The Top 10 Most Checked-In Brewery Countries Outside the U.S. in 2023

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Our Untappd Year in Beer for 2023 is just getting started. Next, let's take a look at the top ten countries with the most check-ins outside of the U.S. But first, don't forget to check out the top ten craft breweries that made the most beers in 2023.

We're ranking this list a little differently this year. Instead of top cities or regions in the U.S., we took a look at breweries outside of the States that you checked in this past year. These check-ins can be anywhere in the world, but the breweries must be from outside of the U.S.

Because simply put, there are an incredible number of countries around the world with rich, robust, historic, and growing drinking and brewing cultures. 

Where we can, we've included an Untappd list of the top breweries in each of these countries or travel guides from our friends at Hop Culture!

T 10. Denmark 🇩🇰 2.59%

First up on the list is Denmark, which accounts for 2.59% of check-ins in countries outside the U.S. in 2023. Denmark has long established itself as a growing craft beer capital due in part to the influence of Mikkeller. In this country, some of the top-rated breweries include:

Untappd's All-Time Top-Rated Breweries in Denmark

Insight Cellars  logo

Insight Cellars


Nano Brewery

Total (?) 2,886

Unique (?) 1,330


2,487 Ratings

23 Beers

Pleasanti Street logo

Pleasanti Street


Nano Brewery

Total (?) 2,219

Unique (?) 926


1,982 Ratings

41 Beers

Y Not Brewing  logo

Y Not Brewing

Sønderholm, Region Nordjylland Denmark

Nano Brewery

Total (?) 10,680

Unique (?) 2,613


9,270 Ratings

130 Beers

T 10. France 🇫🇷 2.59%

Tied for tenth with Denmark, France edges into this list, proving the country has become known for more than just wine, cognac, champagne, and cheese. In fact, Hop Culture Senior Content Editor Grace Weitz visited Lille—"The Beer Capital of France"—earlier this year. She found a thriving city with a burgeoning craft beer renaissance. In total, France has over 2k craft breweries. If you have a chance to get to Northern France, make sure to visit Célestin and Bierbuik among others. Check out the guides below! In this country, the highest-rated beer this year was King of Nevermore from Prizm Brewing Co.

France's Best-Kept Beer Secret: 48 Hours Drinking and Eating in Lille

Five Best Craft Beer Destinations in Paris

King of Nevermore label

King of Nevermore

Prizm Brewing Co.

Stout - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 1,478

Unique (?) 1,444

12% ABV

25 IBU


1,371 Ratings

8. Norway 🇳🇴 3.29%

We can't say that we know too much about the craft beer scene in Norway, but based on our data, we've seen check-ins continually grow here. In 2020, Oslo, Norway, ranked as the city with the fifth-highest number of check-ins, jumping five spots from 2019. Accounting for 3.29% of all check-ins, Norway nabs eighth place. In this country, the highest-rated beer this year was Off the Rack 2020 Maple Bourbon By Rackhouse by LEVRIG!

Untappd's All-Time Top-Rated Breweries in Norway

Off the Rack 2020 Maple Bourbon By Rackhouse label

Off the Rack 2020 Maple Bourbon By Rackhouse


Stout - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 4,002

Unique (?) 3,797

14.7% ABV



3,669 Ratings

7. Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 3.5%

England isn't the only country in the United Kingdom known for its beer culture or own styles of beer. Part of the strong ale family, Scotch ale originated in Edinburgh, Scotland, during the 1800s. Born in the United Kingdom, a region unsuited for highlighting hops, the Scotch ale focuses instead on a more readily available ingredient: malt. In this country, the highest-rated beer this year was DDF M*rs Bar by Vault City Brewing!

Untappd's All-Time Top-Rated Breweries in Scotland

DDF M*rs Bar label

DDF M*rs Bar

Vault City Brewing

Collaboration with Neon Raptor Brewing Co.

Stout - Imperial / Double Pastry

Total (?) 2,010

Unique (?) 1,860

15.5% ABV



1,744 Ratings

6. Sweden 🇸🇪 6.20%

Nordic countries, which include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, made it onto this list three times! Accounting for 6.20% of all check-ins on this list, Sweden just misses out on the top five. In 2020, the city of Gothenburg claimed the title of the city with the seventh most check-ins around the world while the capital of Stockholm ranked fourth. Seems like drinkers in Sweden have continued to check in in full force. Understandable when you live in a place with breweries like Omnipollo. So it's no surprise that the highest-rated beer of the year came from these sour phenoms—Biana Hydra, a smoothie sour collab with Mortalis. 

Untappd's All-Time Top-Rated Breweries in Sweden

Bianca Hydra label

Bianca Hydra


Collaboration with Mortalis Brewing Company

Sour - Smoothie / Pastry

Total (?) 3,847

Unique (?) 3,643

6% ABV



3,515 Ratings

5. Canada 🇨🇦 6.85%

Oh, Canada! What can we say, except congrats on knocking out the fifth most check-ins amongst countries on this list. From Vancouver to Quebec to Newfoundland, Canada's vast terrain extends to its craft beer landscape. Some of the top-rated breweries across the country include:

Untappd's All-Time Top-Rated Breweries in Canada

Brett & Sauvage logo

Brett & Sauvage

Sainte-Thérèse-de-Gaspé, QC Canada

Nano Brewery

Total (?) 11,144

Unique (?) 2,106


9,260 Ratings

46 Beers

Brasserie du Bas-Canada logo

Brasserie du Bas-Canada

Gatineau, QC Canada

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 326,081

Unique (?) 16,978


242,206 Ratings

319 Beers

Temporal Artisan Ales logo

Temporal Artisan Ales

Vancouver, BC Canada

Contract Brewery

Total (?) 9,343

Unique (?) 1,990


7,785 Ratings

62 Beers

4. Germany 🇩🇪 9.68%

Jumping up almost three percentage points, Germany slides into fourth place. 

Home to Bayern, one of the most storied beer regions in the entire world, Germany includes legendary breweries such as Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräuhaus, Löwenbräu, Paulaner, and Spaten-Franziskaner. 

Last year, Bavaria ranked as the sixth most checked-in region in the world. 

Heritage and heart drive the humming beer scene in Germany, with a large focus on the capital, Munich, of course. After all, the fabled Oktoberfest celebration attracts millions of drinking connoisseurs to the city each year. And you can bet during that time there are toasts, aka prosts, check-ins, and beer steins clinking aplenty.

Rooted in centuries of history, Germany's beer industry has thrived by following the rigid Reinheitsgebot or Purity Law. Written in 1516, this piece of legislation states that beer in Germany must contain only four key ingredients—water, barley, hops, and yeast. 

The highest-rated beer in Germany this year was a 4.29-rated fruited sour called Niche Peach Connoisseur 5000 from Sudden Death Brewing Co. 

Hop Culture's Best Breweries to Visit in Munich

Untappd's All-Time Top-Rated Brewery in Germany

Niche Peach Connoisseur 5000 label

Niche Peach Connoisseur 5000

Sudden Death Brewing Co.

Sour - Fruited

Total (?) 2,185

Unique (?) 2,097

8% ABV



2,011 Ratings

3. Belgium 🇧🇪 10.18%

The country of Belgium has one of the richest beer histories. From to Trappist beers—singles, dubbels, tripels, and quads—to Belgian pale ales and strong golden ales. Don't forget about lambics, gueuzes, oud bruins, and some of the rarest beers in the world. All told, Belgian beers are just simply incredible.

ANd so are Belgian breweries, including Orval, Duvel, and Trappist Westvletern 12, making beers all ranked on Untappd's list of Beers With the Most 5-Star Check-Ins on Untappd in 2023.  

With a nice boost to the third spot, Belgium claims 10.18% of the check-ins for these rankings. 

Often considered a beer pilgrimage, Belgium is undoubtedly one of the top beer countries in the world. In fact, Hop Culture's Senior Content Editor Grace Weitz spent ten days this year traveling to many of the incredible breweries across this small, yet mighty, country including Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen, Brasserie de la Senne, Brasserie d'Orval, Heilig Hart, L'Ermitage, Hof ten Dormaal, Brussels Beer Project, Brasserie de Garre, Liefmans, Rodenbach, d'Achouffe, Brasserie Dupont, De Halve Maan, De Dolle, Westmalle, Westvletern, and more. 

Pretty much that country just blows our beer-loving mind!

Some of the top-rated breweries across the country include:

Hop Culture's Best Breweries and Bars to Visit in Belgium

Untappd's All-Time Top-Rated Breweries in Belgium

Bokke logo


Hasselt, Vlaanderen Belgium

Nano Brewery

Total (?) 68,342

Unique (?) 12,044


52,226 Ratings

131 Beers

Brouwerij De Sint-Sixtusabdij van Westvleteren logo

Brouwerij De Sint-Sixtusabdij van Westvleteren

Vleteren, Vlaams Gewest Belgium

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 509,048

Unique (?) 224,435


356,466 Ratings

3 Beers

Brasserie Cantillon logo

Brasserie Cantillon

Anderlecht, Bruxelles Belgium

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 1.28M+

Unique (?) 189,830


969,054 Ratings

140 Beers

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen logo

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen

Beersel, Vlaams Gewest Belgium

Micro Brewery

Total (?) 889,367

Unique (?) 170,060


695,959 Ratings

42 Beers

2. Netherlands 🇳🇱 11.67%

Grabbing the number two spot, the Netherlands comprises 11.67% of check-ins in this top ten list. Unsurprising considering two major cities—Utrecht and Amsterdam—ranked as the ninth and sixth most checked-in cities of 2020. In particular, the Netherlands capital has steadily grown in check-ins over the years. The highest-rated beer in the Netherlands in 2023 is Indulgence 12 from Moersleutel Craft Brewery.

Untappd's All-Time Top-Rated Breweries in the Netherlands

Indulgence 12 label

Indulgence 12

Moersleutel Craft Brewery

Stout - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 1,619

Unique (?) 1,588

14% ABV



1,537 Ratings

1. England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 14.35%

With a whopping 14.35% of the check-ins on the list of top countries with the most check-ins outside of the U.S., His Majesty's England leads the charge. And rightly so. 

Where to start? 

Pubs, drinking culture, CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale), English pale ales, ESB, English barleywine, English IPA. We have England to thank for porters and stouts, for gosh sakes. 

Besides its storied beer history, England has kept up with the times. In 2020, London nabbed the top spot for the city with the most check-ins for the second year in a row. The Brits know how to drink, and they know how to drink great beer. This year, the highest-rated beer checked in from England was Cheeky DIPA (NRGxFER Ed. 1) from Verdant Brewing Co.

Untappd's All-Time Top-Rated Breweries in England

Cheeky DIPA (NRGxFER Ed. 1) label

Cheeky DIPA (NRGxFER Ed. 1)

Verdant Brewing Co

Collaboration with Green Cheek Beer Company

IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy

Total (?) 3,557

Unique (?) 3,224

8.4% ABV



3,082 Ratings

Surprised by any of the cities on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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