Season 5, Episode 2

S5 Ep. 2: Powder Day

Wed, February 2nd 2022 | 00:54:10
Episode Summary

While many are enduring winters that are either an ice storm or cold rain, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is experiencing this season as something you can actually enjoy- with snow and skiing, and we're sure some BBA Narhwal in a Hot Chocolate mug and jumping in between the hot tub and the ski lift. They’ve captured the best part of winter in beer form with their new addition, Powder Day IPA, and hosts Jon Dispenza and Harrison Hickok are going to get to drink some of it with Scott Jennings, Innovation Brewer at Sierra Nevada. Whether you choose to spend your snow days by the fireplace or on the slopes, this episode of #DrinkingSocially is worth the listen.

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Episode Notes

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