Season 4, Episode 31

S4 Ep. 31: You're Extra Special

Wed, August 18th 2021 | 00:36:22
Episode Summary

You’re extra special. Yes, you are! Traditionally, ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter. An older English style, today American craft brewers are putting their own spin on the style. This week on #DrinkingSocially we’re highlighting the “You’re Extra Special” badge.

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Episode Notes

A very close cousin to an English IPA, ESB was a forerunner catch-all for most early English beers. Ahead of its time, new ESB styles erupted as brewing methods evolved and brewers became more technical. While most still use an English yeast strain to coax out that traditional flavor, you can find American brewers putting their own take on this beer style as well, today. 

This week we're drinking Morland Old Speckled Hen from Greene King to unlock the “You’re Extra Special” badge, earned by checking-in to five different beers with the style of Extra Special / Strong Bitter or English Bitter! We also highlight Jackalope Brewing Company - The Ranch in Nashville, TN as our Verified Venue of the Week, and shout out Rotunda Brewing Company and New Anthem Beer Project for crafting the best beers we had this week.

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