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Quickly and easily share your customized beer menus with the world.

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Maximize inventory visibility to drive new customers to your venue.

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Keep your customers up-to-date by publishing to Untappd, Twitter, & Facebook.

Strong Return on InvestmentFirst 30 Days on Untappd

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    Night Shift Brewing Brewery & Tap RoomEverett, MA

    226 New Customers
    1,021 New Beers Sold
    1,456 Subscribers
    $9,649* Total Value to Date
  • Icon beer auth

    Noble Ale Works Brewery & Tap RoomAnaheim, CA

    103 New Customers
    442 New Beers Sold
    662 Subscribers
    $4,254* Total Value to Date
  • Icon beer auth

    Beer Authority Restaurant / Tap RoomNew York, NY

    88 New Customers
    258 New Beers Sold
    646 Subscribers
    $3,111* Total Value to Date
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    Craft Tasting Room & Growler Shop Gastropub & BarCharlotte, NC

    49 New Customers
    141 New Beers Sold
    362 Subscribers
    $1,722* Total Value to Date
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    Emporium Arcade Arcade & BarChicago, IL

    109 New Customers
    387 New Beers Sold
    401 Subscribers
    $3,292* Total Value to Date
*Assumes the average beer costs $6.00 and the average subscriber is worth $2.42 (industry averages).
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Digital Boards

Add custom digital beer menus to your bar or restaurant at no additional monthly fee.

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Untappd Audience

The world’s largest community of beer enthusiasts — over 4 million users strong!

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Print and Web Integration

Customize your beer menus, print them, or add them to your website.

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Social Interaction

Add a beer menu to your Facebook page and automatically tweet your new additions.

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In-App Promotions

Build your audience with a free in-app Untappd Promotion*.

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Bulk Upload

Update menus by uploading your inventory or utilizing other custom integrations.

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Find the most popular beers in your area and stay up to date with the latest beer trends.

*Average 2 week promo yields 187 subscribers

  • I love that we can make our more obscure beers discoverable to people that are searching for them.

    Chris Westgard Crafty Beer Guys
  • We’ve been really happy with the fast and frequent updates to the platform.

    Patrick McEvoy Elizabeth Station
  • It’s a huge time savings for us to update our online tap lists and engage customers all from one place. It was a no brainer for us!

    Tim Brack Really Good Beer Shop

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The Untappd for Business mobile app allows you to update your menu & events in seconds!

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