Season 3, Episode 27

Ep. 27: The Final Beer 101 With Special Guest Ryan Wheaton

Wed, November 4th 2020 | 00:50:00
Episode Summary

We began our Beer 101 Series on June 17th, Season 3, Episode 13. That was a feature about Hops... we've since covered all 4 vital ingredients in a beer, how to turn them into beer, and what to do with it afterward — on this episode, we're bringing in Ryan Wheaton from the Branding Brews Podcast and Craft Brew Creative to talk about how marketing plays a role into the beers we drink.

Episode Notes

What We’re Drinking:

Doom Sauce by Lord Hobo Brewing

  • ABV: 7.8
  • IBU: N/A
  • Notes: A welcomed darkness has fallen upon our flagship Double IPA. Pouring black as midnight with a hefty tan head, yet conjuring the aromas of fresh citrus layered with the soft tropical fruit and candied orange flavors you know and love in Boomsauce there appears to be something sinister at work. By summoning the smoothest black malts available to mortal men we’ve created a delicate roasted malt backbone with a slightly sweet and remarkably clean finish. From the depths of darkness the Doomsauce emerges.


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  • Style Guideline: Black IPA

Beer 101 With Ryan Wheaton

Join Jon and Harrison as they finalize Beer 101 by asking a Craft Beer Marketing Consultant about how some brands of Craft Beer stand out above the rest.

Next Episode:

  • Get ready for some 'God Save The Queen' badge — we're drinking 2 beers from Siren Brewing in Berkshire, England.


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