Unlock A NEW “Super Style: Sour - Fruited” Badge Just for Insiders

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Pucker up! We're launching our newest Untappd badge available only to Untappd Insiders: the "Super Style: Sour - Fruited" badge.

The Brewers Association characterizes an American-style sour ale as having a more moderate to intense, yet balanced, fruit profile, like passionfruit or peaches. To give the beer its zingy, sour flavor, brewers either add a bacteria strain like Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, or Pediococcus into the kettle (called kettle souring) or rely on natural bacteria and yeast in the air to organically sour a beer (called spontaneous fermentation). 

Because of their tart nature, sour ales are ripe for adding fruit (get it?). Fruited sour ales feature an addition of a cornucopia of fruits, covering everything from the tropical—guava, mango, and passionfruit, to name a few—to the typical—strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries—and the eccentric—marionberries, lingonberries, and lychee. 

People love these beers so much that last year on the Untappd app, the category "Sour - Fruited" ranked fourth on the "The Top 10 Styles of 2021" list, clocking in with a littler over 3 million check-ins. 

If your mouth has already started to water thinking about that first sip of juicy, tart fruited sour, then crack open one of our 10 Best Fruited Sours of 2022. While you do that, we'll explain how that beer will earn you a "Super Style: Sour - Fruited" badge.

Hang On, What Are the "Super Style" Badges?

Based on Untappd's most checked-in beer styles, we created badges to reflect our findings—giving you the chance to earn some "Super Style" flair. Released at various points throughout the year, these special edition badges are only available to Untappd Insiders!

As an Untappd Insider, you'll have the opportunity to earn these exclusive "Super Style" badges by checking in that style of beer during the time it's live.

And now we're releasing the newest "Super Style: Sour - Fruited" badge. 

Here's the catch: 

You can only unlock this exclusive badge if you're an Untappd Insider! 

To earn this badge: 1) BECOME AN UNTAPPD INSIDER, 2) Check in any one (1) beer in the sour - fruited category. 

How To Earn Untappd Insider Status

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Untappd Insiders is an upgraded version of the free Untappd app, available for both iOS and Android. 

Becoming an Untappd Insider means you can unlock exclusive badges (like this one!), access secret Untappd store merch, enjoy better statistics, and get more perks like these.

Ready for Insider status?


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