Season 4, Episode 30

S4 Ep. 30: 2X

Wed, August 11th 2021 | 00:45:13
Episode Summary

Because two is always better than one right? Why drink just a stout when you can try the Imperial version? Why drink just an IPA when you can imbibe a 2xIPA?  Like cranking up the volume, Double or Imperial beers are often characterized by amped up ABVs and flavors. We’re doubling the fun this week with a badge that’s all about double and Imperial beers. 

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Episode Notes

In the case of an IPA, higher hop intensity and extra juiciness are a given. In fact, the style is often attributed to Vinnie Cilurzo, now owner and brewmaster of renowned Russian River Brewing Co. In 1994 rumor has it that Cilurzo  while working for Blind Pig Brewery added too much mash to his upcoming beer. Instead of tossing it he ran with it. He later took his innovation to Russian River Brewing where Pliny the Elder became one of the most highly regarded DIPAs in the country. Since then many breweries coast-to-coast have powered up their IPAs, making it one of the most popular styles in the country. Need proof? In 2020 Double / Imperial IPAs ranked as the third highest checked in style on Untappd with 34,000 different DIPAs appearing on the app and 6,585,229 total check-ins. 

That’s a lot of check-ins! To do our part we're drinking G-Bot from @newenglandbrewingco to unlock the “2X” badge, earned by checking-in to five different beers that contain Imperial / Double in its style name. Try 5 more for Level 2! We also highlight @texiKotequilabar in Hamden, CT as our Verified Venue of the Week, and shout out @edmundsoast and @UntitledArt for crafting the best beer and hard seltzer we had this week.

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