New Badge: Leap Beer (2024)

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This is an elusive one! 

A badge offered every four years, Leap Year can only be earned once every 1,460 days! 

Leap years occur (almost) every four years in the Gregorian calendar and realign the calendar with the earth's orbit (which takes 365.256 days to orbit the sun).

So get this one while it's good: on February 29, 2024. 

If you don't, you'll have to wait until this badge reappears in 2028!

We don't know about you, but we're not sure we can wait that long. 

How to earn: Check in any one (1) beer on February 29, 2024.

Side note: For all of February 29th, we will be offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $29 in the Untappd Shop. Happy Leap Beer!

New Badge: Beer Geeks Beat ALS

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Het is overweldigend en hartverwarmend te zien wat de Nederlandse biergemeenschap voor elkaar kan krijgen als ze er met z'n allen de schouders onder zetten. De actie Beer Geeks Beat ALS, die al 4 maal eerder werd georganiseerd door de Facebook groep 'Beer Geeks', heeft bijna 290.000 euro opgehaald in 4 jaar tijd. Een ontzettend mooi bedrag, wat ons heel veel inspiratie en motivatie geeft om door te gaan!

Het idee voor de actie Beer Geeks Beat ALS is ontstaan toen de Facebookgroep vijf jaar bestond. Op hetzelfde moment behaalde de pagina 10.000 leden. Om dit te vieren moest er iets speciaals gebeuren. De Beer Geeks kwamen met het idee om samen met zoveel mogelijk Nederlandse brouwerijen een speciaal bier te brouwen. De opbrengst van de verkoop zou naar een goed doel gaan. Het goede doel werd Stichting ALS Nederland. De aanleiding was Oscar Wagner, ALS-patiënt en lid van de Beer Geek-community vanaf dag één.

Inmiddels zijn we een aantal jaren verder en er is nog altijd veel geld nodig om ALS de wereld uit te krijgen. Geld voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek naar de oorzaak én een behandeling.

Het is daarom ook dat wij ter nagedachtenis aan Oscar, maar uiteraard ook voor al die andere mensen met deze verschrikkelijke diagnose, deze actie ook dit jaar weer oppakken om zoveel mogelijk geld op te halen voor Stichting ALS Nederland.

Het Beer Geeks Beat ALS bier van deze vijfde actie, 'Viva la Vida', is een Imperial Weizen met sinaasappel en Palo Santo hout. Gebrouwen bij Lighttown Brewers te Eindhoven, met de steun van 84 Nederlandse brouwerijen en een aantal sponsoren. Het etiket is ontworpen door Erwin van Moll en bevat een kunstwerk van ALS patiënt Bernardus Muller. Met behulp van Cachaça werd een tinctuur gemaakt van het Palo Santo hout wat is toegevoegd. De sinaasappelsmaak werd voor het afvullen toegevoegd door een extract van verse schil.

New Badge: Firestone IPA Aficionado

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Hop Heads unite! You're a lover of IPAs, which makes us a fan of yours. Now you can enjoy this exclusive IPA Aficionado badge courtesy of Firestone Walker.

Just check in any Firestone Walker IPA this year and, boom, it's yours.

We have an array of all-new IPAs for you in 2024, including Firestone California IPA, our latest entry into the pantheon of West Coast IPAs. You'll also find Luponic Distortion IPA and Hopnosis Cold IPA in our new Beer Before Glory IPA Mixed Pack. And don't forget Union Jack IPA, the West Coast icon that helped set the pace for the craft beer revolution.

Make your day with any Firestone IPA.

New Badge: Devotee of Deliciousness

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Devotee of Deliciousness Badge

As our Stone Delicious Family expands, we are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to the Stone Delicious family of IPAs: Stone Delicious Hazy IPA! Our brewers were asked – can you make a Delicious Hazy IPA that's still crafted to reduce gluten? Their response: Hell yeah. Sabro, El Dorado and Azacca hops provide intense creamsicle, peach and pineapple flavors, and the lingering finish will have you reaching for another satisfying sip. This one is extra juicy, extra hazy and extra Delicious.

Available now across the country! Find it near you at

Badge Criteria: Check-in one (1) Delicious Hazy IPA by Stone Brewing anytime between February 26, 2024 and March 31, 2024 to receive badge.

New Badge: Pour Some Luck with America's Stout

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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Left Hand Brewing's Milk Stout Nitro – America's Stout. With each pour its Nitro cascade mesmerizes, while a delightful blend of roasted coffee and chocolate notes tantalizes the palate. Gather your lads and lasses, and toast to the magic of St. Paddy's with Milk Stout Nitro!

How to earn this badge: Check in one (1) Milk Stout Nitro by Left Hand Brewing Company between February 19, 2024 and March 24, 2024.

New Badge: Three Cheers for Our Favorite Stadium Beers

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The Big Game is set! The storylines are tantalizing for this year's final matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs during Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday, Feb. 11th, 2024. 

Will the 49ers avenge themselves after collapsing in the fourth quarter and losing to the Kansas City Chiefs when they met in the Super Bowl four years ago? 

After dropping a sky-high forty-four passes during the regular season, will the Chiefs' receivers keep the sticky fingers they've shown so far in the playoffs? 

Will Brock Purdy claim Tom-Brady-like glory by winning a Vince Lombardi trophy in just his first full season as the Niners starting quarterback? 

Will Taylor Swift make it from Tokyo to Las Vegas to watch her beau play? 😂

Who knows? But we're here for all of it with a beer in our hand. 

So, on the most epic day of the season, what beloved American lager are you drinking? 

Are you a PBR promoter? Old Style admirer?

Do you go ham for…Hamm's? Grab a Coors Light cold one? Find Milwaukee's Best…best?

Maybe you're a Natty Boh beau? Or go gung-ho for Genesee Cream Ale

Could you simply be a Bud Light lover? Bud Heavy? Or do you believe in the Champagne of Beers?

Do you take a shine to Shiner? Or is the key to your heart…Keystone Light?

Sometimes, it seems that we are as dedicated to our American lager of choice as our own football team. 

With that in mind, to celebrate this year's ultimate pigskin party, we're bringing back the "Stadium Beers" badge. To earn it, you only have to answer one simple question: What's your favorite American lager or American light lager to drink while watching football?

To earn this badge: Check-in any one (1) beer under the categories: Lager - American, Lager - American Light, Lager - American Amber / Red, or Lager - American Pre-Prohibition between Feb. 9th and Feb. 12th, 2024.

New Badge: Firestone Walker Fan Badge (2024)

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Thanks for being a fan! You've checked in a Firestone Walker beer this year, and we appreciate your support!

If you'd like to stay up on all things Firestone Walker, subscribe to our newsletter at

We have an array of all-new beers for you this year, including Mind Haze Brain Melter Hazy Imperial IPA and Mind Haze Cosmic Crusher Juicy Imperial IPA—the latest additions to our bestselling Mind Haze family of beers.

Also look for Firestone California IPA, our latest entry into the pantheon of West Coast IPAs. And keep an eye out for seasonals like our Firestone XPA, Oaktoberfest and Mocha Dolce.

And if you're in the mood for classics, we have them all: DBA, Pivo, Union Jack, Parabola and more. Cheers to you and 2024.

How to earn this badge: Check in any one (1) beer brewed by Firestone Walker Brewing Company between February 6 and December 31, 2024.

Updates: Untappd 4.3.0, 4.3.1, and 4.3.2

Hey Untappd Community! We are back with another quick update with a few updates and fixes.

New in 4.3.0


  • Icon is now adaptive and will change shape based on your device's settings
  • Insiders Only: Change your app icon! Whether you want to go monochrome, classic, or throwback to icons of the past, Insiders can now customize their Untappd app icon.
  • Barcode scanner is now faster and UPCs are highlighted ahead of searching.
  • Adds "Brewed by" and "Brewed at" indicators on beers
  • Boxes and bundles in Shop now default to "What's included" to show list of beers featured


  • Sharing check-in to Instagram Stories on some devices
  • Creating beers with special characters like &, +, =, and emoji wouldn't autocomplete the name from Search
  • Ratings graph would sometimes become empty after the app was idle for some time

New in 4.3.1 and 4.3.2


  • Fix UPC-E, EAN-8, and other barcode types not scanning
  • Fixes barcode scanner crashing or freezing

We are working to investigate continued issues with the barcode scanner that searches for beers in the app. Thank you for all of the feedback and information from the community on this one! We're eager to find a fix and help make this a core part of everyone's beer discovery process.


Have specific feedback or feature requests for things you'd like to see in Untappd? Reach out to our Product team through email. For questions or issues, please email our Support team or submit the form on our Help site.


New Badge: Firestone Walker Mind Haze IPAs (2024)

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Firestone Walker Mind Haze IPAs

The next phase of Mind Haze has arrived! Firestone Walker is rolling out its latest lineup of Mind Haze beers for 2024, including a refreshed new look for its bestselling Mind Haze Tropical Hazy IPA along with the additions of Brain Melter Hazy Imperial IPA and Cosmic Crusher Juicy Imperial IPA.

Mind Haze Brain Melter Hazy Imperial IPA (8.5% ABV) unleashes a torrent of tropical sensations, with explosive hop aromas and a lusciously smooth texture. Mind Haze Cosmic Crusher Juicy Imperial IPA (9.5%) presents a celestial explosion of juiciness with bold flavors of succulent pineapple and mango.

"The Haze craze is here to stay," says Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. "Mind Haze is one of our most celebrated beers and has become a playground where we explore our wildest ideas on where IPAs can go, allowing us to deliver world-class beers that meet the diverse taste buds of today's drinkers."

Look for the original and new Mind Haze beers in all Firestone Walker markets starting right now, in both 12-ounce canned six packs, 19.2 oz cans, a reimagined 12 pack variety, and Mind Haze original on draft.

To earn this badge: Check in any one (1) of the Firestone Walker Mind Haze IPAs including Mind Haze, Double Mind Haze, Mind Haze Tiki Smash, Mind Haze Cosmic Crusher and Mind Haze Brain Melter anytime between January 30,2024 and December 31, 2024.

New Badge: Austin Ale Trail

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Austin Ale Trail badge

Join the Austin Ale Trail!

The Austin Ale Trail is your guide to the coolest breweries, cideries, brewpubs, and bottle shops in Austin and beyond!

Let the passport lead you to the latest and trendiest taprooms. Explore breweries, collect stamps, and get perks! Over 60 breweries participate and each location offers its own unique Passport Perk. Visit a location, buy a beer, and request a stamp to redeem discounts and freebies. Just like a real passport, only better!

To earn this badge: Check in at any one (1) unique participating Austin Ale Trail brewery location between January 20 and May 31, 2024. List online and map found here: Every 5 unique locations unlocks a new level of this badge up to Level 5.

New Badge: Baltic Porter Day (2024)

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Baltic Porter Day (2024) badge

Let's celebrate Baltic Porter Day! A style that doesn't get nearly enough attention, Baltic porters are actually high-ABV lagers that drink super smooth, chocolatey, and roasty. 

A style perfect for the colder months, Baltic porters now have their own entire day of celebration. 

So, you know they must be good! 

A Quick History of Baltic Porters

The Baltic porter originated from English porters, named after London's hardworking porters responsible for loading ships and engaging in trade with the Baltic states. Originally crafted in the countries near the Baltic Sea, the Baltic porter is actually a lager!

Looking for more? Check out Hop Culture's in-depth piece: Baltic Porter? I Hardly Know 'Er!

What Is a Baltic Porter?

Baltic porters undergo a cold fermentation and cold lagering process, which plays a crucial role in maintaining their distinct, clean, and intricate flavors and more robust, velvety mouthfeel.

Porter beers share similarities with imperial stouts as they often exhibit flavors of cocoa, chocolate, nuts, and coffee. Additionally, they boast a higher alcohol content and are known for their deep, dark appearance.

How Do I Earn the New Badge?

Of course, at Untappd, we're giving you the opportunity to earn a unique badge. 

To earn this year's "Baltic Porter Day (2024)" badge: Check in any one (1) beer in the style "Porter - Baltic" or "Porter - Imperial / Double Baltic" from Jan. 19, 2024 - Jan. 21, 2024.

If you're not sure where to start, take a look at: Untappd's Top-Rated Baltic Porters.

Style Changes: H2 2023

Hello Untappd Community!

We're excited to share the latest updates from another successful style voting process, conducted with the invaluable help of our dedicated global moderators. A heartfelt thank you to all the moderators for their thoughtful contributions and the time they dedicated to this process. Your insights and expertise continue to shape the Untappd experience, making it more reflective of the evolving beer landscape.

At Untappd, we're constantly looking for emerging trends and changes in the brewing industry. We aim to ensure that the Untappd experience remains dynamic, accurate, and enjoyable for everyone. This means regularly reviewing and updating our beer styles to keep pace with the industry's creativity and innovation.

We're pleased to announce that we made these style changes live as of January 2, 2024. While we're applying these new styles to beers across our platform, please note that it may take some time to see these changes reflected everywhere. Rest assured, we've already updated badges and criteria for these new styles.

Cheers to exploring these new styles together!

Style Updates

New Styles Added

  • Altbier - Sticke: Sticke is a stronger, specialty German beer style from Düsseldorf. Known for its higher alcohol content (usually 6-7.5% ABV), a rich malt sweetness with caramel and toffee notes, and a hop balance, Sticke beers are typically available seasonally, offering a unique twist on the classic Altbier. Sticke beers have a deep copper to dark brown color, and they showcase a blend of malt and hop flavors with a clean ale yeast fermentation. They are highly regarded in the Düsseldorf region for their complex and well-balanced profile. (Source: Moderator Crafted)
  • Cider - Applewine: A style of cider with a higher ABV, achieved by fermenting fruit pulp instead of juice, often with added sugar. This leads to a more potent final product with more pronounced flavors. (Source: Moderator Crafted)
  • Cider - Basque: Basque cider is an apple cider originating from the Basque region of Europe, where it is served at sagardotegi (cider houses). Known locally as Sagardoa, this cider is flat (non-carbonated) and poured from bottles at height. Apple harvesting starts in September and October to prepare the raw materials for barrel fermentation before the cider ferments up to the middle of spring. Spontaneous fermentation is the preferred way to produce the Basque style of cider, as opposed to using commercial yeast. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Cream Ale - Imperial / Double: A twist on traditional American cream ales, the imperial versions take the silky base of the lager/ale hybrid style and turn up the flavor and ABV. While standard cream ales are rarely adjuncted, imperial cream ales are almost always full of added ingredients such as coffee, chocolate, vanilla, or fruit, and some breweries will even barrel-age their version. (Source: Moderator Crafted)
  • Farmhouse Ale - Brett: Any farmhouse ale fermented with Brettanomyces or a mixture of Brettanomyces and other yeasts. (Source: Moderator Crafted)
  • Farmhouse Ale - Kornøl: A traditional beer from northwestern Norway, Kornøl is pale, hazy, sweet, fruity, and typically features juniper and kveik flavors. It's known for its grainy, juniper, and fruity flavors, with light carbonation and an alcohol strength of 6-8% ABV. (Source: Moderator Crafted)
  • Lager - American Pre-Prohibition: A rediscovery of a pre-Prohibition beer style in the U.S., this lager includes adjuncts like corn, rice, or sugar and hopped with domestic and imported hops. It's darker than modern American lagers, with robust bitterness and a hoppy character. (Source: BYO Article)
  • Lager - Polotmavé (Czech Amber): An amber lager from Czechia with a malt-driven profile and varying hop character, polomavéflavors range from bready and biscuity to caramelly. These Czech lagers are distinguished by their slightly fuller body and more complex flavor profile. (Source: BJCP)
  • Lager - Rotbier: Nürnberger Rotbier, a traditional German beer from Nuremberg, is known for its reddish hue and rich malt-forward taste, featuring caramel, toffee, and nutty notes. (Source: Moderator Crafted)
  • Lager - Smoked: A lager made with a portion of smoked malts. The base style can vary, including pale lager, Helles, Pilsner, or other lager styles. (Source: Moderator Crafted)
  • Lager - Světlé (Czech Pale): A light-bodied, refreshing, hoppy, and bitter pale Czech lager with flavors similar to the stronger Czech Premium Pale Lager but in a lower alcohol, lighter-bodied format. (Source: BJCP)
  • Lager - Tmavé (Czech Dark): Rich, dark, malty Czech lagers with a roast character ranging from almost absent to quite prominent, offering an interesting and complex flavor profile. (Source: BJCP)
  • Pale Ale - Fruited: Fruited Pale Ales are, as the name suggests, pale ales containing a proportion of fruit. Typically this will be in the form of purées or juices that have been added during the brewing process. Zest, peel, or even whole fruits may also be used. Fruit may be added at the end of the boil so that it is present during fermentation. Alternatively, fruit may be added post-fermentation when a fresher fruit character is desired. A fruited pale ale should not contain any lactose (or vanilla if used as a vegan-friendly alternative) as this would be classed as a Pale Ale - Milkshake.
  • Porter - Smoked: A dark beer with a significant roasted malt character and a smoky depth thanks to wood-smoked malt. Different woods lend different flavors to the finished product. (Source: CraftBeer)
  • Sour - Catharina: Originating from Santa Catarina, Brazil, Catharina Sour is known for using fresh fruits that dominate the beer's flavor and aroma, including Brazilian fruits like jabuticaba and acerola cherry. (Source: Catharina Sour)
  • Sour - Tomato / Vegetable Gose: A variation of the classic Gose with the addition of tomatoes or other vegetables, popular in Eastern Europe. It can mimic popular cocktails or soups, and the tomato component is added during fermentation. (Source: Moderator Crafted)
  • Wheat Beer - Fruited: Fruited Wheat Beers are, as the name suggests, wheat beers (including Hefeweizen and Witbier) containing a proportion of fruit. Typically this will be in the form of purées, juices, or whole fruits that have been added during the brewing process. Fruit may be added at the end of the boil so that it is present during fermentation. Alternatively, fruit may be added post-fermentation when a fresher fruit character is desired.

Renamed Styles

  • Altbier to Altbier - Traditional
  • Old Ale to Old / Stock Ale: Old / Stock Ales undergo aging, often for years, contributing to a rich, wine-like, sweet oxidation character. They are copper-red to very dark in color. Historically, stock ales were very strong and used for blending to add an "old" quality and perhaps acidity. (Source: Beer and Brewing, Wikipedia)
  • Golden Ale - American to Blonde / Golden Ale - American, Golden Ale - English to Blonde / Golden Ale - English, Golden Ale - Other to Blonde / Golden Ale - Other
  • Cider - Ice / Applewine to Cider - Ice: Ice cider can be made in two ways, either by cryoconcentration or cryoextraction. Most ice ciders are made by cryoconcentration, meaning apples are harvested in the fall and pressed, and the juice is put outside to freeze during the colder months. Cryoextraction involves leaving apples on the trees during the height of winter and placing them at the mercy of the elements so that the fruit is frozen and dried. They are then picked during this period when the temperatures usually range from -8 °C to 15°C. The extreme weather ensures the apples remain frozen during pressing. Once pressed, the juice is fermented at a low temperature for approximately eight months. (Source: Wikipedia)

Merged Styles

  • Merge Blonde Ale into Blonde / Golden Ale - Other

Description Updates

  • IPA - White / Wheat: Description remains the same, source updated. (Source: BJCP)
  • IPA - Red: The Red IPA is reddish-amber to dark reddish-copper colored, hoppy, bitter, and moderately strong, with caramel, toffee, and dark fruit malt character. (Source: RateBeer)
  • Pilsner - Imperial/Double: The Imperial Pilsner is a crisp, clean, medium-bodied, gold-colored lager with a pronounced malt profile and bitterness and higher alcohol content. (Source: RateBeer)
  • Strong Ale - American: Description remains the same, source updated. (Source: BJCP)
  • Winter Ale: Winter Ale, although not technically a beer style per se, can certainly be considered a widespread brewing tradition. The custom of brewing a stronger-than-normal ale for drinking against the chills of the coldest months of the year is doubtless as old as brewing in Northern Europe itself. Earlier unhopped or lightly hopped ales were particularly suitable for being heated and spiced, giving rise to such winter's drinks as "ale posset", a drink mixing piping hot ale with bread, milk, sugar, ginger, and nutmeg. The rise of hopped beer, which reacts badly to being heated, seems to have meant the decline of hot ale drinks. However, drinkers continued to express a desire for stronger, sweeter, and often darker beers in the winter months. These seasonal beers have an emphasis on darker malts and sometimes use spices alongside hops, recalling the old heated spiced ales. Many winter ales in Europe are dubbed "Christmas ales," and this is an old tradition, although in the United States this is often translated to "holiday ale". (Source: Beer and Brewing)
  • Winter Warmer: A winter warmer is a traditional malty-sweet strong ale that is brewed in the winter months. As type of old ale, it is usually quite dark (but not as dark as a stout), with a big malt presence. Sometimes, winter warmers have a few spices, especially in the United States, although spices are not necessarily a required ingredient in a winter warmer ("Winter Ale" would be a more appropriate choice for other seasonal spiced beers). The primary characteristic is strength; while a standard old ale would fall between 5% and 6%, the average winter warmer ranges from 6% to 8% ABV, while some reach 10% ABV or more. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Porter - American: Inspired by the storied English Porter, the American Porter tends to make its own rules. With plenty of innovation, brewers in the US have taken this style to a new level, whether it's highly hopping the brew or adding chocolate to complement the highly roasted and burnt flavor associated with this type of beer. The color could be medium brown to inky black and the range of hop bitterness is also quite wide, but most are balanced. Quite a few easy drinking session Porters can be found as well. (Source: BeerAdvocate)
  • Kellerbier / Zwickelbier: Kellerbier is a type of German beer, an unfiltered lager originating in Franconia. Kellerbier contains more of its original brewing yeast, held in suspension. As a result, it is distinctly cloudy, and is described in German as naturtrüb (naturally cloudy). Kellerbier is often served directly from the barrel in a beer garden, but may be bottled as well. The term Zwickelbier, regionally Zwickel or Zwickl, refers to a weaker and less full-flavored variant of Kellerbier. Originally, it was used to refer to the small amount of beer taken by a brewmaster from the barrel with the aid of a special siphon called the Zwickelhahn. It is less hoppy, and typically not left to age as long as Kellerbier. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Specialty Grain: The Specialty Grain beer is a catch-all style for beers enhanced by or featuring the character of additional grain or grains, other than the more traditional barley, wheat and rye grains. The color and specific character of the beer depends greatly on the character of the added grains. Examples of these alternative grains are Oats, Buckwheat, Spelt, Quinoa, or other historical grains like Einkorn or Emmer, all of which are added or used exclusively. Ales made with Rice can also be included here as long as it is not intended to be used as an adjunct to reduce the beer brewing costs, but to rather showcase the Rice grain. Note that if the specialty grain is a minor addition and does not provide a noticeable distinguishable character to the beer, it should go in the base style of the beer. (Source: RateBeer)

Badge Updates

The following badges have been updated with the new styles which now qualify for those badges:


  • Cream Ale - Imperial / Double

Cream of the Crop

  • Cream Ale - Imperial / Double

Down in Smoke

  • Porter - Smoked
  • Lager - Smoked

Fruits of Your Labor

  • Pale Ale - Fruited
  • Wheat Beer - Fruited
  • Sour - Catharina

Heavy Weight

  • Porter - Smoked

Johnny Appleseed

  • Cider - Basque
  • Cider - Applewine

Lager Jack

  • Lager - Rotbier
  • Lager - American Pre-Prohibition
  • Lager - Světlé (Czech Pale)
  • Lager - Polotmavé (Czech Amber)
  • Lager - Tmavé (Czech Dark)
  • Lager - Smoked

Paint the Town Red

  • Lager - Rotbier
  • Lager - Polotmavé (Czech Amber)

Pale as the Moon

  • Pale Ale - Fruited

Pucker Up

  • Sour - Tomato / Vegetable Gose
  • Sour - Catharina


  • Lager - Tmavé (Czech Dark)

The Dark Side

  • Lager - Tmavé (Czech Dark)

To the Alt

  • Altbier - Sticke

To the Port

  • Porter - Smoked

Trip to the Farm

  • Farmhouse Ale - Brett
  • Farmhouse Ale - Kornøl

What Gose Round

  • Sour - Tomato / Vegetable Gose

Wit, Weiss, and Weizen

  • Wheat Beer - Fruited

You Don't Know Brett

  • Farmhouse Ale - Brett

This increases our total active style count to 270 (excluding "Other" which does not qualify), which will allow for Level 54 as the maximum level for the Wheel of Styles badge. To level up your badge, you must check-in a beer of a style that you haven't had in the last 5 check-ins.

4.2.2 Update

Hey Untappd Community! We are back with another quick update with a few updates and fixes. Happy New Year!


  • New Year, New Icon: We heard you. We brought back the classic Untappd app icon.


  • Shop: Editing non-shippable beer addresses updates checkout in realtime.
  • Issue where tapping and dismissing the + floating action button would make the UI unresponsive.


Have specific feedback or feature requests for things you'd like to see in Untappd? Reach out to our Product team through email. For questions or issues, please email our Support team or submit the form on our Help site.


New Badge: vandeStreek bier Dry January

Responsive image
vandeStreek bier Dry January badge

Dry January, jij?!

We begrijpen dat Dry January voor velen een uitdagende periode is - een maand zonder alcohol? Dat klinkt bijna als een onmogelijke opgave. Maar hey, we hebben vertrouwen in je (soort van)!

Wij zijn groot fan van non-alcoholische bieren, en dat is niet zonder reden. Voor ons betekent 'non-alcoholic' niet alleen geen alcohol, maar vooral veel smaak, karakter, en een vleugje vandeStreek magie. We houden van bieren die bruisen van smaak, ook zonder de roes. Onze alcoholvrije creaties zijn een ode aan de bierkunst, waarbij we geen compromissen sluiten op het gebied van smaak.

Nu Dry January weer is aangebroken, staan we klaar met onze speciaal geselecteerde non-alcoholische pakketten. Deze pakketten zijn niet alleen een reddingsboei voor degenen die de uitdaging aangaan, maar ook een smaakvolle verrassing voor de sceptici onder ons. Want laten we eerlijk zijn, de kans dat je deze maand zonder een enkel biertje doorkomt, is wellicht kleiner dan je denkt. Maar geen zorgen, wij oordelen niet. Sterker nog, we supporten je in elke slok - of die nu alcohol bevat of niet.

Voor de 'flexibele' doorzetters, degenen die misschien een dagje smokkelen, hebben we ook iets in petto. Want bij vandeStreek begrijpen we dat soms een beetje flexibiliteit nodig is. Het leven is tenslotte te kort om jezelf al te strenge regels op te leggen, toch?

Ons doel tijdens Dry January is niet alleen om je te ondersteunen in je alcoholvrije reis, maar ook om je te laten zien dat non-alcoholische bieren net zo smaakvol, avontuurlijk en bevredigend kunnen zijn als hun alcoholhoudende broertjes en zusjes. We hopen natuurlijk dat je het haalt, maar als dat niet lukt, staan we klaar met een troostrijk, smaakvol alcoholvrij biertje.

Dus, Dry January, jij?! Wij zeggen: Proost, op een maand vol smaakvolle ontdekkingen, met of zonder alcohol!

Ga naar onze website om alle pakketten te bekijken, zonder maar ook met alcohol:

To earn Level 1: Check in any one (1) vandeStreek bier Non-Alcoholic beer between January 1 and 31, 2024 including: Playground Non Alcoholic IPA, Fun House Non Alcoholic NEIPA, Grapefruit Non Alcoholic IPA, and Bumper Non Alcoholic Blond.

To earn Level 2: Check in all four (4) vandeStreek bier Non-Alcoholic beers between January 1 and 31, 2024 including: Playground Non Alcoholic IPA, Fun House Non Alcoholic NEIPA, Grapefruit Non Alcoholic IPA, and Bumper Non Alcoholic Blond.

The Top 10 Craft Breweries With the Most 5-Star Check-Ins of 2023

Responsive image

Presented by Stone Brewing

We're ending this year's Delicious Year in Beer with a big bang, revealing the top ten craft breweries with the most number of five-star check-ins in 2023. Which breweries did you all rate the highest this year the most often? 

We'll admit that these rankings may not blow your head off; they include some of the most iconic, influential breweries in the country. But we gotta give props to the places that continue to rate highly on Untappd year after year along with a couple of newcomers to these rankings this year. 

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Let's wrap up our season of Delicious Year in Beer by presenting the top ten craft breweries of 2023 based on the most 5-star check-ins globally. 

10. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 🇺🇸

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