National Beer Day (2021)

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Drinking a beer is akin to taking a walk through history, and around the globe. Since ancient times, beer has been enjoyed as a fermented beverage worthy of historical note, and even of poetry! 

April 7 is National Beer Day, which celebrates the day on which U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt ended Prohibition early for beer. While this day of remembrance was born of the USA, we invite our beer-loving community around the world to raise a glass and celebrate with us!

So this National Beer Day, strike up your own adventure, and crack open a brew from your local treasure chest, or beer fridge, earning a different kind of treasure with this limited-edition badge, available April 7th, 2021 only. Check-in any beer on April 7th, 2021 to earn the badge.

Like badges? Check out the Drinking Socially Podcast to learn about the treasure-trove of badges available to the adventurer in you.

Hypnotized & Caramelized

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Hypnotizing, huh? This sweet, sexy, Salted Caramel Hard Coffee is just the latest addition to the Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee family. When we tell you about the tantalizingly delicate notes of caramel with just a hint of salty, savory goodness, we're not just waxing poetic—this thing is damn good.

And sure, the caramel-y notes may be delicate, but this drink is anything but soft. Spiked to keep things interesting, this is how coffee goes hard. It's ready to drink straight from the can, and pairs well with completely relatable activities like checking the mail or paying your bills. Or just knocking back a few with friends.

Fair warning, once this sweet and salty nectar pours out of the can and down your gullet, you may feel compelled to fall to your knees, shake your fists at the sky, and cry out: "Is there more?!"

Worry not, there absolutely is. The Pabst Hard Coffee cinematic universe is still expanding. Stay tuned for the next drippity drop coming later this summer.--


Check-in to one (1) Salted Caramel Hard Coffee by Pabst between April 6, 2021 and May 6, 2021 to earn the "Hypnotized & Caramelized" badge.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee Salted Caramel label

Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee Salted Caramel

Pabst Brewing Company

Malt Beer

Total (?) 130

Unique (?) 129

5% ABV



62 Ratings

Brewery Madness Semifinal Recap

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In the collegiate tournament, we've already crowned one champion, as the No. 1 seeded Stanford University won the women's championship game! On the men's side, Baylor and Gonzaga will be fighting for the title, the latter of which is coming off an incredible buzzer-beater in overtime. In the Untappd Brewery Madness, we are treated to the No. 1 seeded Stone Brewing versus the No. 23 seeded Other Half Brewing Co.

Will we have a No. 1 seed win the women's title, the men's title, and the Brewery Madness title?

Fun Facts from the Semifinals:

  • For the fourth straight round, Other Half Brewing Co. logged the most check-ins of remaining breweries
  • Tree House Brewing Company (2019 champion) logged the second-most check-ins in the semifinals, but unfortunately, they went up against the brewery that logged the most
  • Stone Brewing had its best performance of the tournament thus far!

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Odell Kindling Golden Ale

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Make every sip count with a Kindling. When you choose Kindling Golden Ale you're supporting non-profits across our communities. Giving back has always been a part of Odell Brewing's business. Now, Kindling Golden Ale is brewed to support non profits who ignite conversations, build communities, and amplify voices. Powered by our commitment to donate 1% of all revenue, together we will spark change.

Now available year round on draft and in 6-pack cans.⁣


Check-in to 1 Kindling Golden Ale by Odell Brewing Co between April 5, 2021 and May 5, 2021 to receive the "Odell Kindling Golden Ale" Badge.

Kindling label


Odell Brewing Co.

Golden Ale

Total (?) 481

Unique (?) 457

5% ABV

10 IBU


365 Ratings

Find Kindling Golden Ale near you:

More on Odell Gives Back:

Shake The Void

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Funky Buddha's new line of limited bourbon barrel-aged imperial stouts are mysteriously dark, perfectly balanced, and beyond tasty. Throughout the year, they'll be releasing a rotation of Void Shaker variants including original, vanilla, and coffee – all aged exclusively in High West Distillery barrels.

Celebrate the launch of this far-out series with a custom badge. You can also find the funk near you by visiting:


**Check-in 1 Funky Buddha Brewery Void Shaker between April 4, 2021 and May 4, 2021 to earn the "Shake the Void" Badge**

Void Shaker label

Void Shaker

Funky Buddha Brewery

Stout - Russian Imperial

Total (?) 879

Unique (?) 777

11% ABV

40 IBU


674 Ratings

Brewery Madness Round 4 Recap

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First and foremost, congrats to the last four teams standing in the NCAA Tournament! Kudos to Baylor, Gonzaga, Houston and UCLA for making it this far, and best of luck to each moving forward! The Untappd Brewery Madness is now down to just four teams as well. Four awesome breweries will look to continue their winning streak, with the ultimate goal of bringing home the title of Brewery Madness!

Fun Facts from the Round of 8:

  • There are two single-digit seeded teams left, and two double-digit seeded teams left!
  • Other Half Brewing Co. notched the most check-ins for the third straight round!
  • Tree House Brewing Company has beaten the No. 3 and No. 6 seed in the past two rounds

Notable Performances

No. 23 Other Half Brewing Continues Hot Streak

Three straight rounds with the most check-ins, are you kidding me!? The next matchup for Other Half Brewing Co. is a juicy one, much like some of the IPAs made by its semifinal foe.

Fun Facts of the Semifinalists:

  • Stone Brewing's narrowest margin of victory was 777 check-ins
  • New Belgium has the lowest average check-ins per round of these four breweries
  • Other Half Brewing Co. has the highest average check-ins per round of these four breweries
  • Treehouse Brewing Company has the second-highest average check-ins per round of these four breweries. Also, to get here they have beaten three teams ranked inside the top 20.

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Brewery Madness Round 3 Recap

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Another great weekend of basketball and even better beer! While the student-athletes battled it out on the court, many great breweries were competing in the Untappd Brewery Madness! Heading into the weekend, 16 breweries were still in the competition. But, as of Sunday night, only eight are still brewing here in the madness. Without further ado, let's jump in and recap this weekend's action!

Fun Facts from the Round of 16:

  • Other Half Brewing Co. logged the most check-ins this round with over 7,500!
  • Three of the eight matchups were decided by less than 1,000 check-ins!
  • The smallest margin of victory this round was 256 check-ins!

Notable Performances

No. 23 Other Half Brewing Continues Deep Run

The 23rd seed in Brewery Madness has logged big wins over Modern Times Beer, BrewDog and now Dogfish Head. The Brooklyn-based brewery will look to continue its championship run!

No. 14 Tree House Brewing Company Logs Second-Most Check-Ins This Round

Sierra Nevada logged the fourth-most check-ins, but unfortunately, their opponents logged the second-most. This was a tough break for Sierra Nevada, as their title run fell short in the Round of 16.

Fun Facts of the Final Eight Teams/Breweries

  • Of the eight teams left in the basketball tournament, here are the seed numbers: 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 6, 11 and 12
  • Of the eight teams left in the Brewery Madness, here are the seed numbers: 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 13, 14 and 23
  • The average seed number of the remaining teams in the basketball tournament is 4.63
  • The average seed number of the remaining teams in the Brewery Madness is 9


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Brewery Madness Round 1 & 2 Recap

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What a weekend of check-ins and basketball!

Decadent stouts and crisp lagers pair nicely with an upset, and weren't there plenty of them!? Headlined by Oral Roberts over Ohio State and the Ramblers over Illinois in the second round. There were plenty of others that busted many brackets, and the Untappd Brewery Madness was no different! Before we dive in fully, let's take a quick look back at some key facts and figures from the opening round:

  • Based on seeding, there were three upsets in the opening round, with the biggest being the 53rd-seeded Omnipollo 
  • 12 of the 32 winning breweries tallied at least 4,000 check-ins between 3/18-3/20
  • 3 matchups were within 100 check-ins, with the smallest margin of victory being 14 check-ins (No. 35 Blue Moon Brewing Company in an upset victory against Evil Twin Brewing)

Notable Round 1 Performances

No. 13 Guinness Recording over 21,000 check-ins
Tough draw for Toppling Goliath Brewing Co., as Saint Patrick's Day was right before check-ins started. Can Guinness earn a win in the second round, as they are nearly a week removed from St. Patty's?

No. 32 Avery Brewing Co vs. No 33 Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing

In typical fashion, the matchup between two closely seeded teams went down to the wire. Avery Brewing Co. edged out the No. 33 seed by just 90 check-ins

BrewDog Notches Second-Most Check-Ins in Opening Round

If it weren't for Guinness' insane number of check-ins, BrewDog would likely be atop the Round 1 performances. However, 10,000+ check-ins is a strong performance from the international brand.

Round 2 Facts and Figures

  • Based on seeding, there were two upsets in the second round (No. 23 Other Half Brewing Co. &  No. 17 Southern Tier Brewing Company)
  • The Round 2 matchup with the most combined check-ins was No. 23 Other Half Brewing Co. vs. No. 10 BrewDog with a total of 8,820 check-ins

Notable Round 2 Performances

No. 23 Other Half Leads Way in Check-ins

No brewery logged more check-ins in the second round window than Other Half Brewing Co.! They will look to ride the momentum in a showdown with the seventh-seeded Dogfish Head!

No. 17 Southern Tier Squeaks By Deschutes

Nine check-ins. NINE! This was the closest second round matchup, and in fact, it was the smallest margin of victory thus far in the Brewery Madness!

The Round of 16 matchups are set! Let's take a look at each of the matchups and delve into the final check-in for each matchup!

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Rightside’s Brightside

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Introducing the newest NA to the market, Rightside Brewing's Citrus Wheat and American IPA have been 4 years in the making but are worth the wait.

The secret of our crisp tasting brew is in the technology. A majority of non-alcoholic beers use heat to remove the alcohol, which as a result distorts the taste of the product. Rightside has invested in your drinking experience – bringing you technology that only delivers authentic taste. Advanced filtration cycles water and alcohol through, leaving nothing but a true beer flavor and lasting impressions.

According to writer Lia Picard, "while sipping the crisp citrus wheat, best enjoyed with an orange slice garnish, it's easy to forget that there's no alcohol." We challenge you to find the perfect citrus pairing with this one.

As one customer put it, the IPA is "a fastball right down the middle. Nothing crazy, no fancy organic umbrella hipster mustache fruit hops or anything like that. Just a solid, mildly hoppy beer with an amazing mouthfeel, clean finish, and beautiful color."

Clocking in at less than .5% ABV, Rightside beers give you that premium craft experience when you don't want the alcohol.


To earn the "Rightside's Brightside" Badge, check-in to one (1) IPA OR Citrus Wheat Non-Alcoholic beer from Rightside Brewing between March 23, 2021 - April 23, 2021

Citrus Wheat label

Citrus Wheat

Rightside Brewing

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Total (?) 123

Unique (?) 113




55 Ratings

American IPA label

American IPA

Rightside Brewing

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Total (?) 57

Unique (?) 51




35 Ratings

We’re About to Hit One Billion Check-Ins!

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That's right, folks. In case you missed it, Untappd is nearing its One Billionth Check-In!

After some quick back-of-the-napkin math from our team of genius super scientists, we expect to see our billionth check-in on the app in the next couple of days. Like, maybe even tomorrow

To celebrate the occasion, we launched a Billionth Check-In Photo Contest, where you can win a year of free beer from our friends at Beer Drop. But we'll also be debuting a special, one-time-only Billionth Check-In Badge.

How to Get the Billionth Check-In Badge

The moment we hit one billion check-ins on the Untappd app, the Billionth Check-In Badge will be available worldwide for 72 hours. And then it'll be gone forever. That means you'll only have 3 days to earn this limited-edition badge.

If you want to start up to date on the badge release, be sure to follow Untappd on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and consider turning on post notifications for real-time updates.

Once the Billionth Check-In Badge is live, you'll be able to earn it with any beer check-in. Just make sure to check-in before the 72 hours are up!

How Do I Win a Year of Free Beer?

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In addition to the commemorative Billionth Check-In Badge, we're hosting a photo contest on Instagram with a grand prize of a year of beer from our friends at Beer Drop!

You can find full contest info and rules here. Entries for Week 1 end today, but you'll still be able to enter for the Untappd and Beer Drop prizes.

New Badges for 2021

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When you're finished changing, you're finished. -Benjamin Franklin


A few months ago, we celebrated Untappd's tenth anniversary – a true milestone – and in the coming month we will reach another almost unbelievable number: Untappd's one billionth check-in. It's both humbling and invigorating to reflect on that fact, and of course, we have our loyal users around the globe to thank for making Untappd the #1 social app for beer drinkers. 

Untappd, and the unique opportunity to earn badges on the app, has not only become part of a regular routine for millions of users, but has become part of our popular culture. After ten years, we are excited to share a reimagined badge platform that brings expanded opportunities to engage with Untappd badges. 

In late Spring, we will be releasing our next set of new core badges, as suggested and upvoted by our user community. To keep core badges fresh, and represent our diverse set of users, going forward we will routinely survey our user community for new core badge ideas via notifications on the app. Users will then be invited to upvote the themed badge they want to see released, and the winning badge will be released shortly thereafter. We hope this will encourage more of our users to participate in selecting our new badges! 

Because the Untappd community is made up of an increasingly diverse group of users around the globe, we will be limiting future Untappd holiday badges to those that are international in scope or beer-centric. There will still be a wide variety of new and exciting badge-earning opportunities.

While we will also retire some older badges, such as Middle of the Road, we will be updating the artwork on some favorites, and introducing new, limited-release badges later in the year - stay tuned to the Untappd App and follow us on social media to stay in the know! 

As we look forward to the community getting back together in-person more this year, we raise a beer to you, our users, as we head toward the year ahead. From all of us here at Untappd, here's to you!

Grolsch Weizen Swingtop

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Grolsch Puur Weizen is from now on available in the bottle it deserves. The brown Swingtop bottle! The Swingtop bottle is the ideal bottle for the perfect serve of Weizen.


Plop your swingtop bottle and pour half of the volume into the glass.


Then, close the swingtop and roll your beer easily from side to side. Through this, the yeast will blend with the remainder of the beer in the bottle.


Pour the remainder of the beer in the glass. Now, you will have the perfect served Grolsch Puur Weizen. Enjoy your beer, cheers!

Check our social media channels @Grolsch_nl for the whole explanation. We dare you to show us your perfectly served Weizen! Tag @Grolsch_nl when you show your pouring ritual.


Check-in to one (1) Grolsch Puur Weizen beer between March 17, 2021 - April 17, 2021 to earn the " Grolsch Weizen Swingtop" badge.

Puur Weizen label

Puur Weizen

Koninklijke Grolsch


Total (?) 75,796

Unique (?) 58,187

5.1% ABV

11 IBU


53,523 Ratings


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"#AToastTo" badge

Raise #AToastTo our heroes on the frontlines, our pubs we miss visiting, and our communities who raise us up this St. Patrick's Day! Even though we can't quite march again this year, there are plenty of silver linings to find among the clouds, and we've got a bright year ahead. Whether it's socially distant at a pub or at home with loved ones, raise a pint of Guinness, and do so responsibly. To join Guinness in raising money for Team Rubicon and food banks around the country, visit ToastTo.US


Check-in one (1) Guinness Draught beer between March 16, 2021 - March 21, 2021 to earn this years "#AToastTo" badge.

Guinness Draught label

Guinness Draught


Stout - Irish Dry

Total (?) 2.52M+

Unique (?) 805,424

4.2% ABV

45 IBU


711,954 Ratings

Welcome to Brewery Madness 2021

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Since we missed out on the pinnacle of the college basketball season last year, it's been a while since we've gotten to enjoy the NCAA tournament! But, we're back with 2021's Brewery Madness! As a quick refresher, here's how things operate:

We're pitting our 64 most checked-in breweries of 2021 against each other in a head-to-head battle of the beers. It's bracketology, Untappd style. From now until April 5th, use the Untappd app to check-in as many beers from your favorite participating brewery as possible. During any given round, the brewery in each matchup with the most check-ins will move forward. You can track the progress of the tournament here.

At the end of the tournament, the winning brewery will receive a special sponsored badge package, courtesy of Untappd.

At the end of each round, we'll publish a bracket update to check in on notable performances, big-time upsets and see if any brewery makes a deep tournament run despite not being one of the higher-seeded teams!

Plus, if you're looking for more ways to enjoy the NCAA tournament, our friends at Hop Culture Magazine have put together a bracket pool! Good luck!

Round 1 Matchups to Watch

No. 8 Goose Island Beer Co. vs. No. 57 Wicked Weed Brewing

Goose Island comes in as the No. 8 seed and Wicked Weed comes in as the No. 57 seed. However, don't sleep on the brewery out of Asheville in this opening round matchup!

Goose Island has more check-ins, but Wicked Weed edges out the Chicago staple in brewery rating.

Goose Island Beer Co. logo

Goose Island Beer Co.

Subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch

Chicago, IL United States

Macro Brewery

Total (?) 7.61M+

Unique (?) 1.16M+


4,872,812 Ratings

1099 Beers

Wicked Weed Brewing logo

Wicked Weed Brewing

Subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch

Asheville, NC United States

Macro Brewery

Total (?) 2.05M+

Unique (?) 354,033


1,563,499 Ratings

534 Beers

No. 24 Tröegs Independent Brewing vs. No. 41 The Bruery

These breweries have combined for nearly six million check-ins on Untappd! Troegs offers a nice spread of beverages in central Pennsylvania, while The Bruery packs a punch with experimental and barrel-aged beers.

Tröegs Independent Brewing logo

Tröegs Independent Brewing

Hershey, PA United States

Regional Brewery

Total (?) 3.48M+

Unique (?) 477,353


2,030,973 Ratings

86 Beers

The Bruery logo

The Bruery

Placentia, CA United States

Regional Brewery

Total (?) 2.4M+

Unique (?) 333,027


1,838,519 Ratings

342 Beers

No. 14 Tree House Brewing Company vs. No. 51 Terrapin Beer Co.

Who reigns supreme in this high-profile matchup? Tree House Brewing Company, led by a King Named Julius, will take its 4.35 rating on Untappd into an interesting first-round showdown against Terrapin Beer Co. and the over 56,000 Untappd users that have liked their brewery page.

Remember: check-ins for each round only count when the round is active and of course, drink socially and responsibly!

Tree House Brewing Company logo

Tree House Brewing Company

Charlton, MA United States

Regional Brewery

Total (?) 4.69M+

Unique (?) 247,744


2,897,959 Ratings

340 Beers

Terrapin Beer Co.  logo

Terrapin Beer Co.

Subsidiary of Molson Coors Beverage Company

Athens, GA United States

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 2.12M+

Unique (?) 448,924


1,481,233 Ratings

506 Beers

Introducing Untappd’s Billionth Check-In Photo Contest

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Have you ever wondered how many check-ins we've had on the Untappd app? Well, folks, according to the math of our super scientists, we're only a week or two away from our BILLIONTH check-in. That's right -- nearly one billion check-ins served!

To celebrate the occasion, we've partnered with our friends at Beer Drop to bring you the Billionth Check-In Photo Contest, which has a grand prize of free beer for a year!

If you're interested in participating, simply snap your best beer pic, post to Instagram, and use one of the contest hashtags below to enter. 

The contest runs for one more week and you can enter as many times as you'd like. Click here for the full information, and of course follow @untappd. May the best photographer win!

Responsive image

Contest Hashtags

When you post your contest submissions to Instagram, you'll need to tag them with a special hashtag. That way, we'll be able to see your entries. Each hashtag corresponds to a certain prize. Check here for complete info on the prizes.

#25yearsofbeer - sponsored by BeerAdvocate

The OG online beer community is getting ready to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Give us a pic that represents your favorite beer memory, and use the copy to tell us the story! Tag with #25yearsofbeer

#onebillionbeers - sponsored by Untappd

Nearly a billion check-ins and counting! That's a whole lot of beers. If you could pick any one of the billion, which would it be? Show us your favorite beer and let us know what you love about it. Tag with #onebillionbeers

#bestbeermycity - Sponsored by Beer Drop

Beer Drop specializes in sending rare, fresh beer from around the country straight to your door. Give them a follow on Instagram at @getbeerdrop and show us a creative shot of your favorite local beer. Tag with #bestbeermycity

Announcing the Winners

Want to see who wins? Make sure you follow @untappd on Instagram. We'll also be announcing the winners on YouTube, so subscribe to our YouTube channel and get an alert when we're making the Big Announcement. 

Winners will be announced over the next several weeks!

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