Season 4, Episode 32

S4 Ep. 32: Brewery Pioneer: El Dorado

Wed, August 25th 2021 | 00:53:21
Episode Summary

Let’s get hoppy with it! We’re setting off on a beer adventure unlike any other this week. Ever heard of the city of El Dorado? It’s a legendary lost village supposedly made of gold (and also a very underappreciated 2000 animated DreamWorks film). But we’re talking about beer. And in the beer world, the El Dorado hop is considered gold. See, it all makes sense now.

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Episode Notes

Recently, this hop has skyrocketed in popularity. Probably because of its magical tropical mango and pineapple properties. Harrison and Jon welcome Shelley and Eric Desmarais from CLS Farms and Alexandra Nowell, Director of Brewing Operations, for Three Weavers Brewing to break down what makes the El Dorado hop such a treasure. 

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