CrossRoads Brewing

Prince George, BC Canada

Micro Brewery

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574 Ratings

12 Beers

Added 01/30/16


CrossRoads Brewing is located in a historic garage in the downtown Prince George, BC.… Show More

Beer List

Hail Mary IPA

IPA - American

Hops – and more Hops. Brewed with Pilsner malt to let the hops play the lead roll. This light bodied IPA is deceptively easy to drink. Aromas and flavors… Read More

6% ABV

60 IBU


97 Ratings

Added 03/17/17


Iron Bridge Oatmeal Stout

Stout - Oatmeal

Traditional English style stout with a small amount of oats added to the mash for extra body. Key flavours of coffee, chocolate and roasted malt dominate.… Read More

5% ABV

19 IBU


76 Ratings

Added 01/28/17


Pidherny Pale Ale

Pale Ale - American

Classic North West Pale Ale – possibly the beer that started the craft beer revolution. This smooth easy drinking Pale Ale balances its crisp clean malt… Read More

5% ABV

38 IBU


77 Ratings

Added 01/28/17


George St Brown

Brown Ale - English

Dark in colour – yet mild and easy drinking. English Brown Ales were favorites of Northern coal miners - their preferred beverage after a long day's work.… Read More

5% ABV

19 IBU


68 Ratings

Added 01/28/17


Clearcut Lager

Lager - Euro

Traditional German inspired Pilsner style Lager. Light and refreshing, delicate malt flavor is balanced with subtle European hop flavor and aroma.

5% ABV

20 IBU


61 Ratings

Added 03/24/17


Cinders Red Rye

Rye Beer

Pours an Auburn red – the malty rich backbone is accentuated by juicy hop aroma and flavor, followed with a spicy crisp finish that only rye can provide. Read More

6% ABV

58 IBU


53 Ratings

Added 05/01/17


Old Westie Amber Lager

Lager - Vienna

Soft and elegant, with a rich copper hue. The toasted malt complexity is balanced with a light hop overtone

5% ABV

20 IBU


50 Ratings

Added 03/24/17


Mother Heffer


Dry Hopped Hefeweizen. Soft wheat malt mixes with both banana and cloves esters from the traditional Bavarian weizen yeast and citrus notes from the addition… Read More

5.4% ABV

15 IBU


37 Ratings

Added 04/26/17


Remedy Red Ale

Red Ale - American Amber / Red

5% ABV

37 IBU


27 Ratings

Added 01/30/16


6% ABV

55 IBU


16 Ratings

Added 07/21/17


4.9% ABV

28 IBU


10 Ratings

Added 07/06/17




Clear and robust. Complex yet balanced, this amber alert has notes of smoke, nuts & bread.

6.5% ABV

30 IBU


2 Ratings

Added 08/19/17

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