Season 4, Episode 43

Drinking Socially S4 Ep. 43: Wit, Weiss, and Weizen

Wed, November 10th 2021 | 00:51:27
Episode Summary

You likely think of wheat beers as summer beers. It's a pretty easy pitch - something that is crisp, refreshing, and almost tastes like a liquid fruit salad (heavy fresh oranges of course). The perfect companion for too many hot dogs and a minor league baseball game. Well, you may have a change of heart after Harrison shares his experience with Allagash White on a festive fall night, and how his mind is forever changed. On this episode of the #DrinkingSocially podcast, Hosts Harrison Hickok and Jon Dispenza unlock the "Wit, Weiss, and Weizen" badge while discussing why wheat beers can be the perfect partner for sweater weather. So sit back, relax, and let the spices take you on a clove filled journey into that cool dark evening, trading in memories of summer beach beers for looking forward to pairing wheat beers with a fire pit, or a honey baked ham and mustard sandwich. Listen now to become a whole lot w(e)iser.

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Episode Notes

You can earn this badge by checking-in any beer with the parent category of “Wheat.” We also highlight Fest Biergarten in Midlothian, VA as our Verified Venue of the Week and shoutout to New Anthem Beer Project and Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan for bringing us the best beers we had this week. 

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