Code of Conduct

Bank of America Stadium and Untappd are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for all festival attendees, both in and around the stadium. Therefore, a Code of Conduct exists for all guests.

The following behaviors will not be tolerated at the festival:

  • remove Behavior that is unruly, disruptive or illegal in nature.
  • remove ‚ÄčIntoxication or other signs of alcohol or substance impairment that results in irresponsible behavior.
  • remove Foul, obscene, offensive or abusive language, gestures or actions. Interfering with the festival or throwing any object in the stadium premises.
  • remove Failing to follow the instructions of stadium personnel.
  • remove Verbal or physical harassment.
  • remove Smoking, except in designated areas.
  • remove Fighting.
  • remove Indecent exposure or the wearing of obscene or indecent clothing.
  • remove Conduct that endangers spectators or participants.
  • remove Ethnic intimidation.

We value your enthusiasm but ask that all festival attendees exercise good judgment and observe the Code of Conduct listed above. Please respect the rights of others by displaying proper decorum.

Prior to entering stadium gates, all festival attendees will be subject to security screening, including metal detector screening and inspection of bags or other items carried in.