Grossen Bart Brewery

Longmont, CO United States

Micro Brewery

Total 8,080

Unique 2,369

Monthly 123

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6,393 Ratings

116 Beers

Added 08/25/13


Grossen Bart Brewery is located directly behind the Safeway on Ken Pratt. We are a 10bbl… Show More

Beer List

Chin Curtain IPA

IPA - American

Best of Boulder County IPA's 2nd place 2015. India Pale Ale. Solid malty base. Strong notes of citrus. Generously hopped with CTZ, Chinook, and Simcoe.… Read More

7.7% ABV

109 IBU


634 Ratings

Added 11/19/14


Anker Beard Amber

Red Ale - American Amber / Red

Multi-Award Winner! Silver Medal at the 2017 and 2016 Denver International Beer Festival. Bronze Medal at the 2016 Colorado State Fair. Caramel and toasted… Read More

5.4% ABV

35 IBU


500 Ratings

Added 11/17/14


Strip-Teaser Pale Ale

Pale Ale - American

Best in show 2017 Denver International Beer Competition. Malty backbone with a kiss of rye. Bold and dry. Generously hopped with ample amounts of Fuggles… Read More

6.1% ABV

42 IBU


404 Ratings

Added 11/19/14


Stubble Kolsch


Bronze Medal 2017 World Beer Championships. This German style Kölsch is light and effervescent. It provides a subtle, fruity aroma. A smooth mouth feel… Read More

4.83% ABV

25 IBU


291 Ratings

Added 03/27/15


Hulihee Irish Red

Red Ale - Irish

The Hulihee style is very similar to the Friendly Mutton Chops except for the fact it usually grows longer and downward. This Irish Red is lightly hopped… Read More

5.5% ABV

15 IBU


182 Ratings

Added 01/15/15


Chinstrap Session IPA

IPA - American

The Chinstrap beard extends from the hair line of one side of the face to the other, following the jawline. It’s similar to the Chin Curtain, but does… Read More

4.7% ABV

50 IBU


131 Ratings

Added 08/26/13


Friendly Mutton Chop Marzen


This glorious Marzen Oktoberfest is a full bodied amber colored malty lager. This brilliant face-scape known as the Friendly Mutton Chops, is achieved… Read More

6.9% ABV

27 IBU


132 Ratings

Added 09/14/15


Soul Patch Porter

Porter - American

The facial sea urchin. The patch of hair grown right under the lip. Any self-respecting stylish male has one. For those that don’t, this robust chocolatety… Read More

5.8% ABV

28 IBU


139 Ratings

Added 03/01/15


Fu Manchu Foreign Stout

Stout - Foreign / Export

A Foreign Stout is brewed bigger than normal for a long journey. They are typically higher in alcohol with a very pronounced roasted profile. Indulge… Read More

7% ABV



127 Ratings

Added 11/11/14


Regent Brown Ale

Brown Ale - English

The regent moustache is elegant in style extending the width of the top lip and comprising two splayed wings with slightly curved tips. This marvelous… Read More

5.3% ABV

26 IBU


121 Ratings

Added 12/14/14


Frida SMaSH Imperial IPA

IPA - Imperial / Double

SMaSH stands for “Single Malt and Single Hops”. This Frida Imperial IPA was brewed with Patagonia malts and Vic Secret hops. It possesses a strong floral… Read More

9% ABV

120 IBU


114 Ratings

Added 11/03/16


Frida SMaSH Lager

Lager - Pale

Best known for her moustache and monobrow, Frida Kahlo rejected conventional standards of beauty. She not only refused to pluck them, but even pencilled… Read More

5.07% ABV

50 IBU


104 Ratings

Added 05/02/15


Goatee ESB

Extra Special / Strong Bitter

Named for its resemblance to a goat's beard, the classic Goatee if for the man who must mantain somewhat of a “well groomed” look for his corporate gig… Read More

6.5% ABV

45 IBU


107 Ratings

Added 06/03/15


Balbo Pineapple Berliner Weisse

Sour - Ale

Berliner Weisse is a wheat beer made with both traditional warm-fermenting yeasts and lactobacillus culture. The taste is refreshing, tart, and sour with… Read More

4.52% ABV



96 Ratings

Added 05/21/16


Blood Orange Pencil Witbier


This Belgian style white ale is cloudy in appearance, with a crisp, slight twang. This comes from the blood orange, Indian coriander, & raw wheat accompanied… Read More

5.4% ABV

20 IBU


96 Ratings

Added 06/04/16


Ducktail English Ale

Brown Ale - English

The Ducktail beard style was popularized by sci-fi movie characters. It’s basically a longer full beard that forms a point near the chin. This malty English… Read More

5.1% ABV

30 IBU


78 Ratings

Added 02/12/15


Chevron Dry Irish Stout

Stout - Irish Dry

This thick and wide mustache, is usually worn long to cover the upper lip. The classic "man's man" style. This marvelous manscape was the staple of the… Read More

4.2% ABV



89 Ratings

Added 08/24/13


Dirty Sanchez Mexican Lager

Lager - American Light

This easy drinking smooth creme lager comes in at just 3.2

3.2% ABV

15 IBU


91 Ratings

Added 04/19/16


Garibaldi Black IPA

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

The Garibaldi beard is broad, full and round. It’s longer than the Verdi but shorter than most beards in the natural category. This beard is a perfect… Read More

6% ABV

55 IBU


95 Ratings

Added 11/20/15


Bearded Dragon Pale Ale

Pale Ale - American

This Australian down under pale ale will tickle your outback fanny pack with Galaxy and Vic secret hops. It’s light and crisp and very sessionable! Grab… Read More

6.1% ABV

65 IBU


83 Ratings

Added 02/20/16


Short Boxed Dopplebock


Doppelbocks contain enough malty goodness that they’ve been considered a meal in a glass for centuries. They are full-bodied and darker than their little… Read More

7.6% ABV

25 IBU


77 Ratings

Added 12/08/16


Neck Beard Hazy IPA

IPA - New England

Like the dirty neck beard it self this hazy IPA our take on a New England style IPA is unfiltered and dirty. It smells of orange, peach and melon. First… Read More

6.6% ABV

8008135 IBU


72 Ratings

Added 07/21/17


French Fork Smoked Stout

Stout - Other

A French Fork beard is still considered a full beard, but is characterized by hair extending past the chin and splitting down the middle. The name is… Read More

6.2% ABV

47 IBU


84 Ratings

Added 03/18/16


4.9% ABV

25 IBU


68 Ratings

Added 07/07/17


Cop Stash American Strong Ale

Strong Ale - American

The Iconic, Magnum Mustacherpiece, the Cop Stash is reminiscent of that glorious 'stash that graced the upper lip of Selleck - Tom Selleck. The ale is… Read More

10.6% ABV

65 IBU


74 Ratings

Added 05/31/17

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