Co. Daily Dry Cider 

9. Artisan Beverage Cooperative Ginger Libation Ginger Beer 

10. Decadent Brewing x Half Time Beverage Shirley Temple Lemonade

11. Reverie Brewing Company x SOUND Tea x Half Time Beverage Pinkies Up Sparkling Hard Tea 

Plus, you'll also get access to two virtual sessions for a full weekend of livestream brewer led guided tasting, Q&A sessions with our feature breweries, exclusive merch deals, and more from 7:00 to 10:00pm EST on July 9th and 10th.

For those unable to attend, all content will be uploaded to Untappd's YouTube page after the event. Because of the nature of the beverages, all products included in the Go 'Hard' box are naturally gluten-free. 

Ticket sales end on June 10th, 2021. So, what are you waiting for!? Go grab your tickets right now

American Craft Beer Week (2021)

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American. Craft. Beer. Week. 

Four beautiful words, one exceptional week.  

American Craft Beer Week, May 10–16, is the Brewers Association's annual springtime salute to local beer and local breweries. It's an opportunity to honor the hometown gathering places that give our communities their unique flavor, because here's the glorious truth: #LocalBeerIsBetter. 

We teamed up with the Brewers Association to invite you to toast the local businesses that have endured tough times to ensure our glasses, growlers, and beer fridges remain full. And yes, there's a badge! To earn it simply check-in any beer from an American independent craft brewery between May 10 and May 16, 2021. 

So what are you waiting for?

Head over to your local brewpub or taproom and enjoy a pint, or grab a sixer or growler to-go. Here's to American craft beer!

Find a local craft brewery near you. And for more information on #AmericanCraftBeerWeek.

Sierra Nevada Summer Break Session Hazy IPA

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Source: Sierra Nevada Instagram

Summer Break is closer than you think. And whether it's quiet lakesides or wild slip 'n slides, this Session Hazy IPA is all in.

Sierra Nevada's new seasonal is a cannonball of hops in a humble 4.6% ABV. Oats and wheat create a smooth malt backbone—the launchpad for bright notes of mango and passion fruit from six different hop varieties.

Available through July, and packaged exclusively in cans, Summer Break is ready for sunny adventure.

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Check-in to one (1) Summer Break Session Hazy IPA by Sierra Nevada between May 7, 2021 - June 7, 2021 to earn the "Sierra Nevada Summer Break Session Hazy IPA" Badge.

Summer Break label

Summer Break

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

IPA - Session / India Session Ale

Total (?) 5,312

Unique (?) 4,845

4.6% ABV

30 IBU


4,347 Ratings

Crushin' It

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Source: Night Shift Brewing Instagram

Congratulations. You're Crushin' It.

A can of Whirlpool is like a pat on the back. A fist bump. A high five. When you're crushin' it out there, this explosively juicy, infinitely crushable deliciousness is the perfect reward.

Want some little known trivia about this beer? Here we go.

Our first brew of Whirlpool was a 60 gallon batch brewed in 2014. It was a side project. Total experiment. We were messing with an experimental whirlpooling process where nearly all the hops were added after the boil (aka, a weird process). Hopes were low, and we actually almost forgot to keg it.

We didn't forget, though, and kegged it up. "Whirlpool" we called it, and tapped it in our tiny tasting room, available in growlers only. Again, hopes were low. It sold out almost immediately and every person who tasted it has the same "Woah!" reaction. We had the same reaction and decided to make more. We ended up making a lot more.

Its recipe today is essentially the same as that first batch - a malt bill of wheat, oats, and barley, generously hopped and dry-hopped with Mosaic and Ella. It's super soft and citrusy, hazy and juicy, with shockingly minimal bitterness. We taste big notes of clementine and grapefruit. It's one of those beers that veteran craft drinkers appreciate as deeply as "I don't really like craft beer" drinkers. It seems to have a little something for everyone.

Even better - it's available in 12-packs in MA, NH, CT, ME, NY, and PA! Check out our Beer Finder at to find a 12-pack near you.

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Crushin' It badge


Check-in to one (1) Whirlpool beer by Night Shift Brewing between May 3, 2021 - June 3, 2021 - level up on an additional check-in, up to 3 levels max!

Whirlpool label


Night Shift Brewing

Pale Ale - New England

Total (?) 95,974

Unique (?) 58,353

4.5% ABV

50 IBU


52,558 Ratings

The Waldos’ Special Ale (2021)

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Here's a highly entertaining origin story: In 1971, not far from the town of Lagunitas, five pals dubbed the "Waldos" (because they used to sit on the wall outside their school), found a treasure map which supposedly led to a mythical marijuana field in the nearby hills.

One day, a plan was hatched to meet after football practice —at 4:20 pm —by a statue of Louis Pasteur (ironically, the man who known as the 'Father of Fermentation'). When 4:20 arrived, they set out in a '66 Impala, map in hand, determined to find the wild-growing stash.

If at first you don't find weed, try and try again. And every day, they continued to meet at 4:20 by Pasteur's statue to share a smoke before driving off to search for treasure.

The friends said "420" so much that others did, too, and soon it spread from the North Bay into the Haight-Ashbury scene and across the US, where it was adopted by Dead Heads and other traveling souls. Thanks to the Waldos, "420" was here to stay.

In 2011, 40 years after that first meet-up at Louis Pasteur, Lagunitas dialed up the Waldos and proposed creating a brew in honor of 420. They agreed and all met in Petaluma to brew the first batch of Waldos' Special Ale, the dankest, hoppiest beer ever created by Lagunitas. This OneHitter triple IPA is unfiltered, and mashes bitterness with sweetness and a high ABV.

While the secret garden was never found, Lagunitas and the Waldos still convene annually to create the Waldos' Special Ale, made for treasure hunters everywhere, and just in time for 4/20. No map required. At least you can score this badge as proof you went on the hunt. 


To earn "The Waldos' Special Ale (2021)" Badge, Check-in to one (1) Waldos Special Ale from Lagunitas Brewery between April 29, 2021 - May 29, 2021


The Waldos' Special Ale label

The Waldos' Special Ale

Lagunitas Brewing Company

IPA - Triple

Total (?) 106,655

Unique (?) 81,007

11.7% ABV

100 IBU


74,107 Ratings

International Dance Day (2021)

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Known for being able to cut some rug? Now's your time to shine. Grab a beer and boogie along with millions across the globe in celebration of International Dance Day. International Dance Day is celebrated each year on April 29th, the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727–1810), the creator of modern ballet! And hey, if ballet isn't your style, just put on your favorite song and cut loose anyways. Dance is a universal art that brings people together - just like beer! 


Check-in any beer between April 29, 2021 - May 2, 2021

For those counting, this is the third badge release this week! Can you earn all three badges? Check out the Drinking Socially Podcast as hosts Jon & Harrison dive into the core badges of Untappd. This season they're sharing tips and tricks for how to earn select badges, and hidden secrets you may not know about them!

Untappd Derby (2021)

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Grab your seats, place your bets, and get your favorite beer ready for a legendary event. It's time for the inaugural Untappd Derby! We're pitting Untappd's most popular beer styles from the last 30 days against each other in a head-to-head race. Between now and May 1st, 2021, place your bets by checking in a participating style. Want to learn more about the participants? Continue reading or check out the landing page here.

This year's Untappd Derby sponsor is Hidden Springs Ale Works, a craft brewery based in Tampa, Florida. Although Hidden Springs has many notable beers, this derby is celebrating March of The Damned, their bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with churros and vanilla, which boasts a 4.5 rating on Untappd. This year's release, previously available on Oznr, was aged in Four Roses barrels -- no mint, but you'll still get all that bourbon flavor!

And yes, there's a badge! Here's how to earn it: Between April 29 and May 1, 2021, check-in one (1) beer of any of the nine participating beer styles.

May the best beer style win. On your mark... get set... go! And they're off!

BREAKING NEWS: This year's expected winner, Haze for Days (IPA), has been disqualified from this year's Untappd Derby (2021) for juicing. Haze for Days was originally the 2021 favorite for the Untappd Derby! This will surely give the other styles an opportunity to rise to the top! No need to fear, Haze for Days (IPA) isn't going far! On the latest episode of Drinking Socially, our official craft beer podcast, hosts Jon & Harrison unlock the "I Believe in IPA" badge, and discover the top IPAs on Untappd! 

Participating Styles:

  1. 1) Farmhouse Ale - Saison
  2. 2) Pale Ale (All sub-styles)
  3. 3) Stout (All sub-styles)
  4. 4) Sour (All sub-styles)
  5. 5) Lager (All sub-styles)
  6. 6) Belgian (All sub-styles)
  7. 7) Pilsner (All sub-styles)
  8. 8) Porter (All sub-styles)
  9. 9) Wheat (All sub-styles)

King's Day (2021)

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April 27th is King's Day in The Netherlands, a day of national pride and festivities, and Untappd is ready to celebrate! Dress in orange, set out the tompoucen, and grab your favorite Dutch brew. 

This King's Day, check-in a beer from any Dutch brewery and earn your badge, courtesy of the CRAFT Brouwers Nederland, the trade association uniting and supporting more than 160 Dutch independent breweries.


To earn the badge, check-in any beer from a Dutch brewery from April 27th, 2021 - May 3rd, 2021.

Also, as part of our King's Day Celebration, we're running a photo contest with our friends at Hop Culture Magazine! Jump on Instagram, follow @untappd and @hopculturemag, and upload a picture of yourself with a beer from a Dutch brewery with the hashtag #DrinkingRoyally. When the contest ends on May 3rd, one lucky follower will win a curated 3-month beer box subscription.

Virtual Beer Hunting

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Unpack your supplies and find your favorite blind. It's time for some Beer Hunting. Stop by Lowes Foods and pick up a limited edition NoDa Beer Hunting Box. And then join us on April 17th when Chad Henderson, Head Brewer at NoDa walks us through five great beers.

We'll be tasting some traditional beers like the award-winning Hop Drop 'N Roll and Radio Haze, their year-round Juicy/Hazy IPA. We'll also have some newer beers like Lager Days, the perfect beer for that warm day on your deck, and Haze So-Low, a low-calorie low-carb hazy IPA that is perfect for folks who want great flavor without the guilt. Finally, there will be the Blood Orange Gose, a new kettle-soured German styled wheat ale with Blood Orange puree.

So make sure you get your box, learn some things, and then earn your Virtual Beer Hunting Badge.

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National Beer Day (2021)

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Drinking a beer is akin to taking a walk through history, and around the globe. Since ancient times, beer has been enjoyed as a fermented beverage worthy of historical note, and even of poetry! 

April 7 is National Beer Day, which celebrates the day on which U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt ended Prohibition early for beer. While this day of remembrance was born of the USA, we invite our beer-loving community around the world to raise a glass and celebrate with us!

So this National Beer Day, strike up your own adventure, and crack open a brew from your local treasure chest, or beer fridge, earning a different kind of treasure with this limited-edition badge, available April 7th, 2021 only. Check-in any beer on April 7th, 2021 to earn the badge.

Like badges? Check out the Drinking Socially Podcast to learn about the treasure-trove of badges available to the adventurer in you.

Hypnotized & Caramelized

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Hypnotizing, huh? This sweet, sexy, Salted Caramel Hard Coffee is just the latest addition to the Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee family. When we tell you about the tantalizingly delicate notes of caramel with just a hint of salty, savory goodness, we're not just waxing poetic—this thing is damn good.

And sure, the caramel-y notes may be delicate, but this drink is anything but soft. Spiked to keep things interesting, this is how coffee goes hard. It's ready to drink straight from the can, and pairs well with completely relatable activities like checking the mail or paying your bills. Or just knocking back a few with friends.

Fair warning, once this sweet and salty nectar pours out of the can and down your gullet, you may feel compelled to fall to your knees, shake your fists at the sky, and cry out: "Is there more?!"

Worry not, there absolutely is. The Pabst Hard Coffee cinematic universe is still expanding. Stay tuned for the next drippity drop coming later this summer.--


Check-in to one (1) Salted Caramel Hard Coffee by Pabst between April 6, 2021 and May 6, 2021 to earn the "Hypnotized & Caramelized" badge.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee Salted Caramel label

Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee Salted Caramel

Pabst Brewing Company

Malt Beer

Total (?) 543

Unique (?) 517

5% ABV



398 Ratings

Brewery Madness Semifinal Recap

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In the collegiate tournament, we've already crowned one champion, as the No. 1 seeded Stanford University won the women's championship game! On the men's side, Baylor and Gonzaga will be fighting for the title, the latter of which is coming off an incredible buzzer-beater in overtime. In the Untappd Brewery Madness, we are treated to the No. 1 seeded Stone Brewing versus the No. 23 seeded Other Half Brewing Co.

Will we have a No. 1 seed win the women's title, the men's title, and the Brewery Madness title?

Fun Facts from the Semifinals:

  • For the fourth straight round, Other Half Brewing Co. logged the most check-ins of remaining breweries
  • Tree House Brewing Company (2019 champion) logged the second-most check-ins in the semifinals, but unfortunately, they went up against the brewery that logged the most
  • Stone Brewing had its best performance of the tournament thus far!

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Odell Kindling Golden Ale

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Make every sip count with a Kindling. When you choose Kindling Golden Ale you're supporting non-profits across our communities. Giving back has always been a part of Odell Brewing's business. Now, Kindling Golden Ale is brewed to support non profits who ignite conversations, build communities, and amplify voices. Powered by our commitment to donate 1% of all revenue, together we will spark change.

Now available year round on draft and in 6-pack cans.⁣


Check-in to 1 Kindling Golden Ale by Odell Brewing Co between April 5, 2021 and May 5, 2021 to receive the "Odell Kindling Golden Ale" Badge.

Kindling label


Odell Brewing Co.

Golden Ale

Total (?) 1,005

Unique (?) 951

5% ABV

10 IBU


796 Ratings

Find Kindling Golden Ale near you:

More on Odell Gives Back:

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