Alyssa Thorpe (@Southernbeergirl)

September 24, 2020

On this Virtual Happy Hour, Greg is joined by Alyssa Thorpe, a.ka @SouthernBeerGirl, Head Brewer for Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery in Denver!

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About The Guest
Alyssa Thorpe (@SouthernBeerGirl)
Head Brewer, Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery

Alyssa started her passion for making beer as a home brewer in 2015 with a 5 gallon set up in her 3rd floor apartment. After winning best of show and numerous medals for her beer she decided to pursue a professional brewing career. Since then, she has attended Regis University where she studied Applied Craft Brewing, and worked as a brewer at numerous award winning breweries in the Denver area. She is now the head brewer of Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery, a central Denver brewery making a wide range of styles from traditional German beers to experimental sours and everything in between. Alyssa has also been successful as a beer influencer through Instagram and Facebook under the name Southern Beer Girl, where she shares her brewing journey and encourages diversity within the brewing industry.

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