The 15 Best Double/Imperial IPAs of 2022

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Photography courtesy of @treehousebrewco | Tree House Brewing Company

We're still feeling the glow from celebrating National IPA Day last Thursday, August 4th, 2022. Accordingly, we thought we'd keep the party hopping this week (get it 😜).

Yes, we know beer puns are so 2010—just like Centennial hops, right? 

 But there is nothing funny about how much we love double/imperial IPAs. 

We published a piece last year on the "5 Best Double/Imperial IPAs of 2021," that featured the who's who of IPA-producing breweries. Read: Tree House, Bissell Brothers, Russian River, The Alchemist, and Tree House again.

Now that almost a year has passed, we wanted to check-in on the double/imperial IPAs you're checking-in during 2022. 

Spoiler alert: It's a lot of Tree House. Like a lot!

Just a quick note: The beers below do not include Imperial/Double Hazy/New England-style IPAs. But luckily, we've already written a whole post just on those juicy joys. 

Untappd's 15 Highest-Rated Imperial/Double IPAs of 2022

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Photography courtesy of My Beer Collectibles

1. King JJJuliusss - Tree House Brewing Company

King JJJuliusss label

King JJJuliusss

Tree House Brewing Company

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 47,069

Unique (?) 31,555

8.4% ABV



29,220 Ratings

2. King Julius - Tree House Brewing Company

King Julius label

King Julius

Tree House Brewing Company

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 98,114

Unique (?) 57,128

8.2% ABV

85 IBU


53,051 Ratings

3. Very HHHazyyy - Tree House Brewing Company

Very HHHazyyy label

Very HHHazyyy

Tree House Brewing Company

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 14,790

Unique (?) 11,459

8.8% ABV



10,689 Ratings

4. Very GGGreennn - Tree House Brewing Company

Very GGGreennn label

Very GGGreennn

Tree House Brewing Company

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 30,797

Unique (?) 21,481

8.3% ABV



19,946 Ratings

5. Emperor Julius - Tree House Brewing Company

Emperor Julius label

Emperor Julius

Tree House Brewing Company

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 17,513

Unique (?) 14,219

8.8% ABV



13,193 Ratings

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Photography courtesy of Brew Cavern

6. The Greenest Green - Tree House Brewing Company

The Greenest Green label

The Greenest Green

Tree House Brewing Company

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 3,773

Unique (?) 3,345

8.8% ABV



3,111 Ratings

7. Very Hazy - Tree House Brewing Company

Very Hazy label

Very Hazy

Tree House Brewing Company

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 76,116

Unique (?) 44,938

8.6% ABV

80 IBU


41,764 Ratings

8. Swish - Bissell Brothers Brewing Company

Swish label


Bissell Brothers Brewing Company

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 105,983

Unique (?) 46,959

8% ABV

80 IBU


43,299 Ratings

9. Pliny the Elder - Russian River Brewing Company

Pliny the Elder label

Pliny the Elder

Russian River Brewing Company

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 774,392

Unique (?) 292,124

8% ABV

100 IBU


268,142 Ratings

10. Heady Topper - The Alchemist

Heady Topper label

Heady Topper

The Alchemist

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 817,046

Unique (?) 280,453

8% ABV

100 IBU


259,664 Ratings

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of @alch3mistb33r | The Alchemist

11. JJJuiceee Machine - Tree House Brewing Company

JJJuiceee Machine label

JJJuiceee Machine

Tree House Brewing Company

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 14,073

Unique (?) 11,338

8.6% ABV



10,477 Ratings

12. Incredible Machine - Tree House Brewing Company

Incredible Machine label

Incredible Machine

Tree House Brewing Company

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 3,546

Unique (?) 3,188

8.8% ABV



2,967 Ratings

13. TDH Double Citra Daydream - Other Half Brewing Co.

TDH Double Citra Daydream label

TDH Double Citra Daydream

Other Half Brewing Co.

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 2,942

Unique (?) 2,502

8.5% ABV



2,342 Ratings

14. Doubleganger - Tree House Brewing Company

Doubleganger label


Tree House Brewing Company

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 90,986

Unique (?) 51,047

8.2% ABV



47,439 Ratings

15. Double Citra - Hill Farmstead Brewery

Double Citra label

Double Citra

Hill Farmstead Brewery

IPA - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 49,933

Unique (?) 29,455

8% ABV



26,948 Ratings

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Oskar Blues Employee of the Week, Month, and Year!

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Oskar Blues Employee of the Week, Month, and Year badges

It takes a whole lot of giddy-up, gumption, and get-to-it hard work to revolutionize an industry. That attitude has always stoked our kettle at Oskar Blues. From brewing the first batch of Dale's Pale Ale in the drafty basement of our brewpub in Lyons Colorado, to having the audacity to put craft beer in a can, we salute the spirit of working hard and playing harder.

Brewing is our business, canning is our calling, and getting after it is what we do.

So, it makes no difference if "work" means your day job, your side hustle, your creative hustle, or whatever the hell you do to blow off steam between Friday at 5 o' clock and Monday morning.  As long as you work hard at making a life worth living, we'll have a beer for you that's up to the task.

The work doesn't end when the beer hits the shelves, then it becomes your job to close the loop, raise a pint or crush the can. It's not the hardest job, but it does deserve some recognition. That's why we're searching the nation to find the Oskar Blues Brewery, 20th Caniversary "Employee of the Year".

You are a master of your craft, and we want to recognize your achievements. Whether you've been with us since the first can of Dale's was packaged in 2002 or you cracked your first Oskar's Lager this week, let us honor your outstanding performance.

You are all winners in our books, so every person who checks in an Oskar Blues beer on Untappd between August 5th and September 5th receives the "Employee of the Week" badge – consider it a pat on the back and a symbol of our gratitude.

If you end up pulling a double and checking in a second Oskar Blues beer, you'll become an "Employee of the Month". Each "EOTM" will receive a new badge, plus be eligible to win one of 100 custom vacuum insulated can cooler!

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You'll get hooked up with plenty of OB swag so you can dress like you work here! We'll also celebrate your achievement by sharing a custom "Employee of the Year" plaque on our social accounts for all to witness your hard work. We'll also be hanging that plaque up in our taprooms recognizing your dedication and commitment to the Oskar Blues Brewery. You'll also receive a plaque of your own, hang it at home or convince your local tavern to hang it up and solidify your status as "Employee of the Year"!

To earn the Oskar Blues "Employee of the Week" badge: Check in one (1) Oskar Blues beer between August 5th - September 5th.

To earn the Oskar Blues "Employee of the Month" badge: Check in two (2) Oskar Blues beers between August 5th - September 5th. Each "EOTM" will receive a new badge, plus be eligible to win one of 100 custom vacuum insulated can cooler!

To earn the Oskar Blues "Employee of the Year" badge: Check in three (3) unique Oskar Blues beers between August 5th - September 5th. Users who receive the third badge will have access to a link to a page where they can enter a contest to win the Employee of the Year grand prize.

Celebrate Mead Day with a Limited Edition Badge

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Photography courtesy of Javier Kober | Unsplash

Did you know that mead is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) beverages in history? It's even said that it's older than beer or wine!

Though many people probably associate mead with medieval times, there's evidence of Chinese pottery vessels used for mead production dating back to 7000 B.C. in China. Throughout the next millennia, recipes of the sweet drink appeared with Vikings, Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans alike.

Today, mead maintains its popularity across the globe and even has its own holiday, Mead Day

Thanks to The American Homebrewers Association, Mead Day has been celebrated on the first Saturday of August every year since 2002. It's a day to honor mead, a fermented, alcoholic beverage that has been produced and drunk by almost every culture in the history of civilization.

What Is Mead?

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Photography courtesy of Beeing | Unsplash

Created from fermented sugars in honey water, mead is one of the most versatile alcoholic beverages, because it can easily absorb other organic ingredients like spices, fruit, and flowers.

Put this all together and you get one pretty tasty drink. 

Why Ancient Cultures Loved Mead

Mead has been made across ancient civilizations and has played an important role in the mythologies of their cultures.


Well, it all starts with humble honey bees. 

Many cultures believed bees to be the gods' messengers. This probably explains why mead was often referred to as the "drink of the gods," believed to deliver immortality and other magical powers.

Did You Know: A single honey bee produces only 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey during its life. Most mead recipes call for up to two gallons.

Three Reasons Why We Love Mead

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of Meritt Thomas | Unsplash

They're Delicious

Seriously, anything about a fermented honey drink that didn't grab your attention? In America alone, there are more than 600 meaderies.

And today, meadmakers are taking as much of an artisanal approach to mead as craft brewers are to beer. 

You can find classic versions, those featuring a variety of fruits and spices, or even innovative ones based on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, to name a few. 

Curious to sample a sip of this sweet stuff? Our friends at Hop Culture put together a piece on "The 10 Best Craft Meads We're Drinking in Summer 2021." 

Mead Pairs Well with Desserts

Sweet and dry meads are not only an incredible after-dinner beverage, but they also pair well with all types of sweet treats thanks to the rich honey base. We recommend drinking alongside a spicy slice of carrot cake, a rich cheesecake, or apple pie a la mode. 

This Fun Fact: The Word "Honeymoon" Comes from Mead

In medieval times, people traditionally drank honey wine during the first full moon cycle of a new marriage. According to lore, the combination of the mead and the moon would ensure that the couple would bear many children.

Get it—"honeymoon"? 

This was taken so seriously that the father of the bride would include ample amounts of the beverage in her dowry! Who knew?

How to Earn the "Mead Day" Badge

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We created this *limited-release* "Mead Day" badge to celebrate Mead Day.

Earning this limited-edition "Mead Day" badge is easy. Just check-in any mead (aka nectar of the gods) to be granted special powers and immortality. 

Okay, you may not gain magical abilities or live forever, but you will collect our "Mead Day" badge before it's gone forever. 

To earn this badge: Check-in any one (1) mead from August 5th, 2022, through August 7th, 2022.

National IPA Day, AKA The Best Day of the Year

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National IPA Day, AKA the Best Day of the Year

Yes, the best day of the year is officially here. On the first Thursday in August we celebrate an homage to hops on National IPA Day. 

And unsurprisingly, now more than ever, you all are lovers of these little green cones. 

Need proof? 

Oh, we have plenty. 

For instance, According to recent NielsenIQ data analyzed by Bump Williams Consulting (BWC), hazy imperial/double/triple IPA dollar sales increased +128.7% to $33.3 million, more than doubling. And overall, IPAs still account for 46% of craft dollar share. 

For example, last year the style "IPA - American" on the Untappd app ranked as the most checked-in style with over 7.2 million, followed closely by  "IPA – New England" with over 6.1 million. Of "The Top 10 Styles of 2021" four of the top five styles fell into the IPA category. 

The numbers don't lie. 

But you probably didn't need us to throw fancy statistics at you to know that because you're probably drinking one right now. Or you can tell us at the drop of a hat that last IPA you drank. Or you are planning on drinking one to celebrate today. 

That's good, because if you do, you'll unlock our "National IPA Day" badge. 

Just drink one—count 'em, one—IPA today to earn this one. 

It could be a bold, bright, clear West Coast IPA

An iconic American IPA. 

A cloudy, opaque, foggy, murky, blurry, misty, turbid New England-style IPA you can hardly see through. 

A double or imperial cloudy, opaque, foggy, murky, blurry, misty turbid, New England-style IPA. 

A cold IPA.

An IPA with Phantasm, that makes hazies even juicier. Yes, it's possible. 

A milkshake IPA. 

A Black IPA.

A double, triple, even quadruple IPA. Yes, they exist.

All that's important for you today is to drink an IPA. 

To earn this one: Drink and check-in any one (1) IPA. That's it!

Looking for even more? 

Our friends at Hop Culture recently wrote about:

"The 5 Best Breweries with Hazy IPAs, According to You"

"The 5 Best Under-the-Radar Breweries with Hazy IPAs, According to an Expert"

Celebrate International Beer Day with a Limited Edition Badge

Responsive image

Cheers to beer—the beverage responsible for making us think that we are a karaoke rockstar. 

In celebration of one of the oldest and most universally enjoyed beverages around the planet, we want to make sure you mark your calendar for August 5th, aka International Beer Day

Since 2008, the first Friday in August has been recognized as International Beer Day. It's a day for beer lovers in more than 200 countries across the globe to raise a pint to the brewmasters who perfected the malty, hoppy beverage we enjoy so much!

Let's give you some fun facts and unique history about beer to share while you enjoy a beverage on the patio or in the pub with your friends.

And don't forget! Keep reading to find out how you can earn our *limited-edition* International Beer Day badge. 

Five Fun Facts About Beer

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of Jon Parry on Unsplash

The Earliest Evidence of Beermaking was Found in Iran

At Godin Tepe in the central Zagros Mountains of Iran, archaeologists discovered the fragment of a jug dating back to 3500 B.C. that contained a by-product of the brewing process. 

But many ancient cultures revered beer. 

For example, ancient Mesopotamians used beer for ritual and religious purposes because it was believed to have magical powers.

And in ancient China, they brewed beer from sprouted rice as well as from rice with added fruit.

Weihenstephan Brewery Is the Oldest Brewery in the World

Founded in 1040, Weihenstephan Brewery in Freising, Germany, is said to be the oldest continuously operating brewery in the world today. 

The Czech Republic Consumes the Most Beer Per Capita 

According to figures from The Economist, on average, Czech citizens consume about 161 liters of beer per person each year. In fact, in Prague, beer is cheaper than bottled water. Beer prices get as low as 14 koruna a pint (that's $0.80 or €0.54), whereas water costs about 35 koruna for a .33 liter bottle.

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of Paloma A. on Unsplash

In Ancient Egypt Women Brewed Beer

Back then, it was said that The Nile was so polluted that Egyptians relied heavily on beer because it was safer to drink. And who predominantly made and sold that beer? Why women, of course! A fact we know because archaeologists have uncovered ancient hieroglyphics depicting women brewing and drinking beer.

There have even been ancient documents discovered revealing seventeen types of Egyptian beer, with names like "joy-bringer." (We'd like a pour of that, please!)

According to a 2021 demographic survey from the Brewers Association, women only account for 23.7% of brewery owners. If you're looking to support women in the industry, consider drinking a beer from one of these 77 Women-Led Breweries to Support Right Now

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of Poojitha Prasad on Unsplash

There Are More Than 100+ Varieties of Beer

With over 100 varieties of beer, there is a pour out there for just about every palette. 

Whether you like… 

Double New England-style IPAs.

Farmhouse ales.

Milkshake IPAs.

American pale ales. 



Imperial stouts.

Hazy IPAs.

American IPAs.

How to Earn the "International Beer Day" Badge

Responsive image
We created this *limited-release* "International Beer Day" badge to celebrate International Beer Day.

Earning this limited-edition "International Beer Day" badge is easy. Just check in any beer to collect our badge before it disappears forever. 

To earn this badge: Check-in any one (1) beer from August 3th, 2022, through August 5th, 2022.

The 12 Best Quadruple IPAs of 2022

Responsive image

For years now, craft brewers have been pushing the envelope, brewing bigger, badder, beers. Such as more adjuncted, boozier stouts, more heavily fruited sours, and more hopped-up IPAs. 

Double IPAs are the norm now. But we've also seen triple IPAs tiptoe onto the scene. 

For instance, according to recent NielsenIQ data analyzed by Bump Williams Consulting (BWC), hazy imperial/double/triple IPA dollar sales increased +128.7% to $33.3 million, more than doubling this year.

Folks are ravenous for IPAs that continue to up the hop poundage per barrel and ABV. Accordingly, now even quadruple IPAs have started to make their presence known. 

But, this style continues to be a bit of a quandry, one that's difficult to brew, but one hundred percent worth the results. 

For that reason, you'll often see this style brewed once a year as an anniversary beer, for instance. 

Accordingly, you should pay attention when you see a quadruple IPA pop up on your radar. 

What Exactly Is a Quadruple IPA?

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of Basqueland Brewing

You won't find a category for quadruple IPA at the Great American Beer Festival. And you won't find a specific definition for a quadruple IPA from the Beer Judge Certification Program. 

But that doesn't mean these beers don't exist. 

Each brewery probably follows its own guidelines, but loosely we can group double IPAs (DIPAs) somewhere between 7.5%-8.5% ABV, triple IPAs (TIPAs) from 8.5%-10% ABV, and then quadruple IPAs north of 10% ABV. But again, these numbers are pretty fluid. Since they aren't codified, you could see breweries making DIPAs in the 9% ABV range or TIPAs above 10% ABV. 

But generally, what you can rely on when it comes to quadruple IPAs is that they have an extreme amount of hops (anywhere from 7 to over 10 pounds per barrel) in them and they're going to hit in a very high ABV range. 

For that reason, balance is the utmost name of the game with this style. How does one walk this tightrope between throwing in a copious amount of hops and dry hopping and creating a beer that doesn't completely blow your brain to the bitter moon? 

It's a tall task. 

Especially because these beers are comically expensive to make and yield only a small amount thanks to the heaps of hops. 

Which is why you'll often see quadruple IPAs only made around some sort of celebration like an anniversary.

It's also why, if you see one, you should know this is a special, special beer. One you should most likely get your hands on as quickly as you can, especially if you're a hop head.  

Untappd's 12 Highest-Rated Quadruple IPAs of 2022

Responsive image

1. Plane Over Car Over Train Over Boat (2021) - Trillium Brewing Company

Plane Over Car Over Train Over Boat (2021) label

Plane Over Car Over Train Over Boat (2021)

Vintage of Plane Over Car Over Train Over Boat

Trillium Brewing Company

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 1,950

Unique (?) 1,715

12% ABV



1,607 Ratings

2. Hyper Cube - Salikatt Bryggeri

Hyper Cube label

Hyper Cube

Salikatt Bryggeri

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 2,212

Unique (?) 2,107

12% ABV



2,047 Ratings

3. Birthday Beer - Polly's Brew Co.

Birthday Beer label

Birthday Beer

Polly's Brew Co.

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 1,198

Unique (?) 1,088

13% ABV



1,041 Ratings

4. A Cheeky Beer - Cloudwater Brew Co.

A Cheeky Beer label

A Cheeky Beer

Cloudwater Brew Co.

Collaboration with Green Cheek Beer Company

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 1,713

Unique (?) 1,558

12.5% ABV



1,483 Ratings

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of BlackStack Brewing

5. FOREGONE CONCLUSION - BlackStack Brewing



BlackStack Brewing

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 1,315

Unique (?) 1,178

12% ABV



1,113 Ratings

6. This Never Happened - Polly's Brew Co.

This Never Happened label

This Never Happened

Polly's Brew Co.

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 1,300

Unique (?) 1,229

13% ABV

80 IBU


1,172 Ratings

7. Spectrum QIPA - Polly's Brew Co.

Spectrum QIPA label

Spectrum QIPA

Polly's Brew Co.

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 1,454

Unique (?) 1,418

13% ABV

70 IBU


1,330 Ratings

8. Quadrilla - Basqueland Brewing

Quadrilla label


Basqueland Brewing

Collaboration with LERVIG

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 1,542

Unique (?) 1,466

11.6% ABV



1,395 Ratings

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of Turning Point Beer

9. Crossfados Barbados - Turning Point Beer

Crossfados Barbados label

Crossfados Barbados

Turning Point Beer

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 1,201

Unique (?) 1,021

12.4% ABV



961 Ratings

10. QDH Galaxy x Strata x Mosaic x Citra QIPA - Ārpus Brewing Co.

QDH Galaxy x Strata x Mosaic x Citra QIPA label

QDH Galaxy x Strata x Mosaic x Citra QIPA

Ārpus Brewing Co.

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 1,751

Unique (?) 1,712

12% ABV



1,617 Ratings

11. Earthly Delights - Basqueland Brewing

Earthly Delights label

Earthly Delights

Basqueland Brewing

Collaboration with SOMA Beer

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 1,656

Unique (?) 1,573

11.5% ABV

65 IBU


1,500 Ratings

12. Mega Yacht Juice - Icarus Brewing

Mega Yacht Juice label

Mega Yacht Juice

Icarus Brewing

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 2,020

Unique (?) 1,713

12% ABV



1,570 Ratings

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The 12 Best Black IPAs of 2022

Responsive image

An intriguing style, black IPAs combine darker malts with a bevy of hops. This style falls perplexingly in the middle of a Venn diagram with a sort of dry Irish stout in one circle and a West Coast IPA in the other.

"In simple terms, it's an IPA using dark malts," says Jeremy Moynier, senior manager of innovation & supply chain at Stone Brewing. "I'm a stout lover and an IPA lover, so this is a sweet spot for me."

Sound polarizing?

That's because this style is.

"I was one of those naysayers when the style came onto the scene because it didn't make sense to me," says Matt Brynildson, brewmaster at Firestone Walker Brewing Company. "Do you mean a hoppy porter?"

But one by one, brewers and drinkers alike have been bowled over by the black IPA. Brynildson eventually brewed Firestone Walker's own version, the gnarly Wookey Jack, in 2012.

After a flash in the pan in the early 2010's, this style slipped into oblivion. Now, black IPAs are experiencing a bit of resurgence with both Stone and Firestone Walker releasing limited-edition one-offs in the past year. 

Could the black IPA be back from the brink of oblivion? We might not go that far, but it is a unique style to worth investigating more.

What Exactly Is a Black IPA?

Responsive image
Graphic courtesy of Stone Brewing

Honestly, Moynier probably said it best, "It's a hoppy dark beer; that's the simplest way to put it."

In other words, a black IPA incorporates darker malts, yes. But those roasty grains meld together with American hops for a beer that pours out dark but drinks with the body and hop-forwardness of a West Coast or American IPA.

And not just any dark malt; it has to be one that imparts color without the astringency associated with a stout or a porter.

Brynildson mentions that, in almost every black IPA, it's common to find a type of debittered black malt, "so you get a ton of color, but you don't get the astringency."

But make no mistake—at its core, this beer is an IPA.

"If you ran into this beer on the street and no one told you it was a black IPA, you'd think this is a delicious hoppy IPA," says Brynildson. "It's almost a mind trick to see a dark beer that tastes more like an IPA than say a stout or a porter."

Which becomes very apparent when you look at the list of hops going into both Wookey Jack and Sublimely Self-Righteous.

"You have to use hops and probably a lot," laughs Moynier, who tossed in Simcoe and Amarillo for Sublimely Self-Righteous. In 2007, these were fairly new hops. "Obviously, those hops are huge now…but back in the early and mid 2000s, these were two hops we had our eye on," says Moynier. "It seemed like a no-brainer to put them together."

Amarillo also made a big appearance in Wookey Jack along with Citra because, "by far, that is the most caddy, dank, wookey hop we had to use," says Brynildson. When the Firestone Walker Brewmaster finally caved to fans shouting for a black IPA, they decided to really go for it. "If we do it, we're going to make the gnarliest, crazy beer," laughs Brynildson.

That meant using the "two gnarliest and intense hops in our hop closet," says Brynildson, which in 2012 were Citra and Amarillo. Firestone Walker had used small amounts of both hops in other beers, but never focused specifically on that hop combination.

And it's that unique interplay between big hops cozying up to dark malts that has folks either hating or loving black IPAs.

Go Over to the Dark Side

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Sure, this style might send people into hate it or love it camps, but every now and then, the complexity and mystery shrouded around a black IPA has its merits.

"They're unique beers, right?" says Moynier. "You don't see them everywhere…but the idea behind a dark IPA is fascinating to people…and now more than ever, consumers are more open to trying different kinds of IPAs."

All in all, it's worth going over to the dark side. If only once in your life.

Untappd's 12 Highest-Rated Black IPAs of 2022 

Responsive image
Graphic courtesy of Firestone Walker Brewing Co. 

1. Wookey Jack - Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Wookey Jack label

Wookey Jack

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Total (?) 1,058

Unique (?) 809

8.3% ABV

65 IBU


726 Ratings

2. Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA (2021) - Stone Brewing

Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA (2021) label

Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA (2021)

Vintage of Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA

Stone Brewing

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Total (?) 2,004

Unique (?) 1,806

8.7% ABV

90 IBU


1,656 Ratings

3. Raven - Tree House Brewing Company

Raven label


Tree House Brewing Company

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Total (?) 11,032

Unique (?) 9,702

7% ABV



8,859 Ratings

4. Black Hearted Ale - Bell's Brewery

Black Hearted Ale label

Black Hearted Ale

Bell's Brewery

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Total (?) 9,866

Unique (?) 8,230

7% ABV



7,578 Ratings

Responsive image
Graphic courtesy of Bell's Brewery

5. Triple Coffee & Salt - Funky Fluid

Triple Coffee & Salt label

Triple Coffee & Salt

Funky Fluid

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Total (?) 1,402

Unique (?) 1,356

10% ABV



1,273 Ratings

6. Cascadian Rhythm - Burnt Mill Brewery 

Cascadian Rhythm label

Cascadian Rhythm

Burnt Mill Brewery

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Total (?) 1,554

Unique (?) 1,480

6.4% ABV



1,391 Ratings

7. Dunkel Zeiten - Braumanufaktur Hertl

Dunkle Zeiten label

Dunkle Zeiten

Braumanufaktur Hertl

Collaboration with Blech.Brut

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Total (?) 1,837

Unique (?) 1,775

7.1% ABV



1,698 Ratings

8. Bad Santa - Pelican Brewing Company

Bad Santa label

Bad Santa

Pelican Brewing Company

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Total (?) 17,109

Unique (?) 11,901

7.5% ABV

65 IBU


10,805 Ratings

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of Pelican Brewing Company

9. Black Bucket - Kinnegar Brewing

Black Bucket label

Black Bucket

Kinnegar Brewing

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Total (?) 6,335

Unique (?) 5,372

6.5% ABV

69 IBU


5,005 Ratings

10. Damien - Surly Brewing Company

Damien label


Surly Brewing Company

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Total (?) 27,989

Unique (?) 21,454

6.6% ABV



19,476 Ratings

11. Frostbite Black IPA - Foothills Brewing Company

Frostbite Black IPA label

Frostbite Black IPA

Foothills Brewing

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Total (?) 28,362

Unique (?) 20,575

6.2% ABV

74 IBU


18,587 Ratings

12. Dark Bidding - Funky Fluid

Dark Bidding label

Dark Bidding

Funky Fluid

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Total (?) 1,246

Unique (?) 1,223

8% ABV



1,161 Ratings

Powered by Untappd Data (minimum of 1,000 check-ins)

How the Untappd Community Can Continue to Support Ukraine

Responsive image

Over four months ago, we banded together as a craft beer community to support the people of Ukraine. For Untappd's part, we made a donation to the International Committee of the Red Cross to support their Ukrainian relief efforts.

Additionally, we released a special "Support for Ukraine" badge. In order to qualify, participating breweries needed to brew a beer with the goal of raising funds for awareness to support the people of Ukraine.  

We were bowled over by the submissions that poured in. 

Beyond that, we became aware of a two year long campaign to officially recognize the Ukrainian Golden Ale as an official style. 

What Is a Ukrainian Golden Ale? 

Responsive image
Ukrainian Golden Ale | Photography courtesy of Lana Svitankova

Beer judge and ambassador for Kyiv-based Varvar Brewery, Lana Svitankova has been striving for Ukrainian Golden Ale to be a publicly recognized style for the past two years, reaching out to organizations like the Beer Judge Certification Program (BCJP) and Untappd to add the style to its platforms. Last January, Svitankova and eight other Ukrainian beer professionals came together to create a taxonomic description of the style, classifying Ukrainian Golden Ale as a malt-focused ale with pale, wheat, and caramel malts, either Old or New word hops, a neutral yeast strain or Belgian one with very restrained phenols, and the option of adding coriander seeds. 

While this style may sound similar to a Belgian Golden Ale or British Golden Ale, it's the local yeast that really sets it apart. Due to a limitation on ingredients, brewers in the Ukraine use a dry yeast with a profile sweeter than its Belgian brethren and a fuller body. The final beer tends to fall in a lower ABV range (5.5%-7.5%ABV). 

Responsive image
Ukrainian Golden Ale Infographic | Photography courtesy of Lana Svitankova

While not linked to current events, this past April Untappd voted to recognize the style "Ukrainian Golden Ale" on the app. When considering adding a new category, Untappd Moderator votes must succeed by at least a sixty percent majority and have to show there is a difference between the named style and styles already available on Untappd.

"Not English and not Belgian, the Ukrainian Golden Ale is a product of its environment," says Kyle Roderick, Executive Vice President, Product at Next Glass, the parent company of Untappd. "Differences in local yeasts and ingredients lends a unique character to this style that we hope the community will get a chance to discover in their journey through beer."

By officially introducing "Ukrainian Golden Ale" as a style category on the app, Untappd is recognizing an important symbol of Ukrainian culture and identity. 

"We can say that this style marked the beginning of the craft revolution in Ukraine," wrote Untappd moderator Mykhailo Dykun in a discussion around adding the style to the Untappd app back in March. "If in other countries the craft revolution is associated with IPAs or stouts, in our country it is golden ales that have become a first alternative to mass lagers." 

First appearing on the scene in 2009, the Ukrainian Golden Ale emerged as a local favorite. In fact, last year Ukrainians drank 1.25 million liters of Ukrainian Golden Ale!

"It's national pride, to say you are not lagging behind all the rest of the world; you also have something of your own in terms of beer," Svitankova says in an article for Good Beer Hunting. "If people see Ukraine and talk about Ukrainian stuff, it helps keep the news on the surface. It helps with visibility and now, visibility is the only thing we can get."

And now more than ever is a good time to remind everyone that our efforts are still needed. 

What Can You Do to Support Ukraine?

If you are brewing a special beer in support of Ukrainians, please submit your beer using this form to be included with this special Untappd "Support for Ukraine" badge.

And if you're drinking, consider buying one of these beers from the list of participating breweries and eligible beers. For easy reference, here are the current most checked-in beers as a part of the "Support for Ukraine" badge: 

Most Checked-In Beers for the "Support for Ukraine" Badge

Beer - Brewery: Unlocks

1. Chernigivske Svitle (Чернігівське Світле0 - AB InBev Efes Ukraine: 4,391

Chernigivske Svitle (Чернігівське Світле) label

Chernigivske Svitle (Чернігівське Світле)

AB InBev Efes Ukraine

Lager - Pale

Total (?) 13,919

Unique (?) 11,774

4.8% ABV



10,739 Ratings

2. No to War! Kyiv - PINTA: 1,731

No to War! Kyiv label

No to War! Kyiv


Collaboration with Rebrew

IPA - New England / Hazy

Total (?) 2,474

Unique (?) 2,381

7% ABV

35 IBU


2,197 Ratings

3. MRIYA IPA - BRLO: 1,668




Collaboration with Underwood Brewery

IPA - Other

Total (?) 2,392

Unique (?) 2,329

6% ABV

30 IBU


2,198 Ratings

4. United For Ukraine - BrewDog: 1,506

United For Ukraine label

United For Ukraine


IPA - New England / Hazy

Total (?) 2,102

Unique (?) 1,812

5.2% ABV



1,641 Ratings

5. SOLIDARITÄT | digital collab series 5/5- ATELIER VRAI: 1,502

SOLIDARITÄT | digital collab series 5/5 label

SOLIDARITÄT | digital collab series 5/5


Collaboration with Blech.Brut, PZDK BREW

IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy

Total (?) 1,917

Unique (?) 1,844

8.1% ABV



1,733 Ratings

6. No Tyrants - Funky Fluid: 1,449

No Tyrants label

No Tyrants

Funky Fluid

IPA - New England / Hazy

Total (?) 2,208

Unique (?) 2,167

5.5% ABV



2,033 Ratings

7. Ārpus x Rebrew TDH Mosaic x Vic Secret IPA - Ārpus Brewing Co.: 1,246

Ārpus x Rebrew TDH Mosaic x Vic Secret IPA label

Ārpus x Rebrew TDH Mosaic x Vic Secret IPA

Ārpus Brewing Co.

Collaboration with Rebrew

IPA - New England / Hazy

Total (?) 2,207

Unique (?) 2,180

6.5% ABV



2,059 Ratings

8. Manifesto - Basqueland Brewing: 817

Manifesto label


Basqueland Brewing

IPA - New England / Hazy

Total (?) 1,175

Unique (?) 1,140

6.5% ABV



1,042 Ratings

9. Oak Aged Vanilla & Chocolate Porter - The Garden Brewery: 667

Oak Aged Vanilla & Chocolate Porter label

Oak Aged Vanilla & Chocolate Porter

The Garden Brewery

Collaboration with Varvar Brew

Porter - Other

Total (?) 1,370

Unique (?) 1,357

5.5% ABV

20 IBU


1,246 Ratings

10. #NoWar - Lehe Pruulikoda: 622

#NoWar label


Lehe Pruulikoda

IPA - Session

Total (?) 864

Unique (?) 827

5% ABV

25 IBU


722 Ratings

Consider Donating Directly to These Vetted Organizations to Support Ukraine

Beyond that, if these beers aren't available in your area. you can always consider making a direct donation to these ten vetted organizations, rated highly for their transparency, mission, and impactful work according to Charity Navigator.*

Doctors Without Borders



Heart to Heart International

International Medical Corps

International Rescue Committee

Project C.U.R.E.

Razom for Ukraine

Save the Children

World Vision

At Untappd, we are committed to being a partner to the breweries, bars, restaurants, and retail locations where beer drinkers come together not only to enjoy the craft but to offer their support to those in need in this global community.

*This is a small sample. Please visit Charity Navigator here for a full list of vetted organizations and their ratings

Lagunitas Island Beats

Responsive image
Lagunitas Island Beats badge

Lagunitas has nearly 30 years of experience brewing bold, hop-forward IPAs. And while this brew is no diversion in quality, it's a notably tropical side trip from bitter hops to lighter, more citrusy flavors.

Island Beats is brewed with an arrangement of hops that create lively tropical fruit flavors and aromas (think pineapple, mango, and passion fruit) for a refreshing, juicy IPA that's easy-to-drink and highly sessionable.

It's a juicy and light, no-bitterness IPA that just hits different.

To earn this badge: Check-in one (1) Lagunitas Island Beats between July 25 and August 25, 2022. Now available in cans or on draft.

Earn the New “Super Style: IPA - New England / Hazy” Badge

Responsive image

Is anyone surprised that the "IPA - New England / Hazy" category on Untappd finished with the second highest number of check-ins in 2021 with a whopping 6.1 million

Probably not! 

So it's pretty logical that the third badge we're releasing in our series of "Super Style" badges is all about the hazy IPA all day. 

It's a style that truly needs no introduction anymore. Originating in the thick forests of New England states like Vermont and Massachusetts, this turbid, trendy style has since exploded across the entire country.

Now, some of the highest-rated versions on the app this year include: Hooey from Lupulin Brewing Company, Chubbles 53°N from Cloudwater Brew Co., and DDH Juicy Bits from WeldWerks Brewing Co. 

The haze craze still has us all in a daze, so with juicy stars in our eyes, we're launching our "Super Style New England-style IPA" badge today. 

Quick reminder: These "Super Style" badges are available ONLY TO UNTAPPD INSIDERS.

You can only unlock this exclusive badge if you're an Untappd Insider! 

To earn this badge: 1) BECOME AN UNTAPPD INSIDER, 2) Check in any one (1) IPA - New England / Hazy


Wait, What Are the "Super Style" Badges? 

Last year, Untappd released its Top Ten Styles of 2021. Based on this list, we made six badges from these top styles. Our "Super Style" badges get a golden Insider makeover before we release them at various points throughout the year. 

As an Untappd Insider, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to earn these "Super Style" badges by checking in that style of beer during the time it's live. 

We started with the American IPA, followed by the Imperial / Double Stout, and have now rounded halfway with the "New England-style IPA" Super Style badge.

Here's the catch: 

You can only unlock this exclusive badge if you're an Untappd Insider

Remind Me, What Is an Untappd Insider? 

Responsive image

Untappd Insiders is an upgraded version of the free Untappd app, available for both iOS and Android. 

Becoming an Untappd Insider means you can unlock exclusive badges (like this one!), access a secret Untappd store, enjoy better statistics, and more

Want to unlock this badge? 


Yard House Summer Beer Series

Responsive image
Yard House Summer Beer Series 


We don't have a pool, but we've got plenty of beer to wet your whistle.
(And, not to mention, one heck of a rock playlist.)

Try one of our three curated summer beer flights, or build your own with any four of your favorite drafts*.

Featured Flights:

FRUIT-CATION – As close as we'll come to a juice cleanse this summer. Four fruit-forward beers packed with tropical notes of mango, citrus, and more.

Golden Road Mango Cart • 4.0% ABV • Los Angeles, CA
Founders Nitro Rubaeus • 5.7% ABV • Grand Rapids, MI
ACE Guava • 5.0% ABV • Sebastopol, CA
Stiegl Radler Grapefruit • 2.5% ABV • Salzburg, Austria

EURO-TRIP – Part of our summer study aboard program. Light, bright, distinctly delicious.

Bavik Super Pils • 5.2% ABV • Bavikhove, Belgium
Paulaner Pils • 4.8% ABV • Munich, Germany
Gaffel Kölsh • 4.8% ABV • Cologne, Germany
Baptist Wit • 5.0% ABV • Ertvelde, Belgium

SUN-DAZE – Cold, hazy drafts for hot, lazy days. Four juicy, hazy, perfectly hopped beers with notes of tropical fruits.

Stone Tangerine Express • 6.7% ABV • Escondido, CA
Dogfish Head Hazy-O • 7.1% ABV • Milton, DE
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze • 7.0% • Fort Collins, CO
Offshoot Retreat • 8.6% ABV • Placentia, CA

To celebrate these summer sips, we have a brand new badge for you to earn.

To earn this badge: Check-in to any of the twelve featured seasonal beers at Yard House between July 18 – September 4 and you'll unlock our Summer Beer Series badge.

Find a Yard House near you at and be sure to follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To be the first to hear about new beers and events, become a House Insider at

*Pricing and flights vary by location

New Untappd Glass ON SALE NOW!

Responsive image

We're dropping one brand new glass into The Untappd Store TODAY. 

Untappd Trust the Process Craft Master Grand Glass shows you how to brew beer from grain to glass, asking you along the way to "Trust the Process." (Hello, throwback Philadelphia 76ers reference!)

How Can I Buy This Glass? 

The easiest way to nab this exclusive drinkware is to head here

It's as easy as shooting a free throw. 

Now go and grab that hot, new glass!

Introducing CamelBak’s ChillBak: The One New Backpack Cooler You Have to Try

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of Clayton Hermann | CamelBak

The award-winning leaders in hands-free hydration technology recently launched the first backpack cooler with a built-in water pouch.  

Backpack coolers have become hot, especially in the beer industry. The idea is simple: Provide craft beer drinkers with a comfortable, durable way to take their favorite beers into the wild, whether that's the forests of Oregon or the urban jungles of New York. 

But CamelBak has put an entirely fresh spin on the cooler category. One that completely suits their style and brand. 

"We felt we had something to add to the cooler space, world, and story," says Tony Vontz, director of product management, soft goods at CamelBak. "When you go to the beach or any activity, most people bring a ton of water with them. What if we could remove the water and have space for the fun stuff like beer?" 

So CamelBak set out to create this all-in-one adventure tool. A backpack cooler that includes not only space for up to twenty-four cans of your favorite beverage (plus fifteen pounds of ice) that will stay cold for up to seventy-two hours…

…but also a separate reservoir for up to six liters of water. 

"It's that après experience that got the ChillBak going," says Vontz, who recently took a trip to Bend, OR, with his family to put the ChillBak into action. "I saw that in real life people were out riding in the Deschutes National Forest all day, but then ended up down by the river all drinking beers; that's where the ChillBak will live."

With the ChillBak, CamelBak has seamlessly integrated its trademark technology into a pack proven to be dependable for all your adventures. 

A Quick History of CamelBak

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of CamelBak

CamelBak has become synonymous with hydration and innovation. It's a company built on a quest to quench thirst. And on the back of adventurers. 


In 1989, CamelBak founder and avid bicycle enthusiast Michael Eidson competed in the "Hotter 'N Hell 100" bicycle race in Texas. The competition took athletes through a 100-mile road course over four days in the stifling summer heat of Wichita Falls, TX. 

As you can imagine, staying hydrated became crucial. But the race only provided a few pit stops along the way. And those water stations meant a racer would need to take time off to stop and drink or refill their water bottles. 

So Eidson came up with his own innovative solution using his experience as an emergency medical technician. 

He took an IV bag, filled it with water, placed it into a tube sock, jammed a hose in it, and threw the MacGyvered hydration pack on his back. 


The first rudimentary CamelBak was born. 

For the next thirty-three years, CamelBak became the go-to source for hands-free hydration, whether you're biking a trail, hiking up a mountain, or even just attending a music festival.

"CamelBak is all about bringing hands-free hydration where you need it," says Vontz. "Being that invisible hand that supports awesome fun outdoors, whether biking, hiking, trail running, and now with the ChillBak more chilling."

Now the leaders in hands-free hydration have taken things a step further, crafting the first ever backpack cooler with built-in hydration called the ChillBak. 

The Four Best Features of CamelBak's New ChillBak

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of CamelBak

Trying to narrow down our favorite features of the ChillBak is kind of like trying to cycle the "Hotter 'N Hell 100" race without waternearly impossible. 

Luckily, we'll do our best. 

Hands-Free Hydration

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of CamelBak

Right off the bat, one of the most unique features of the ChillBak is its hallmark hands-free hydration. 

Quite simply: No other backpack cooler on the market offers a way for you to store and drink water right from your back. 

The reservoir folds out of the backpack and then zips back up in a separate compartment on the back. You can pull as much or as little water as you want from the spigot. Incredibly, the pouch holds up to six liters of water. Enough for an entire group, whether you're camping in the woods, picnicking in the park, or hiking up a mountain together. "It's no joke," says Vontz. "You're not going to go thirsty with this thing." 

Plenty of Room for Cold Beverages

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of CamelBak

Speaking of beer and cold beverages, lest we forget this is actually a backpack cooler, the ChillBak holds up to twenty-four 12-oz cans, including fifteen pounds of ice. Best of all, CamelBak ensures your beer or other beverages will stay cold inside the ChillBak for seventy-two hours. 

CamelBak took this part very seriously, repeatedly testing the ChillBak in an actual heat chamber in their lab at their offices in Petaluma, CA. 

The goal? 

"Insulation was a big key," says Colin Belisle, associate brand manager at CamelBak. "At the bare minimum the [ChillBak] lasts a full weekend in a car camping…we claim 72 hours with ice." Meaning CamelBak assures that your cans of beer will stay cold for up to three days even while out in the wild. 

It's just one of the features that makes this elevated backpack cooler one of the best now out on the market.

Super Tough and Durable

Responsive image
Photography of CamelBak

While the reservoir and cooler are the main differentiating factors, a few others fly under the radar. 

According to Vontz, CamelBak put an EVA molded boot on the bottom, essentially a super durable material that supports the cooler so it'll sit upright when placed on the ground. "It's padded enough to keep everything safe without jostling around," says Vontz. "The way [the ChillBak] slides in and out of the car and tetrisis in and around other gear is awesome." 

On Vontz's recent trip to Oregon, he says, "We put a couple of bottles of wine, a lot of beer, and a little bit of ice [in the ChillBak] while driving up so it would be ready when we got there and everything felt secure and packed in with nothing collapsing on top of it." 

Following CamelBak's mantra of durability and sturdiness, the ChillBak incorporates ripstop construction that, according to Vontz, is "as burly as it gets." He laughs, "This thing is completely bomb proof." 

But seriously, the top-notch architecture ensures that you can take the CamelBak into the toughest environments knowing it will survive.

Fun Features

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of CamelBak

Some other fun features include a couple stretch mesh pockets on the side to shove all the stuff you want to keep dry. For instance, Vontz uses those areas to store his churchkey, wine screw, bottle stoppers, or phone. 

And the rolltop closure ensures that everything stays cold while a trapdoor that sits on top is perfect for creating a separate space to store items you want to keep dry. For instance, a throw or blanket. 

All in all, "the ChillBak has CamelBak DNA for sure," says Vontz. 

This is an incredibly well-constructed backpack cooler with trademark CamelBak touches. 

And just like Eidson's idea was only the beginning for CamelBak, the ChillBak is just the start for this avant-garde company in coolers. 

Where Can I Get a ChillBak of My Own?

Responsive image
Photography courtesy of CamelBak

You can of course go straight to the source to find a ChillBak of your own. Check out the ChillBak product page to learn more. 

Vontz and Belisle also recommend checking out or your local regional and independent bike and outdoor retailer. 


Hurry! Don’t Miss Your One Chance to Celebrate 40 Years of the Greatest Beer Festival on Earth

Responsive image
Illustration courtesy of the Brewers Association

Are you ready for the most EPIC beer festival of the entire year? Probably of the entire century? 

America's favorite beer festival and cultural phenomenon is back! 

But this isn't like any other year of the Great American Beer Festival (GABF)

In 2022, we will celebrate 40 years of the greatest beer festival on Earth. 

So don your finest costume and pretzel necklace and join us for GABF's 40th anniversary October 6-8 at the Colorado Convention Center.


Responsive image
Photography courtesy of the Brewers Association

It has been a long, strange trip since the first GABF debuted in 1982 and two years since the last in-person festival. 

The fact that GABF is back for its best year yet makes us want to raise a glass in appreciation of this incredible craft beer community. 

But combine that with 1500+ beers and 500+ breweries and you have a recipe for three days of legendary memories. 

Sweet, sour, light, dark, hoppy, funky, and more, explore hundreds of beers from thousands of America's best breweries, from A to Z. 

We're talking the cream of the craft beer crop, including: Brooklyn Brewery, Two Roads, Sierra Nevada, BJ's, Denver Beer Co., Firestone Walker, Roadhouse Brewery, Weldwerks, and so, so, so many more. Hit up your favorites or find your next brewery to crush. 

Don't let FOMO kick in! Get yourself to Denver this fall for one of the most epic beer celebrations of the year. 

Tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW!


Drinking Socially Chats With the Magician Behind Firestone Walker's R&D Brewery

Responsive image

Did you know that in 2016 Firestone Walker launched its own R&D brewhouse in Venice, CA? It's called the Propagator and it's like a Willy Wonka-esque playhouse for this venerable West Coast brewery where they try out more experimental, small-batch, and one-off brews. 

Beers like Dabbling in Decoction, an American pilsner collab with Green Bench Brewing Co. 

Or Melon Conspiracy, a limited-release hazy IPA with Melon and Mosaic hops. 

Or Talley Cat Sunflower, a collaboration IPA two decades in the making. 

And the genius Wizard of Oz behind the curtain running the show here? Propagator R&D Brewhouse Manager Sam Tierney. 

Before taking over as the Propagator, Tierney cut his teeth for eight years at Firestone Walker's mothership in Paso Robles, CA, starting as a shift brewer before moving on to the yeast and barrel specialist and finally cellar manager. 

In this week's special episode of Drinking Socially, hosts Harrison Hickok and Kyle Roderick chat with Tierney about the idea and vision behind the Propagator, what it's like to work at Firestone Walker's experimental brewhouse, and the R&D taproom's two newest releases: Dabbling in Decoction and Melon Conspiracy. 

You seriously don't want to miss this! Catch the latest episode on YouTube or wherever you get your podcasts.


Show More
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