Season 4, Episode 45

Drinking Socially S4 Ep. 45: Old is New

Wed, November 24th 2021 | 00:57:12
Episode Summary

While we'll try to contain our excitement for the upcoming holidays and festivities, we're here to discuss a very special event. One that in fact falls shortly after a day where most Americans eat turkey and watch football (or complain about football). We're talking about Small Brewery Sunday coming up on November 28th! So, for those of you who need a break from the crowds and coupons, leave the shopping bags in the trunk and enjoy a pint of well-deserved local suds as you celebrate getting your holiday gifts done early. On this episode of #DrinkingSocially, hosts Harrison Hickok and Jon Dispenza talk about why Small Brewery Sunday is the best Sunday to drink a beer and celebrating old ales.

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Episode Notes

You can earn this badge by checking-in five (5) different beers with the style "Old Ale." We also highlight Goblet- Beer Store ZG as our Verified Venue of the Week and shout to New Belgium and Flying Machine Brewing Company for bringing us the best beers we had this week.

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