Season 3, Episode 25

Ep. 25: The Vikings Did It First

Wed, October 21st 2020 | 00:32:29
Episode Summary

This episode is going to be different. We're going still going to be Jon & Harrison talking about beer, and sometimes candy β€” but today we're not even doing to drink a beer. This episode features something like beer in that you can find it in bottles and cans, you can drink enough of it to love your favorite sports team, or celebrate a day off of work β€” and it's (mostly) full of bubbles. You can enjoy it thoroughly in any season, but it's different depending on where you live... but don't worry -- you can still get a badge for drinking Cider 🍻 🍎

Episode Notes

What We’re Drinking:

Blood Amulet by B. Nektar Meadery

  • ABV: 6.2
  • IBU: N/A
  • Notes: Fresh pressed Michigan cider, raspberry, & cranberry
  • BJCP: Cider with Other Fruit


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Next Episode:

  • Grab a Monster beer! Or a beer that reminds you of Monsters β€” It's Halloween (or pretty close to it) as Harrison is going to be bringing a Batsquatch to the show next Wednesday! Β β€” check out @thatbeerpodcast on Twitter


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