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Justin is drinking a Sour Barrel Aged Grand Saison by Grand Teton Brewing at Boneshaker Public House

Solid; acetic and tartness is balanced to a sweet, dry pear palate. I approve.

Justin is drinking a Summer Ipa by Mraz Brewing Company

Wow; wheaty, dry, yet lightly sweetened, mandarin rind, mild bitter. Maybe a touch of CTZ? Perfect summer IPA.

Justin is drinking a Nelson by Alpine Beer Company (CA) at Samuel Horne's Tavern

Nose is dry grapefruit and an earthy, almost vegetal. It starts with dry grapefruit and then slaps you with the most intensely resinous pine

Justin is drinking a Hop Dragon by Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company

Normally a 4 star but this one is double dry hopped with nelson sauvin and served cask style; amazing

Justin is drinking a Ranch Dog Red by Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company at Samuel Horne's Tavern

Sweet nose, malty sweet palate. Not too shabby but in the interest of full disclosure, not my favorite style

Justin is drinking a Road Warrior by Green Flash Brewing Co.

Pineapple, rye, slight pine and some dry citrus. Huge palate; the mosaic hops lend a ton of fruit which balances the rye and bitter amarillo

Justin is drinking a Space Cake by Clown Shoes

A little coppery bit really solid hops. Fix the grain bill and this would be a favorite.

Justin is drinking a Black Rhino by Adelbert's Brewery

Light, slightly peaty nose. The body is light but very flavorful.

Justin is drinking a Tetravis by Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)

Clive and cane sugar nose. Huge booze palate that blows away some small clove, caramel, a little musk w/ a tight carbonation.

Justin is drinking a Freudian Slip by Evil Twin Brewing

Light, caramel nose with just a hint of herbal hop. The palate is massive; boozy, wheaty, medicinal hop. Finishes long on the palate

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