Drinking Socially Live: Fast Food Run

November 5, 2020

Tune in for the mouth-watering 2nd episode of Drinking Socially Live, brought to you by the hosts of the Drinking Socially Podcast - Jon Dispenza & Harrison Hickok. We're bringing craft beer influencer Lindsay Hayes (AKA HoppyHayes) along for a fast-food haul, pairing up popular fast food items with the perfect craft brews. So get your $5 meal deal and a thirst-quenching beer, put on your stretchy pants and join us for a mighty feast.

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About The Guest
Lindsay Hayes
Marketing Manager, Catawba Brewing Charlotte

Lindsey started her beer journey doing sample promotions for Coors. When Lindsey graduated with a degree in healthcare administration, she started working at a pharmaceutical company, but that career ended quickly. After not knowing what to do, she took a job doing events for a brewery. Hayes “broke free from the corporate world” by moving to Charlotte and getting involved in the beer community. Now she works as the Marketing Manager for Catawba Charlotte and bartending their as well on the weekends.

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