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Rob's Top 5 Most Checked-In Beers

So many beers. So little time. Here’s what Rob really enjoyed drinking.

Rob's Top 5 Most Checked-In Styles

Was Rob part of the haze craze or did Rob stick to more traditional styles?

Rob's Top Rated Styles

Top 5 Most Checked-In Breweries

Everyone has favorite breweries. What are Robs? Let’s take a look.

Where does Rob like to drink?

Top 5 Most Checked-In Venues

Whether it’s the beach or a local pub, everyone has a favorite place to enjoy a beer.

Top 3 Venue Categories

Drinking Buddies

{{user_name}} and {{Kyle R.}} shared 31 beers together this year!

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Check-In Stats

We Love Badges! How About You?

Lets take a look at some of the badges Rob have unlocked in 2019.