de Bine Brewing Co

Palm Harbor, FL United States

Micro Brewery

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Added 08/01/15


Beer List

de Bine Hefeweizen


A full bodied, slightly dry German Hefeweizen. Bavarian Hefe yeast gives the beer a spicy clove finish and a mild, estery banana flavor.

5.9% ABV

15 IBU


373 Ratings

Added 01/08/17


de Bine Brown Ale

Brown Ale - American

A malt forward, slightly sweet, & nutty American Brown Ale. English malts lend flavors of burnt sugar and breadiness while American Chico Yeast provides… Read More

5.6% ABV

40 IBU


288 Ratings

Added 05/01/16


de Bine Amber Ale

Red Ale - American Amber / Red

This American amber ale pours with a dark orange to red color. a balance of roasty caramel malts with a slight hop presence of cascade and CTZ hops. Other… Read More

6.1% ABV

40 IBU


176 Ratings

Added 03/19/17


First Crush

Golden Ale

The perfect bridge to the craft. Highly drinkable and full-flavored. First Crush Golden Ale is a crisp and clean American ale that’s subtly hopped with… Read More

4.9% ABV

28 IBU


135 Ratings

Added 07/29/16


Galaxy Trip

Pale Ale - American

A clean American pale ale hopped solely with the fruity Australian varietal, Galaxy, known for its big passion fruit and stone fruit aromas.

5.6% ABV

50 IBU


96 Ratings

Added 05/01/17


Fresh Tart Berliner Weisse

Sour - Berliner Weisse

A tart and cloudy beer originating from Northern Germany dating back to the 1600's. It's very light being half Pilsen malt and the other half white wheat.… Read More

3.2% ABV



77 Ratings

Added 08/19/16


I'll Have That IPA

IPA - American

A true American IPA with big piney-citrus notes courtesy of Cascade, Columbus, and Centennial Hops. Late hop additions in the boil, along with dry-hopping… Read More

7.4% ABV

105 IBU


80 Ratings

Added 02/24/17


DIPA For Days

IPA - Imperial / Double

This big IPA has an aggressive American hop profile with big resinous flavors. The body is also a bit lighter to make this beer easy to drink despite… Read More

9% ABV

90 IBU


48 Ratings

Added 04/09/17


Tow Truck Porter

Porter - American

A medium-bodied porter fermented with both American and English Ale yeasts. Chocolate, roasty and ashy flavors.

6.3% ABV

48 IBU


41 Ratings

Added 03/01/17


Hazelnut Coffee Porter

Porter - American

A cold brew hazelnut coffee treatment of our Tow Truck Porter.

6.3% ABV

48 IBU


27 Ratings

Added 03/28/17


Safety Meeting

IPA - Session / India Session Ale

A light bodied pale ale with big hop flavors (a blend of American Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic hops.)

5% ABV

75 IBU


15 Ratings

Added 03/11/17


Wappy Sprayberry Reprise

Fruit Beer

A soft and refreshing American wheat beer packed with blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries (no strawberries..ok?..).The name "Wappy Sprayberry"… Read More

6% ABV

10 IBU


14 Ratings

Added 05/11/17


Brett You'll Like It

IPA - American

An American IPA fermented solely with Brettanomyces Claussenii (aka "Brett C." and tropical fruit forward hops give this beer tropical fruit notes with… Read More

6.6% ABV

86 IBU


10 Ratings

Added 06/02/17


Dubble Dutch In My Man Romper

Belgian Dubbel

A rich and malty Trappist style beer that boasts a rounded sweetness and estery, dark fruits.

6.5% ABV

19 IBU


6 Ratings

Added 05/24/17


Pourly Timed Barley Wine

Barleywine - American

This American Baley wine is a big beer. It has a bit of a boozy note due to the high alcohol content that is balanced out with a bit of residual sweetness… Read More

11% ABV

70 IBU


6 Ratings

Added 05/11/17


All the Hops

Pale Wheat Ale - American

A 14-hop American ale comprised of 88% wheat. We had the hops, so why not... right? I'm sure you'd love to know what hops were used... well, we're not… Read More

5.3% ABV

53 IBU


8 Ratings

Added 05/22/17


6.5% ABV



7 Ratings

Added 06/07/17


You Make Me Wanna Stout

Stout - American

This beer has black and roasted barley in it as the main flavor components. This causes a tan head and some coffee / slightly bitter notes. It has a full… Read More

5% ABV

36 IBU


2 Ratings

Added 06/09/17


Cheeky Bastards!


A rich and round malty beer brewed with large amounts of Munich 10L and 20L. These particular malts provide a slight sweetness and a rich amber hue. German… Read More

5.5% ABV

16 IBU


0 Rating

Added 06/02/17


We Were Close

Pale Ale - American

An American pale ale that was gonna' be red, but stopped at orange instead. This brew has a bright, citrusy nose and a full-bodied malt flavor. Maybe… Read More

5.4% ABV

45 IBU


0 Rating

Added 06/05/17



Sour - Gose

This is a margarita trated version of our Gose. In addition to coriander and sea salt we added lime and orange zest to make this beer reminiscent of drinking… Read More

4.2% ABV



0 Rating

Added 06/15/17

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