The Waldos’ Special Ale (2021)

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Here's a highly entertaining origin story: In 1971, not far from the town of Lagunitas, five pals dubbed the "Waldos" (because they used to sit on the wall outside their school), found a treasure map which supposedly led to a mythical marijuana field in the nearby hills.

One day, a plan was hatched to meet after football practice —at 4:20 pm —by a statue of Louis Pasteur (ironically, the man who known as the 'Father of Fermentation'). When 4:20 arrived, they set out in a '66 Impala, map in hand, determined to find the wild-growing stash.

If at first you don't find weed, try and try again. And every day, they continued to meet at 4:20 by Pasteur's statue to share a smoke before driving off to search for treasure.

The friends said "420" so much that others did, too, and soon it spread from the North Bay into the Haight-Ashbury scene and across the US, where it was adopted by Dead Heads and other traveling souls. Thanks to the Waldos, "420" was here to stay.

In 2011, 40 years after that first meet-up at Louis Pasteur, Lagunitas dialed up the Waldos and proposed creating a brew in honor of 420. They agreed and all met in Petaluma to brew the first batch of Waldos' Special Ale, the dankest, hoppiest beer ever created by Lagunitas. This OneHitter triple IPA is unfiltered, and mashes bitterness with sweetness and a high ABV.

While the secret garden was never found, Lagunitas and the Waldos still convene annually to create the Waldos' Special Ale, made for treasure hunters everywhere, and just in time for 4/20. No map required. At least you can score this badge as proof you went on the hunt. 


To earn "The Waldos' Special Ale (2021)" Badge, Check-in to one (1) Waldos Special Ale from Lagunitas Brewery between April 29, 2021 - May 29, 2021


The Waldos' Special Ale label

The Waldos' Special Ale

Lagunitas Brewing Company

IPA - Triple

Total (?) 118,906

Unique (?) 88,884

11.7% ABV

100 IBU


81,308 Ratings

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