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Holy Grale

Beer Garden, Brasserie, Beer Bar

1034 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY ( Map )


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1034 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY

Zwanze Day 2018

Saturday, September 29th • 8:00 AM EST - 4:00 PM EST

Hosted By Holy Grale + Add to Calendar

Zwanze Day 2018
at Holy Grale
Saturday, September 23rd
$15 ticket sold at door (limited, cash only)
doors open/ ticket sales begin at 8am
21+ only
*(read below for more info)

About Zwanze Day 2018:
One brewery, One day, One beer and 72 beer bars around the world! On Saturday, September 29th, glasses will be raised all around the globe as beer lovers take part in this preeminent international toast. We raise our glasses together in celebration of a very special brewery, Cantillon (Brussels, Belgium), and the tradition, passion, innovation, and skill that has driven the Cantillon, Van Roy family to create lambics for over 100 years. For the eighth year, Holy Grale is honored to be one of 28 distinguished beer bars in the U.S. and 72 in the world to participate in this incomparable beer event. In the past, we have been blessed to share this very special day with so many like-minded, appreciative, gracious people who share a common love and respect for slow, well made beer... We can't wait to see many of you again this year!

--Official message from Jean about Zwanze 2018: MANNEKEN PISE --

"At the end of 2014, determined to increase our production, we acquired a new building. In the course of the 14/15 and 15/16 brewing seasons, we had to obtain lots of new barrels to bring our dear lambic to maturity. Hundreds of barrels, coming from various origins in France and Italy, most having contained red wine beforehand, thus came to furnish our new location. Among them, three origins stood out: those that had held Sangiovese, Amarone and Chianti.

Sangiovese is a wine grape typically coming from the center of Italy, Amarone is a wine from the area of Verona that’s obtained from dried grapes, and Chianti is a region of Tuscany where the wine is made with a base of Sangiovese grapes. At the time of the purchase of these barrels, my intention wasn’t to make a special blend, even though I must admit that seeing the results of aging Lambic in something other than a wine barrel has always been of special interest to me. The result of these experiments is often unpredictable, sometimes with a strong vinous quality, and sometimes with none at all.

During the 2015/2016 season, the Amarone barrels were filled with Lambic wort in December, and the Sangiovese and Chianti barrels were filled in January. While tasting these beers the following year, I realized the potential that these barrels had. I decided then to age the barrels an additional year. It was the right move. After two years of aging, each type of barrel produced a different Lambic. Different than a classic Lambic, but also different from one another. The Amarone barrels had birthed a delicate Lambic, the Sangiovese had a superb fruitiness, and the Chianti had developed a dry, tangy vinous quality. The Sangiovese barrels aside, it wouldn’t have been very interesting to produce a beer coming solely from the the Amarone or Chianti barrels. However, the advantage of blending of these three different Lambics, each having developed its own unique qualities, quickly became apparent. So, we did the blend at the end of January 2018.

The elaboration of this beer was also for me an occasion to pay homage to our great many Italian friends who were among the first in Europe to promote and protect traditional Lambic. This year’s Zwanze is thus dedicated to them, and is a chance for me to thank them for their passion, their loyalty and their friendship! The Zwanze 2018 is a fruity beer with notes of mango and citrus and a fine, lingering mouthfeel. Its wine-like character is not only evident, but accentuated by a slight woodiness. The Zwanze 2018 should be tasted at cellar temperature.

Cheers! JVR

####WANNA COME?#####


Doors will open at 8am, Game ON!

Zwanze 2018 will start to be passed at 2:45pm (must be present to redeem ticket and receive your beer)

International Toast begins at Holy Grale (in the gralegarten *weather pending) and worldwide - you must be present to redeem your ticket


- Tickets are $15 (*cash only, limited availability)


- Tickets are sold on the day of the event, starting at 8am, on a first come first serve basis ONE TICKET PER PERSON/CASH ONLY!

- 125 tickets will be sold, if you are not one of the first 125 people in line, you will not get a ticket. Tickets guarantee you (1) 6oz pour of Zwanze 2018 and (1) commemorative Zwanze Day 2018 tasting glass, which will be distributed minutes before the 3pm toast.

- The line will begin at the front door of Holy Grale and wrap around the building into the adjacent parking lot.

- Expect a line to form very early. We have sold out on some years without making it through the line, though most years anyone there before 8am have received a ticket. This information does not predict what will happen this year, it’s just some piece of mind to help you plan successfully for Zwanze Day 2018. If you do not get a ticket, it is not the end of the world! You will be allowed to come in and drink good beer regardless! (caveat: if we are not already at maximum capacity). We ask that everyone is respectful of our process, we have had some very successful/fun zwanze days and find it to be the fairest way to sell tickets.

- We do reserve the right to limit entry into our premises in the event that we reach our maximum capacity

*Carefully read our policies on line etiquette. If you do not follow these requests, you will not be allowed to purchase a ticket or enter our premises.

- Please remain in a single file line.

- Please have your valid ID ready, we will be carding you before tickets are sold

-There is NO line jumping and there is NO holding a space for your friend, or girlfriend, or boyfriend, or husband, or wife. If you try to jump ahead of people who have been waiting in line, you will NOT be allowed on premise.

-Be respectful of our neighbors - pick up all your trash. Anyone who is disrespectful to those around them or the space around them - will not be allowed to enter Holy Grale or partcipate in Zwanze Day.

-Do not block the sidewalks or any driveways.

It is illegal to drink alcohol or have open containers in your possession in public (or unlicensed) spaces (meaning the parking lot and sidewalks). NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL MAY ENTER HOLY GRALE or GRALEHAUS! If you bring a bottle onto Holy Grale or Gralehaus's premises that we have not sold you, you are putting our beer license in jeopardy and as a result alcohol will be confiscated and you will be forced to leave.

Please be patient upon entry, it will take us some time to get everyone inside!

- Cash and credit accepted at all bars *(cash only for gralegarten bottles)

- Tabs can be started with a credit card inside Holy Grale at both the main bar and choir loft bar, but not at gralehaus or the gralegarten bar.

- 2 draft beer pours per person, per transaction

- please be patient, kind, and respectful to our staff and those around you - our beertenders will be working hard and doing thier best and will get to you as soon as possible!







- We will start passing Zwanze 2018 to ticket holders at 2:45 pm. Stay where you are, we will come to you! Everyone who has a ticket will have Zwanze in hand by 3pm.

- The international toast will happen promptly at 3pm (must be present with ticket, otherwise you will not be served). Michael Minton, who is writing the toast for the eighth year in a row, will be reading from the gralegarten staircase balcony right at 3pm. You will be able to hear the toast in the gralegarten and inside Holy Grale.

As a tradition, we serve some rare bottles at Zwanze day. There is a very limited amount of bottles available and they will be sold starting at 8am in the gralegarten. 1 bottle per person, CASH ONLY. Do not be rude if you do not get what you want. The early bird gets the worm and those who arrive earliest will have first opportunity to purchase select bottles and rightfully so.


Both Holy Grale and Gralehaus are serving food this year starting at 8am so you will have plenty of breakfast and lunch menu options ranging from $5-$15.

The Holy Grale menu can be ordered inside Holy Grale at the main bar and choir loft bar.

The Gralehaus menu can be ordered inside Gralehaus. Coffee/espresso and non-alcoholic beverages are available at gralehaus also! Gralehaus is located directly behind Holy Grale, connected to the otherside of the gralegarten, door on left side backside of building

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is intoxicated or impaired due to alcohol consumption. We are happy to call you a cab or better yet - please have a designated driver or ride arranged to get you home (or to the next stop) safely.

Sorry to have so many of them, we don’t like them either - but due to the heavy volume of this event, rules are necessary to help ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment of this special event. With limited tickets, draft and bottle beers, we do our best to design everything to be as fair as possible.


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A very special thanks to those who make this event possible: Brasserie Cantillon (for making such lovely, timeless beer), Shelton Brothers Importers, Dauntless Distributing, the entire Holy Grale and gralehaus family who rock it out every day (but especially this very special day), and Hound Dog Press who makes us those super cool handmade tickets every year!


1034 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY