Latest Episode - S4E21

S4 Ep. 21 - Pale As The Moon

Wed, June 9th 2021

Ahh, the trusty pale ale; crisp, refreshing, and always a good choice in a bind. Join us in leveling up the Pale As The Moon…


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S4 Ep. 20: Das Boot

Wed, June 2nd 2021

Put on your dancing shoes, grab a german beer, stop googling who is Giotto, and join us in unlocking the Das Boot badge! We're drinking…


S4 Ep. 19: Wake Up and Smell The Coffee!

Wed, May 26th 2021

Beer for breakfast? That’s not a bad idea. We're big fans of coffee in porters and stouts. Brewers all over the world have been capturing…


S4 Ep. 18: Haze For Daze

Wed, May 19th 2021

It's everywhere. What started as a trend is here to stay. It's the haze craze! We're talking about Hazy IPAs this episode and leveling up…


S4 Ep. 17: Lager Jack

Wed, May 12th 2021

This episode is a celebration of the Lager. We're featuring the "Lager Jack" badge which isn't difficult to earn but isn't easy to master. And,…


S4 Ep. 16: Trip To The Farm

Wed, May 5th 2021

E-I-E-I-Oh my, it's a virtual trip to the farm! We're discussing the Trip to the Farm badge on this episode, unlocked by checking-in to 5…


S4 Ep. 15: Discovering the Top IPAs on Untappd

Wed, April 28th 2021

We're aware that not everyone has been riding the IPA train as hard as we have been for the last few years but for the…


S4 Ep. 14: Local Flavor

Wed, April 21st 2021

This week we're unlocking the Local Flavor badge! This badge requires you to check-in to 5 beers brewed within a 35-mile radius of your current…


S4 Ep. 13: The Great White North

Wed, April 14th 2021

While scrolling on Instagram, we discovered a post by Dominion City featuring a sign saying "Stop rating well-made craft lagers under 4.0 on Untappd". The…


S4 Ep. 12: The Legends of Batsquatch and Colossal Claude: Interview with Rogue Ales

Wed, April 7th 2021

Have you heard the legends of Batsquatch or Colossal Claude? Rogue Ales & Spirits, the pioneer craft brewery based in Oregon, is telling their legendary…


S4 Ep. 11: Your Wish Came True

Wed, March 31st 2021

What's the first thing you ever wished for? Probably a sweet guitar or a bow and arrow for your 12th birthday as you blew spit…

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