Season 4, Episode 47

Drinking Socially S4 Ep. 47: National Lager Day

Tue, December 7th 2021 | 00:58:50
Episode Summary

If Oktoberfest is Lager-Christmas...then what is National Lager Day? Is it like a birthday party? How would one celebrate? What are the traditions? We couldn't find any so we made up a few! Maybe everyone leaves a cold, crispi boy on the front porch of the guy with the biggest lawnmower in the neighborhood and in exchange he promises not to mow the lawn before 9am for another season! Or maybe it's more mischievous, and on National Lager Day you're supposed to hide a lager somewhere in the house, and the first person to find it has to climb on your roof and drink it? Maybe it's simpler: perhaps take a self-care lager bath? Light some candles, put on some polka, and just vibe out. There's really no wrong way to enjoy it, but let us know what traditions you think there should be for this phenomenal holiday in the comments below! On this episode of #DrinkingSocially, hosts Harrison Hickok and Jon Dispenza unlock the National Lager Day badge while chatting with Half Time's Chris Weiss about their amazing gift boxes as well as the Hop Culture x Half Time Beer Meme Awards! Let's unpack it all together.

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Episode Notes

You can earn this badge by checking-in any one Lager, Pilsner, or Baltic Porter. We're sipping on Brauerei Rothaus, Von Trapp Brewing and Jack's Abby Craft Lagers this episode and highlighting Half Time in Poughkeepsie and Mamaroneck as our Verified Venue of the Week. Shout to Red Oak Brewery and 12 Gates Brewing Company for bringing us the best beers we had this week.

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