Rustic Road Brewing Company

Kenosha, WI United States

Micro Brewery

Total 11,614

Unique 3,698

Monthly 159

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8,962 Ratings

100 Beers

Added 06/23/12


Stepping in to Rustic Road Brewing Company is a unique experience, right in the heart… Show More

Beer List

Hazelnut Harvest

Red Ale - American Amber / Red

A dark brown but very light-bodied Amber Ale is the base for this beer and we infuse with vanilla and hazelnut late in the process to create this unique… Read More

5.7% ABV

26 IBU


1,569 Ratings

Added 08/31/12


Single Track IPA

IPA - American

This dark copper colored IPA has five hop additions and uses five distinct varieties of hops to give it that juicy hop character IPA's are known for.… Read More

6.4% ABV

52 IBU


991 Ratings

Added 10/20/13


Simmons Island Imperial Blonde

Blonde Ale

A big American Blonde Ale, loaded up with honey for a uniquely dry finish and light mouthfeel. The beer has a dark gold color and rich flavor profile,… Read More

7.6% ABV

22 IBU


424 Ratings

Added 06/22/12


Five Tool Ale

Cream Ale

Like the rare and valuable five-tool player, Five Tool ale has what it takes to turn heads. An American cream ale – Five Tool is classic Midwestern Americana.… Read More

5.8% ABV

16 IBU


393 Ratings

Added 05/31/17


KPA (Kenosha Pale Ale)

Pale Ale - American

With a nice malt character to hold up to the Cascade and Falconers Flight hops, KPA is a nicely balanced American pale ale.

5.25% ABV

38 IBU


348 Ratings

Added 08/03/12



Maibock / Heller (Helles) Bock

A German Helles Bock (also known as “Maibock”) is a rich and malty Spring beer. Our version uses German Lager yeast and extended aging. Bring on the warmer… Read More

6.5% ABV

22 IBU


340 Ratings

Added 03/21/14


Cabin Up North

Stout - Milk / Sweet

Double Chocolate Milk Stout....

7.6% ABV

52 IBU


229 Ratings

Added 03/07/14


Fahrenheit 451

Pale Ale - American

American pale ale brewed with jalapeño peppers and Malabar peppercorn additions, providing a beautiful jalapeño aroma and presence. Some heat without… Read More

5.9% ABV



157 Ratings

Added 10/03/14


Downtown Double

Pale Ale - American

Big and bold Double American Pale Ale, with a strong malt back end and loads of American hops

9.2% ABV

85 IBU


147 Ratings

Added 01/02/13


TB's Robust Porter

Porter - Other

A collaboration among brewers Tom & Bill (TB!), this Robust Porter used authentic English malts and has a rich malty and chocolate character. Ask bartender… Read More

6.6% ABV

55 IBU


153 Ratings

Added 01/08/14


Ol' Dirty Santa

Stout - Milk / Sweet

This is a double chocolate milk stout, full-bodied and very smooth, with pleasant coffee underpinnings and a pronounced cocoa character. It's on the strong… Read More

7.6% ABV

32 IBU


135 Ratings

Added 11/29/12


Southport Wheat


Our flagship beer, made from German Pilsen malt and a wheat blend, is smooth and refreshing with a hint of lemon and spice for a clean finish. Aromas… Read More

5% ABV

13 IBU


145 Ratings

Added 06/22/12


Vladibeer Hat Trick

Porter - Imperial / Double

Color is a beautiful dark brown with a light tan head, this beer is bright and clear. The aroma has coconut/vanilla notes from the barrels, a good dose… Read More

10.2% ABV

46 IBU


126 Ratings

Added 10/15/16


Sean O' McMurphy's

Stout - Irish Dry

4.5% ABV

40 IBU


118 Ratings

Added 03/16/13


Big Belgian Strawberry Blonde

Blonde Ale - Belgian Blonde / Golden

Bursting with the flavor of fresh strawberries, picked by hand from our very own Berryville Farm, this Belgian style strong blonde ale is an amazing August… Read More

6.5% ABV

30 IBU


118 Ratings

Added 08/08/13


Queen Bee

Belgian Tripel

Our local Royal visitor returns bringing hopes that spring is not too far away. A wide array of four malts supplement the base Belgian pale malt then… Read More

8.25% ABV

23 IBU


110 Ratings

Added 01/31/13


Rustic Saison

Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Traditional warm fermented Saison with spicy/fruity notes from yeast. Very drinkable.

6.25% ABV

35 IBU


116 Ratings

Added 06/07/15


Oaty Oatmeal IPA

IPA - American

This IPA uses copious amounts of hops throughout the brewing process and is dry hopped with five different varieties. The oats add a nice creamy texture… Read More

7.5% ABV

61 IBU


106 Ratings

Added 12/09/15


St. George's Pride

English Bitter

Classic English bitter. An amazing extremely drinkable beer. This is an excellent brew. (For non beer folks an English bitter is not "bitter.")

4% ABV

28 IBU


100 Ratings

Added 10/17/12



Stout - Milk / Sweet

Imperial Milk Stout that is bourbon barrel aged. Strong roasted malts, bourbon, and vanilla (from oak) combine for a complex sipping beer.

8.1% ABV

53 IBU


86 Ratings

Added 05/03/14


Midnight Ginger

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Black Ale with a hint of ginger.

6.2% ABV

48 IBU


72 Ratings

Added 11/09/12


Double Track XXIPA

IPA - Imperial / Double

Hopheads will flock to this one. This rich copper colored Double IPA is bursting with hops from every angle. We used six different hops and added them… Read More

10.75% ABV

70 IBU


57 Ratings

Added 03/15/16


Big Red Rye IPA

IPA - American

This well balanced Red IPA is loaded with Best Malz’s RedX, a new German malt that delivers a distinctive red color, and a hefty addition of rye to add… Read More

7.2% ABV

50 IBU


66 Ratings

Added 08/11/16


Mosaic Smash

Pale Ale - American

Beer was made to demonstrate the complexity of Mosaic hops. Lots of tropical fruit and citrus from these hops.

5.9% ABV

39 IBU


61 Ratings

Added 08/13/15


Cream Ale

Cream Ale

Before there was Craft brewing in America, there was Cream Ale - a simple recipe featuring flaked maize that adds a touch of complexity to 6-row malted… Read More

5.1% ABV

15 IBU


61 Ratings

Added 05/13/16

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