The Top 10 Highest-Average-Rated Beer Styles of 2023

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Do we all love lagers? Or are hops still royally supreme? Could malt-dominant beers tickle our taste buds? What styles do we rate the highest? We're about to find out. For our third post in our series of Untappd Year in Review for 2023, we're taking a look at the top ten styles based on their highest average ratings. 

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Check out what styles rated highest this past year.

10. Mead - Cyser

A style of mead made with honey and apple juice or cider, cyser kicks off in the tenth spot on this list with an average rating of 4.09 in 2023. We can't say that we've truly tried any apple meads, so we'll just leave it to our list of the top-rated versions to show you why this style has received some high rankings this year.

Apple Turnover label

Apple Turnover

Pips Meadery

Mead - Cyser

Total (?) 737

Unique (?) 645

14% ABV



581 Ratings

Apple Reserve label

Apple Reserve

Schramm's Mead

Mead - Cyser

Total (?) 982

Unique (?) 856

14% ABV



751 Ratings

Barrel Aged Side Streets label

Barrel Aged Side Streets

Standard Meadery

Mead - Cyser

Total (?) 449

Unique (?) 393

13% ABV



355 Ratings

T 8. Rye Wine

With an average rating of 4.11 on Untappd, rye wine falls into the ninth spot on this list in 2023. Think of these beers as similar to barleywines but with a base predominantly of rye instead of barley. Big, boozy, and often barrel-aged, rye wines have lots of complex, nuanced layers. 

Try one of these all-time top-rated versions that are still in production:

Boss Ryeway label

Boss Ryeway

Revolution Brewing Company

Rye Wine

Total (?) 1,995

Unique (?) 1,764

14.9% ABV



1,622 Ratings

Apple Brandy Ryeway label

Apple Brandy Ryeway

Revolution Brewing Company

Rye Wine

Total (?) 3,457

Unique (?) 2,761

12.3% ABV



2,501 Ratings

Imperial Rye Ale label

Imperial Rye Ale

Bell's Brewery

Rye Wine

Total (?) 1,483

Unique (?) 1,314

12.5% ABV



1,216 Ratings

T 8. Mead - Melomel

The second style of mead to make it into these rankings in 2023, melomel simply means mead made with fermented fruit, which can range from mulberries or blackcurrants to cherries or grapes to even lemons or blueberries. The possibilities are endless, which is probably why this style cracked the top ten for the first time with an average rating of 4.11 in 2023. 

If you don't know where to start, seek out one of these top-rated versions:

The Heart of Darkness label

The Heart of Darkness

Schramm's Mead

Mead - Melomel

Total (?) 3,091

Unique (?) 2,552

14% ABV



2,243 Ratings

Black Agnes label

Black Agnes

Schramm's Mead

Mead - Melomel

Total (?) 10,908

Unique (?) 8,980

14% ABV



7,960 Ratings

Black Berry White label

Black Berry White

Superstition Meadery

Mead - Melomel

Total (?) 6,484

Unique (?) 5,263

13.5% ABV



4,765 Ratings

7. Stout - Imperial/Double Oatmeal

Staying put in seventh place this year, the imperial oatmeal stout still improves its highest average rating nominally from 4.1 to 4.12 on Untappd.

Perhaps a lesser-brewed version of stout, oatmeal stouts tap into the magical alchemy of oats to make a creamier, dreamier version of a stout with a luxurious, velvety mouthfeel and a rich, chocolatey complexion.

If you're looking to try one of the top-rated versions on Untappd, indulge in these ones still in production: 

Beer Geek Vanilla Shake Barrel Aged Bourbon label

Beer Geek Vanilla Shake Barrel Aged Bourbon


Stout - Imperial / Double Oatmeal

Total (?) 11,131

Unique (?) 8,549

13% ABV



7,913 Ratings

Apple Brandy Barrel Noir label

Apple Brandy Barrel Noir

Prairie Artisan Ales

Stout - Imperial / Double Oatmeal

Total (?) 34,434

Unique (?) 26,747

12% ABV

70 IBU


24,621 Ratings

Apple Brandy Toast-E Coilz label

Apple Brandy Toast-E Coilz

The Veil Brewing Co.

Stout - Imperial / Double Oatmeal

Total (?) 1,646

Unique (?) 1,483

12% ABV



1,313 Ratings

Cthulhu label


Goose Island Brewhouse

Stout - Imperial / Double Oatmeal

Total (?) 3,129

Unique (?) 2,366

12.2% ABV



2,130 Ratings

T 5. Stout - Imperial/Double

Slipping back two places from third to fifth, the imperial stout actually keeps the same 4.14 average rating as last year. Why do we love stouts? Un-stout-edly, we shout from the rooftops for the dark depths of these dank-defying beers because they touch our souls.

So, while we love stouts of all varieties—coffee, pastry, oatmeal, Irish dry, or even oyster—the richer, boozier imperial or double stout captures our hearts.

Bourbon barrel imperial stouts, in particular, were first popularized by Goose Island brewmaster Greg Hall when he had the genius idea to age Goose Island's one-thousandth batch of beer in a bourbon barrel in 1992.

But no matter the barrel or the adjuncts added, imperial stouts continue to impress with their innovation and creativity.

Today, there are countless permutations of these boozy stouts. Many are no longer in production, so to give you a good idea, here are a few of Untappd's All-Time Top-Rated Imperial Stouts still in production:

Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout label

Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout

Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.

Stout - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 4,496

Unique (?) 3,942

12% ABV



3,379 Ratings

Blessed label


Anchorage Brewing Company

Stout - Imperial / Double

Total (?) 9,949

Unique (?) 8,648

15.5% ABV



8,105 Ratings

T 5. IPA - Quadruple 

A newcomer to the list this year, the quadruple IPA slides into the top five with an average 4.14 rating on the app. A bit of a murky style, quadruple IPAs won't show up with any specific style definitions at the Great American Beer Festival or for the Beer Judge Certification Program. But brewers have their own interpretations, loosely grouping these high-octane hoppy ales north of 10% ABV. But don't quote us on this, everyone plays the game a little differently. 

In general, though, with quadruple IPAs, you can expect an extreme amount of hops (anywhere from seven to over ten pounds per barrel) and a high ABV range. But balance is key with the quad, and finding that sweet spot is always the elusive quest. 

For the most part, the sheer amount of hops going in quadruple IPAs pushes these beers on the expensive side of production. With that in mind, you don't see them out in the wild too often. If you do come across one (especially if it's a top-rated QIPA listed below), drop everything and drink it.    

Untappd's All-Time Top-Rated Quadruple IPAs still in production include: 

Tread label


Monkish Brewing Co.

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 1,258

Unique (?) 1,143

12% ABV



1,049 Ratings

Hyper Cube label

Hyper Cube


IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 4,605

Unique (?) 4,236

12% ABV



4,087 Ratings

NPBC7 QDH Hazy QIPA label


North Park Beer Company

IPA - Quadruple

Total (?) 1,129

Unique (?) 1,066

15% ABV

21 IBU


993 Ratings

T 2. Barleywine - English

Moving up three spots from fifth, English barleywines share a spot with two other styles for the second-highest-rated style of the year with a 4.15 rating (improving from 4.12 last year). 

Although barleywines are beer and not wine, they do share some similarities: aging well over time and landing at higher ABVs. But barleywine gets a potent power from sugars extracted in massive grain bills compared to those from fermented juice with wine. 

An extended boil allows the malt to dispel a complex level of sugars which gives these beers intricate layers of sweetness. 

English barleywines focus on high-quality pale and caramel British malts—like Maris Otter and Golden Promise—bringing out deep, rich flavors of treacle, almost-burnt caramel, molasses, toffee, and darker fruit. 

According to the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) definition of an English barleywine, the overall impression of this style should "showcase a malty richness and complex, intense flavors, [with] a chewy and rich body, with warming alcohol and a pleasant fruit or hoppy interest."

Hops play second fiddle here (unlike the American versions, which prioritize a slightly more aggressive bitterness). 

Lastly, an English barleywine typically uses a British ale yeast to often create slightly fruity esters and ensure these beers hit somewhere between 8-12% ABV.

These are big, bold, brash beers that put malt on the throne she deserves. 

All-time top-rated versions on the app that are still in production include: 

Double Barrel V.S.O.J. label

Double Barrel V.S.O.J.

Revolution Brewing Company

Barleywine - English

Total (?) 5,610

Unique (?) 4,273

16.8% ABV



3,936 Ratings

Aaron label


Hill Farmstead Brewery

Barleywine - English

Total (?) 5,397

Unique (?) 4,823

8% ABV



4,246 Ratings

T 2. Stout - Imperial/Double Pastry

Ranking fourth on this list in 2022, the imperial pastry stout moves up one spot, jumping from an average rating of 4.13 to 4.15 this year. 

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, maple syrup, coconut truffles, oh my. Cacao nibs, marshmallow fluff, nuts galore, and even pies in the sky. When it comes to decadent imperial pastry stouts, the entire candy aisle, cake case, bakery shelf, and even cereal aisle are not off limits. 

The key to a successful pastry stout is to make a beer that tastes like dessert, often tapping into those nostalgic vibes we've had with different after-dinner sensations—ice cream, brownies, cakes, pies, cookies, and any number of candy bars. 

We're only scratching the surface here, giving you a little glimpse into how crazy brewers can get here, especially when you amp up the ABV and volume with an imperial version.

Indulge in these Untappd's All-Time Top-Rated Imperial Pastry Stouts that are still in production: 

Barrel Aged Imperial German Chocolate Cupcake Stout label

Barrel Aged Imperial German Chocolate Cupcake Stout

Angry Chair Brewing

Stout - Imperial / Double Pastry

Total (?) 8,481

Unique (?) 6,852

11% ABV



6,236 Ratings

Assassin With Coconut, Pecan And Vanilla (2023) label

Assassin With Coconut, Pecan And Vanilla (2023)

Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.

Stout - Imperial / Double Pastry

Total (?) 1,433

Unique (?) 1,328

13.5% ABV



1,232 Ratings

Eunoche label


Phase Three Brewing

Collaboration with WeldWerks Brewing Co.

Stout - Imperial / Double Pastry

Total (?) 1,347

Unique (?) 1,162

14.1% ABV



1,072 Ratings

T 2. Stout - Imperial/Double Coffee

Staying put in 2023, the imperial coffee stout still couldn't muster enough juice to beat out the highest-average-rated style below. In fact, the double coffee stout slipped a smidge, falling from a rating of 4.16 to 4.15 this year. 

If you've ever wondered exactly how these afternoon bottles of Joe are made, Hop Culture wrote an entire primer on everything you need to know about coffee beers and even answered whether those coffee stouts will keep you up at night

Yes, we'll have a double shot of double coffee stouts, please!

If you're looking to try one of the all-time highest-rated imperial coffee stouts on Untappd, check out these that are still in production:

Mornin' Delight label

Mornin' Delight

Toppling Goliath Brewing Co.

Stout - Imperial / Double Coffee

Total (?) 25,745

Unique (?) 20,764

12% ABV



18,780 Ratings

Speedway Stout (Vietnamese Coffee Barrel Aged) label

Speedway Stout (Vietnamese Coffee Barrel Aged)

AleSmith Brewing Company

Stout - Imperial / Double Coffee

Total (?) 11,585

Unique (?) 9,920

14.2% ABV

70 IBU


8,988 Ratings

Proper Dose label

Proper Dose

Horus Aged Ales

Stout - Imperial / Double Coffee

Total (?) 6,239

Unique (?) 5,268

13.9% ABV



4,715 Ratings

1. IPA - Triple New England / Hazy

For the second year in a row, you all gave the triple hazy IPA the highest average rating of the year, moving from 4.19 in 2022 to 4.21 in 2023. We'd say we're shocked…but we're not! Triple the haze, ABV, and juiciness, these amped-up New England IPAs certainly earn their place as the top highest-average-rated style on Untappd in 2023. 

Let's just get to what you all probably want to know. Here are some of the all-time top triple hazies on the app:

Triple Jasper label

Triple Jasper

Fidens Brewing Co

IPA - Triple New England / Hazy

Total (?) 3,313

Unique (?) 2,570

10% ABV



2,367 Ratings


Triple Jasper with Nelson label

Triple Jasper with Nelson

Fidens Brewing Co

IPA - Triple New England / Hazy

Total (?) 1,817

Unique (?) 1,478

10% ABV



1,364 Ratings


Adiós, Ghost label

Adiós, Ghost

Monkish Brewing Co.

IPA - Triple New England / Hazy

Total (?) 7,148

Unique (?) 5,076

10.2% ABV



4,663 Ratings

Triple Eugene's Axe label

Triple Eugene's Axe

Fidens Brewing Co

IPA - Triple New England / Hazy

Total (?) 3,022

Unique (?) 2,381

10% ABV



2,211 Ratings


< Insert Hip Hop Reference Here >  label

< Insert Hip Hop Reference Here >

Monkish Brewing Co.

Collaboration with Trillium Brewing Company

IPA - Triple New England / Hazy

Total (?) 4,471

Unique (?) 3,777

10.1% ABV



3,395 Ratings


Stay tuned for our next post as we dive into the top beers of 2023 based on the number of five-star ratings on Untappd. 

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