Season 4, Episode 36

S4 Ep. 36: Local Beer is Better

Wed, September 22nd 2021 | 00:53:25
Episode Summary

On this special episode of Drinking Socially Hickok and Dispenza chat with Ann Obenchain, the Marketing and Communication Director from the Brewers Association to learn more about why Local Beer Is Better. Plus, they’ll unlock the “Local Beer Is Better” badge.

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Episode Notes

We’re living in the golden age of beer. It’s almost overwhelming deciding which beer to drink next. How can we even make that decision with so many amazing choices? For Drinking Socially podcast host Harrison Hickok he looks at what co-host Jon Dispenza has been drinking on Untappd. Or, he searches his local Verified Venues to see what’s new in town. And now more than ever our local breweries need us! To help celebrate local beer the Brewers Association started the Local Beer Is Better initiative that promotes and supports your independent, neighborhood breweries. Why? Because a local beer keeps local people employed. A local beer gives back to the community. Heck, a local beer creates community right in the taproom where it’s poured. A local beer doesn’t just taste better, it does good. 

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