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create checkin screen
Create a Beer Journal
Keep track of what you’ve tried and what you thought of it by checking in a beer and rating it.
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Drink New Beers, Unlock Badges
Expand your palate by trying new & different beer styles and unlock achievements along the way.
Explore nearby popular bars, breweries, and beers.
Not sure where to grab a pint? Untappd shows you what’s on tap at popular bars and venues nearby
Follow businesses to get notifications as soon as new beers are available.
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More Features

Updated Menus
Follow Verified Venues to get live tap list updates.
Discover new beers locally we think you'll like.
Local Events
Stay up-to-date with venue and brewery event alerts.

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Create Beautiful Menus
Our creative templates allow you to craft your perfect menu complete with beer, wine, liquor, food, and more!
Quickly Publish to Millions
Build your menu in minutes by leveraging our extensive database and publish to your website, digital signage, and the Untappd app.
Make Data-Driven Decisions
Understand what keeps customers coming back! Track what’s popular in your area and stay up-to-date with the latest beer trends.
Engage Your Customers
Keep your customers up to date by interacting directly with them in the Untappd app via check-ins, events, social media sharing, and more!