BEER! A Love Story

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BEER! A Love Story, a Blue + Green Communication and Storyhouse production, is an independently produced, 4K full-length feature documentary that weaves together the stories and passion of a notable beer cast from Austria, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the United States. BEER! A Love Story is available to stream exclusively through Untappd until February 28th.

This film, made for beer, food, wine, film, art, and life lovers weaves together the story of multiple international beer personalities, including Peter Bouckaert, former brewmaster at New Belgium, now brewing great liquid at Purpose Brewing & Cellars, and Steve Hindy of Brooklyn Brewery. Follow the journey of Bierol from experiment to award winning beer.

Watch this beautifully filmed homage to the world's most enjoyed fermented beverage. See the craft at work at breweries around the world, and earn a badge when you check in a beer from a movie participant.



Schwoich, Tirol Austria

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 35,957

Unique (?) 14,865


29,581 Ratings

177 Beers

Ottakringer Brauerei

Vienna, Wien Austria

Macro Brewery

Total (?) 103,540

Unique (?) 51,395


77,702 Ratings

133 Beers

Brauwerk Wien

Subsidiary of Ottakringer Brauerei


Micro Brewery

Total (?) 12,512

Unique (?) 6,420


10,212 Ratings

68 Beers

Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 466,192

Unique (?) 243,842


321,284 Ratings

107 Beers

Brouwerij Rodenbach

Subsidiary of Brouwerij Palm, Royal Swinkels Family Brewers

Roeselare, Vlaanderen Belgium

Macro Brewery

Total (?) 690,091

Unique (?) 306,677


518,813 Ratings

9 Beers

Brouwerij Boon

Subsidiary of Brouwerij Palm

Lembeek, Vlaanderen Belgium

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 606,841

Unique (?) 214,579


491,151 Ratings

61 Beers

Brasserie d'Orval

Villers-devant-Orval, Luxembourg Belgium

Regional Brewery

Total (?) 392,554

Unique (?) 229,355


253,857 Ratings

2 Beers

Cloudwater Brew Co.

Manchester, Greater Manchester England

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 1.12M+

Unique (?) 121,902


965,965 Ratings

202 Beers

Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn, NY United States

Regional Brewery

Total (?) 3.42M+

Unique (?) 851,838


2,356,712 Ratings

289 Beers

New Belgium Brewing Company

Subsidiary of Kirin Brewery Company

Fort Collins, CO United States

Macro Brewery

Total (?) 8.23M+

Unique (?) 1.15M+


5,462,754 Ratings

350 Beers

Purpose Brewing & Cellars

Fort Collins, CO United States

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 12,633

Unique (?) 2,812


10,500 Ratings

465 Beers

Tired Hands Brewing Company

Ardmore, PA United States

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 1.95M+

Unique (?) 148,541


1,458,679 Ratings

1281 Beers

La Cabra Brewing

Berwyn, PA United States

Brew Pub

Total (?) 81,039

Unique (?) 15,538


67,830 Ratings

298 Beers

Hudson Valley Brewery

Beacon, NY United States

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 423,835

Unique (?) 58,684


337,080 Ratings

251 Beers

Dogfish Head Hazy-O!

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Source: Dogfish Head

Helloooooo Hazy-O! Our latest off-centered innovation is now available coast-to-coast!

Brewed with truckloads of oats and wheat for a full body, Hazy-O! is then liberally dry-hopped to deliver juicy tropical notes of citrus, mango and pineapple! But the real star is our secret ingredient ... oats! This Hazy IPA uses four (yes, four!) types of oats. And you might be thinking, "why so many oats?" Each does something a little different for your sipping experience...

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Sierra Nevada Big Little Thing

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Big Little Thing from Sierra Nevada. Source: Sierra Nevada Instagram

Fresh to Sierra Nevada's lineup, Big Little Thing takes Imperial IPA to a new level: at 9% ABV, it has a smooth malt body and mega-tropical hops, yet its sweetness is tame and the finish is clean. Big? No doubt. Drinkable? Ohhh yes.

The brewers go all out with the mash, then dry-hop a lot. And dry-hopping during active fermentation sparks biotransformation: yeast cells alter the chemical compounds in hops to unlock entirely new aromas—like the notes of mango, grapefruit, and tangerine billowing from Big Little Thing.

Now with The Little Things, you can choose your own adventure. Feeling Hazy? Wild? Or is it time to go Big?

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Big Game Review Meets Untappd Data

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Just like that, the 2020 NFL season has come to an end. Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Bucs for winning the Big Game and they will look to repeat come 2021. Before we get into the article, it's been a pleasure to be here with y'all each week, watching football and seeing your check-ins. It's been a lot of fun and I'm personally already looking forward to next season! Now, here are some facts and figures from this past Sunday:

  • #Chiefs appeared in more check-ins than #Bucs
  • Over 1,300 check-ins featured the football emoji

It was awesome seeing the football emoji so frequently on Sunday!

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Sierra Nevada Wanderland Nectarine Ale

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Sierra Nevada Wanderland Nectarine Ale (Source: Sierra Nevada Instagram)

Sierra Nevada's newest seasonal is a Kolsch-style ale loaded with juicy nectarine. And while Wanderland is easy-drinking, its sizable 7.5% ABV stands up to chilly days. So if winter's got you weary, here's a golden sunset of a beer to turn things around. The aroma teases various stone fruits; the medium body is soft and smooth; and the nectarine burst is backed by Crystal, Mosaic, and Azacca hops.

Wanderland Nectarine Ale

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.


Total (?) 14,191

Unique (?) 12,725

7.5% ABV

25 IBU


11,537 Ratings

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NFL Conference Championship Review Meets Untappd Data

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We are down to one final game for the entire NFL season. Fans of the Packers and Bills found themselves disappointed following Sunday's outcomes, but we will be treated to the metaphorical passing of the baton matchup in the final game of the year. Tom Brady will lead the Bucs in their home stadium against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs for all the marbles. We know what happened in reality, but what about the matchups on the Untappd gridiron? Keep reading to find out.

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The Next Chapter

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Today Chief Creative Officer Greg Avola has announced he will step away from the day-to-day managing of community activities at Untappd to pursue other interests. Greg will continue to serve Untappd in the role of Executive Advisor role at Next Glass (Untappd's parent company), advising Trace Smith, CEO, on Untappd community matters.

"The birth of my second son in December opened my eyes," said Greg, "I decided I really wanted more time to be with my growing family."

It was ten years ago that Greg and co-founder Tim Mather created Untappd as a way for beer lovers to share information about the beers – new and old -  they were enjoying on the beer scene. "I remember that summer ten years' ago very vividly," said Greg, "We decided to build an app that connects people from different worlds around beer."

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NFL Divisional Round Review Meets Untappd Data

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While the games weren't ultimately as high-scoring as many anticipated, it was still a good weekend of football, especially if you pledge your fandom to the Packers, Buccaneers, Bills or Chiefs! This week, we take a quick look back at the action over the weekend, see who advanced in the Untappd playoffs, and of course, your check-ins! There's one team that is in the conference championship in both reality and the Untappd gridiron. Do you know which team it is? Read on to find out...

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Drinking Socially (2021)

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Drinking Socially (2021) Badge

Welcome back, ol' pal. You're listening to Season 4 of Drinking Socially. So what's new around here? This season we're covering more core badges, more games and shenanigans, interviewing more guests, highlighting more verified venues and more. Today we're starting with the most basic, easy, boring badge on Untappd — the one we all have — the Newbie! Grab a pint and listen to Harrison and I try to remember the past! Join our Facebook Group, connect with Jon & Harrison on Twitter, and catch us on Spotify, Apple, Stitcher, YouTube, and anywhere you listen to podcasts. 

HOW TO EARN THIS BADGE: From January 20, 2021 - January 19, 2022, check-in one beer that Jon and Harrison review on Drinking Socially in Season 4. Level up with every additional unique check-in that they review.

Disclaimer: The Drinking Socially (2021) badge is retroactive for the year, so some levels award retroactively. These retroactive levels do not display on the check-in. If you had a check-in of a beer this year that is now active on the badge, a level will be awarded retroactively to the check-in.

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10 of the Best-Tasting Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers on the Market

Whether you're taking a night off of drinking, you're abstaining for the month with a Dry January or Sober October challenge, you're #Sobercurious, you're looking to drink less during the drink, you're done drinking for any other reason, we've got two things to say to you:

(1) We support you and you don't have to explain your choices to anyone, and

(2) You can still have delicious, fresh craft beer that is completely alcohol-free without sacrificing taste or quality.

We rounded up this list of non-alcoholic craft beers that still taste amazing for the next time you drink something local, lo-cal, and tasty without the booze.

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Upside Dawn by Athletic Brewing Company

Upside Dawn Golden Ale

Athletic Brewing Company

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Total (?) 5,260

Unique (?) 4,359

0.4% ABV

15 IBU


3,734 Ratings

At Athletic Brewing Co., they believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice your ability to be healthy, active, and at your best in order to enjoy great beer — which is why they created their own innovative lineup of refreshing, non-alcoholic craft beers. 

This is NOT the standard, stale-tasting non-alcoholic beer that your weird uncles used to drink, y'all. It seriously tastes like a craft beer. At just 50 calories per can, it's brewed with premium organic malts from both the U.S. and Germany, along with a combination of English and American hops, for a golden ale that's refreshing, clean, balanced, and light-bodied.

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Super Wild Card Weekend Review Meets Untappd Data

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Just eight teams remain as we enter the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. If you were like me, you were parked in front of the television all weekend with a good brew in hand! This week's article is a bit different from the regular season recaps, as we will see if the winners from Super Wild Card Weekend also won on the Untappd gridiron. Of course, we'll still touch on the top stadium for the week as well as your check-ins!

Reality vs. Untappd

Only three cities had fewer check-ins than its average from the regular season, so overall, for playoff teams, check-ins were up! There was a lot of good football over the weekend to enjoy and from the check-ins I was tagged in, a lot of delicious beverages were consumed! Let's dive in and see how these teams fared on the field, as well as on the Untappd gridiron.

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ALES for ALS (2021)

This year, perhaps more than any other in our recent collective memory, we are anxious to bid farewell to the year, looking forward to better things in 2021 with tremendous hope. 

As we close out 2020, we reflect on the incredible power of community to support and inspire. Here at Untappd, we have a special way to ring out the year while channeling the positivity of our community.

Last month we announced our support of ALES for ALS, and we are very happy to introduce a new badge to close the special 2020 collaborations ahead of the new 2021 program!

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Yard House Brewer Collaboration Series (2021)

At Yard House, beer experts and chefs collaborate with world-renowned breweries to develop their Brewer Collaboration Series beers. These House Beers are uniquely crafted to pair with the Yard House menu and are available on their own or in a special four-pack flight featuring all the Brewer Collaboration Series beers. To celebrate these four special beers, we have a brand new badge for you to earn. 

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NFL Week 17 In Review Meets Untappd Data

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And just like that, the regular season has come to a close. There were a few COVID-19 related hiccups, but ultimately, 256 games were played with no cancellations. Now, we turn our eyes to the playoffs, where the final 14 teams will battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy. Will the winner on the field win on the Untappd gridiron? Time will tell.

To determine this, we will see which city (10 mile radius around the stadium) has the largest increase in check-ins compared to their season average. This levels the playing field and will give us a better idea as to which team actually won the matchup on the Untappd gridiron. Ultimately, whichever team has the larger increase, or smaller decrease, will move on to the next round.

Fun Facts From 2020 Season

Here are some fun facts from the 2020 NFL regular season through an Untappd lens:

  • Over the course of the regular season, nine different stadiums led at least one week in total check-ins.
  • The NFC South was the only division to have each team lead at least one week in check-ins at the stadium.
  • The four teams (Chiefs, Browns, Colts & Saints) that led at least two weeks in check-ins at the stadium all made the playoffs, and combined for a record of 48-16.
  • Based on your check-ins that you tagged me in, the strongest fan representation was from the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets.
  • Since the start of the season, nearly 6,000 check-ins included the football emoji!

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