*Canada Edition" Greg Zeschuk

October 14, 2020

The Canada Edition of the Virtual Happy Hour continues with Greg Avola welcoming video game developer and BioWare Founder turned brewery owner of Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company, Greg Zeschuk!

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About The Guest
Greg Zeschuk
Owner, Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company

Originally trained as a medical doctor, Greg started the videogame company BioWare in 1995 in his hometown of Edmonton. BioWare created a number of successful games (Baldur’s Gate, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age, Mass Effect) before being purchased by Electronic Arts (EA) in 2007. Greg left BioWare in 2012 to start working in beer. Greg started The Beer Diaries, a YouTube channel focused on craft beer, and served as the first Executive Director of the Alberta Small Brewers Association. This led to Greg starting a brewery in his home town of Edmonton. Greg built two buildings - the award-winning Ritchie Market, housing a brewery (Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company) and restaurant (Biera), and a second stand-alone brewery, the Monolith. Out of its Market brewery Blind Enthusiasm creates lagers and wheat ales and runs an extensive barrel-aging program. The Monolith was built to marry scientific method with tradition and it's dedicated to making exclusively mixed fermentation and spontaneous beer.

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