Season 5, Episode 4

S5 Ep. 4: Monsters of IPA

Tue, April 12th 2022 | 00:58:37
Episode Summary

On this week's episode of Drinking Socially hosts Harrison Hickok and Kyle Roderick chat with Rogue Creative Director Evan Bartholomew and Innovation Manager Danny Connors about bringing the Monsters of IPA beasts and beers to life!

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Episode Notes

Meet the Monsters of IPA! In 2019, Rogue released its first hazy IPA called Batsquatch, a fabled creature found in the deep woods near Mount St. Helens. Following this juicy, cloudy, fruit-forward IPA, Rogue launched a second monster in 2021. Colossal Claude, a massive sea monster last seen off the coast of his favorite brewery, has been terrifying sailors and feasting on salmon for years. Now he's turned to hops. This imperial IPA has a colossal dose of Cascade, Chinook, Citra, and Strata. Now, there is a new monster on the scene, the Gumberoo. This West Coast IPA is fashioned after the mythical half bear, half hog last sighted by campers in the Pacific Northwest woods. The piney and protective Gumberoo has a subtle hop aroma and flavors upfront giving way to a light tropical fruit body. 

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