Untappd at Home: By the Numbers

When we launched Untappd at Home in March, our goal was to create a place where everyone could check-in and share what they were drinking from the comfort and safety of their home. As the virtual venue approaches 25 M+ check-ins, we thought it was a good time to dig into the data. 

First, we wanted to look at where actually people checking in while tagging the Untappd at Home venue. Since this venue is global, we looked into the top regions. Below are the top cities where users have been checking-in to Untappd at Home since April 1st, 2020, sorted by most check-ins.

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Top Cities on Untappd that checked in to Untappd at Home Since 4/1/20

This chart is pretty similar to the regular usage we see on Untappd even outside of the Untappd at Home venue. However, we see huge gains in international countries with respect to this venue compared to regular check-ins. For example, Olso, Norway is typically outside the top 20 in terms of top cities, but it sits right in the 4th spot here. For being an app where the primary users are in the U.S., only 3 of the top 10 cities are located in the U.S. While this graph is sorted by total check-ins, a neat tidbit is that London, UK is at least 2k distinct users ahead of both NYC and Chicago in terms of usage of this venue. It shows the growth of the platform and the brewery scene overseas.

Now that we've looked at the top regions, let's check out the most popular time to drink! We took the same date range but converted all the times to Eastern Standard Time to see globally what was the hour that was most popular for checking-in a beer using the Untappd at Home venue.

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Top Check-in Hours for the Untappd at Home Venue

3pm ET wins! This not a total surprise, as our highest check-in hour on our highest volume day (Saturday), is 4pm, so this is pretty close to the norm. Given that this is the average across all days during the week, this averages out. Based on the data, our top days of the week are as follows: Saturday, Friday, Sunday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday, with 61% of our check-in total coming on the weekends. This does skew the dataset given that a majority of people have weekends off. When we take the dataset and exclude weekends, we see the top checked in hour is 8pm ET, with 3PM as a close second.

Shifting to raw numbers, let's look at the sheer numbers of data coming in with each check-in. At the time of this article, we see that ~49,000 unique beers, by 38,000 breweries from 187 different countries have been checked in since April 1st, 2020. In terms of users, there have been close to 820,000 unique users who have checked in at least once to the venue from almost 180 different countries around the world. It's amazing to see the wide range of users checking to practice social distancing and show everyone that they are being safe with their beer drinking.

If we take a look at the top styles checked-in to Untappd at Home, we don't see a major shift away from what we see on average: 

  1. 1) IPA - American
  2. 2) IPA - New England
  3. 3) IPA - Imperial / Double
  4. 4) Pale Ale - American
  5. 5) IPA - Session / India Session Ale

You guys can't get enough of those IPAs! So, if we exclude them from the list we get:

  1. 1) Sour - Fruited
  2. 2) Stout - Imperial / Double
  3. 3) Pilsner - Other
  4. 4) Fruit Beer
  5. 5) Lager - Pale

It's always interesting to see the wide range of styles that people are consuming at home. I didn't expect Imperial Stouts to be trending during the summer months, but I'll venture a guess that the Black is Beautiful campaign may have made a real impact on this data! 

Untappd at Home is a great venue that people can share their check-in with the global community while promoting drinking at home. It's been incredible to see the check-in numbers skyrocket over the last 6 months to the venue. Looking through this data really serves as a reminder that we truly are a community out here on Untappd. 

Have more questions about Untappd at Home? Follow me on Twitter and ask at @gregavola and most definitely friend me on Untappd at @gregavola!

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