de Bine Brewing Co

Palm Harbor, FL United States

Micro Brewery

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4,551 Ratings

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Added 08/01/15


Beer List

de Bine Hefeweizen


A full bodied, slightly dry German Hefeweizen. Bavarian Hefe yeast gives the beer a spicy clove finish and a mild, estery banana flavor.

5.9% ABV

15 IBU


432 Ratings

Added 01/08/17


de Bine Brown Ale

Brown Ale - American

A malt forward, slightly sweet, & nutty American Brown Ale. English malts lend flavors of burnt sugar and breadiness while American Chico Yeast provides… Read More

5.6% ABV

40 IBU


341 Ratings

Added 05/01/16


de Bine Amber Ale

Red Ale - American Amber / Red

This American amber ale pours with a dark orange to red color. a balance of roasty caramel malts with a slight hop presence of cascade and CTZ hops. Other… Read More

6.1% ABV

40 IBU


203 Ratings

Added 03/19/17


First Crush

Golden Ale

The perfect bridge to the craft. Highly drinkable and full-flavored. First Crush Golden Ale is a crisp and clean American ale that’s subtly hopped with… Read More

4.9% ABV

28 IBU


201 Ratings

Added 07/29/16


I'll Have That IPA

IPA - American

A true American IPA with big piney-citrus notes courtesy of Cascade, Columbus, and Centennial Hops. Late hop additions in the boil, along with dry-hopping… Read More

7.4% ABV

105 IBU


211 Ratings

Added 02/24/17


Fresh Tart Berliner Weisse

Sour - Berliner Weisse

A tart and cloudy beer originating from Northern Germany dating back to the 1600's. It's very light being half Pilsen malt and the other half white wheat.… Read More

3.8% ABV



116 Ratings

Added 08/19/16


Wappy Sprayberry Reprise

Fruit Beer

A soft and refreshing American wheat beer packed with blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries (no strawberries..ok?..).The name "Wappy Sprayberry"… Read More

6% ABV

10 IBU


64 Ratings

Added 05/11/17


Safety Meeting

IPA - Session / India Session Ale

A light bodied pale ale with big hop flavors (a blend of American Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic hops.)

5% ABV

75 IBU


45 Ratings

Added 03/11/17


de Bine Chai Porter

Porter - American

A porter base brewed with chai spices and then we add even more chai spice after fermentation.

5.3% ABV

16 IBU


40 Ratings

Added 06/12/16



Sour - Gose

This is a margarita trated version of our Gose. In addition to coriander and sea salt, we added lime and orange zest to make this beer reminiscent of… Read More

4.2% ABV



29 Ratings

Added 06/15/17


Hessen Helles

Lager - Helles

The German-style Helles(light) lager originated from Munich, Bavaria and became the most popular beer style in the region. It's a bright, golden brew… Read More

4.9% ABV

17 IBU


25 Ratings

Added 07/27/17


Citranox Pale Ae

Pale Ale - American

An American pale ale brewed with Citra and Equinox hops imparting flavors or orange, grapefruit, and tropical fruits.

5.3% ABV

48 IBU


23 Ratings

Added 08/21/17


Tall Orange Sun Citrus Wheat

Pale Wheat Ale - American

An American Wheat brewed with White Wheat, Vienna Malt, and Gambrinus Honey Malt. Sweet orange peel was added to the boil along with subtle uses of Citra… Read More

5.2% ABV



18 Ratings

Added 04/26/17


Fight Like A Girl

Sour - Berliner Weisse

“Until the end of October, we will be recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month by tapping, "Fight Like a Girl!," a strawberry-lemonade Berliner Weisse.… Read More

4.6% ABV



13 Ratings

Added 10/13/17


Slightly Smoked Porter

Porter - American

A medium-bodied American porter with layered flavors of cherry wood smoke, deep and dark barley, and malty semi-sweetness.

5.5% ABV

38 IBU


11 Ratings

Added 09/14/17


It's Gonna' Be Lit Wit


A Belgian-style Witbier brewed with with traditional method of "cereal mashing." This process involves using unmalted wheat to rest in the mash at a specified… Read More

4.7% ABV



9 Ratings

Added 09/14/17


Stout, Stout, Let It All Out

Stout - American

A medium-bodied American stout with prominent flavors of coffee derived from black barley and black patent malt.

5.6% ABV

60 IBU


13 Ratings

Added 10/03/17


Pourly Timed Barley Wine

Barleywine - American

This American Baley wine is a big beer. It has a bit of a boozy note due to the high alcohol content that is balanced out with a bit of residual sweetness… Read More

11% ABV

70 IBU


6 Ratings

Added 05/11/17


Palm Harbor Porter

Porter - American

A crisp American porter with a forward hop character and dark chocolate finish

5.7% ABV

43 IBU


6 Ratings

Added 10/03/17


Lupulus Juicimus

IPA - Imperial / Double

A hazy East Coast style DIPA. This juice bomb of a DIPA is balanced towards a juicy nose and tropical fruit flavors from the assortment of hops - All… Read More

9.2% ABV



0 Rating

Added 10/19/17

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