Season 4, Episode 3

S4 Ep. 3: Sky's The Limit

Wed, February 3rd 2021 | 00:32:31
Episode Summary

We love beers with a little extra ABV. Don't you? This week's spotlight is on the "Sky's The Limit" badge. You don't always intend to go for beers with a double-digit ABV, but when you do, you make it count! Be careful, 10% and up can really pack a punch. Get ready for some late night show antics as we crack open 2 beers that should probably be shared with friends... but that's a different badge. Harrison's drinking Pastry Works from Froth Brewing Co., a Pastry Stout with Peanut Butter, Graham Cracker, Coconut and Milk Sugar. Jon's drinking Dia De Los Muertos (Ghost 906) from Adroit Theory. At 13.7% ABV, this Russian Imperial Stout is the perfect balance between Bitter and Sweet, Creamy and Full Bodied, or Roasty and Malty. Have questions, want to be a guest on the podcast, or just want to say hello? Email [email protected]

Episode Notes

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