Top 10 Checked-In Emojis on Untappd - Let’s Unpack This


At the end of June our Founder, Greg Avola, shared with us the top 10 emojis used in Untappd check-ins over the past three months. 

In honor of World Emoji Day, I decided to dive deep into this tweet.
I read this list over and over. You guys have really trampled my tulips with some of these results. I've lost sleep trying to make sense of some of these (I'm looking at you number 8, responsible for gray hairs 45 through 53 showing up and caused a stress blackout during which I lost my phone and cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner). 

I'm stepping in here to break down the emoji-use case. It's the only thing that's going to help me sleep at night although the week's worth of turkey sandwiches have been helping out too.


1. 🍻 - Clinking Beer Mugs: This is fine, no surprises here. The clinking beer mugs take the top spot for an app dedicated to drinking socially. I have nothing else to say but well-done. We did it. I feel closer to you all already thanks to these floating mugs, like two ghosts cheersing celebrating their death-day. Jokes on you, ghosts. That beer will go right through you. 

2. 👍 - Thumbs Up: Pretty classic. However, unexciting. This is number 2? The "thumbs up" is the lamest cousin of the super-rad 🤙 and the life-of-the-party 🤘. Imagine all the dads out there sitting on their porches sneaking a mid-day beer while sweat-drenched junior mows the lawn for them in the beaming sun.

Check-in caption: "👍 Good work, junior. Greater work, beer." 

I hope junior shuts the mower off before he hits the gravel path near the sunroom this time.

3. 🍺 - Beer Mug: Ok, phew. If this didn't make the top three, I'd have to reevaluate what we're all actually doing here. Shut it down, let's all go home. But no, BEER! It's why we're all here (in Untappd's orbit, not planet earth…but we may be on to something). BEER! It's what's for lunch and dinner…and under the right circumstances, breakfast.

4. 👌 - OK Hand: "OK"?????  "OK" is even less cool than the thumbs up. Let's unpack this. This one's kept me up at night but somewhere between coffee number four and stout number two it became clear. The 👌 sign has also come to mean "nice"… a close relative to "very nice" (you know the voice). I've found myself many-a-time mustache-deep in a barleywine and thought: "very nice - great success!". Yup, now that's an emoji I can get behind!

5. 😋 - Face Savoring Delicious Food: First face emoji on the list, I see you. Don't you love when emojis are simple, clear, and to the point. No guesswork needed. I can rest easy. I see 😋 and I know you just enjoyed a DELICIOUS BEVERAGE. Makes sense. Almost too much sense…what's going to be next on this list?

6. 🔥 - Fire: YES! Now we're talking guys! I'm guilty of overusing this one in a big way. Text me a picture of your new dog? 🔥 Close a deal at the office? 🔥 Someone film you falling out of a hammock? 🔥🔥 It might be one of my favorite emojis - it's so versatile. It's the NEIPA of emojis - likeable to IPA fans and many IPA haters. As long as the breweries of the world keep that haze coming it'll be easy for me to Krakatoa that check-in with some serious 🔥🔥🔥 

7. 😍 - Heart-Eyes: Bold. We've all had it happen before. You open a beer and the nose grabs you right away. You think, "Oh boy, this is gonna be good." Then it hits your lips and 💥… "It Must Be Love" by Madness starts playing in your head. You've found it: a beer that exceeds your expectations and you start drinking it down. Pump the brakes, you need to savor every sip as the bottom of the glass rapidly approaches. It's going to be ok - there are more beers to check-in! For now, enjoy the moment and the beer and add a 🔥 and a 😋 to that check-in too. Go big or go home. 

8. 🕶 - Sunglasses: Like…WHAT? Grab the E-brake and hold on to your bus ticket. This list just ran over a proverbial hot dog cart. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? This planted an itch deep in my brain that nothing could scratch. I had to get out the cork board and some yarn to try and make sense of this one. 

Is this perhaps referring to the brightness of a hazy IPA? Maybe a reference to drinking at the beach where sunglasses are necessary? Could it be referencing a secret beer had incognito in the garage while you're "reorganizing the garden equipment"? 🕵🏻‍♂️ I once had a toy soda can with sunglasses on it that would dance when you clapped…maybe it's referring to that? I'm grasping at cardboard straws here. I need ANSWERS. The only thing I know for sure is that this one made my brain hurt. Someone please explain this to me. I'm at my limit. 

9. ❤️ - Red Heart: And we're back on logical ground. I've dropped the ❤️❤️ when drinking Bell's Two Hearted for obvious reasons.

I use this when checking-in my go to beers - the ones I've loved since the early days of my beer quest. We've seen check-ins of core brands from well established regional and national breweries skyrocket on Untappd for the past few months. Perhaps other Untappders are sharing the sentiment and expressing their ❤️ for their old reliables: beers that taste great every single time.

10. 😂 - Face with Tears of Joy: A big sigh of relief came with this one because we're not dealing with 🤖 or 🤡 here.  That's terrifying. If you use those in your check-ins, are you ok?   😂 is a face I'm all too familiar with. If 'laughter is the best medicine', and 'a beer a day keeps the doctor away' I'd say the people with a 😂 in their check-in have got more than a few things figured out! But maybe the check-in photo features your tagged friend falling out of a hammock. That's 😂. Either way, keep the laughs and emojis coming! (And send me that check-in of the hammock - great content). 

ALRIGHT, I'm done here.

If you haven't found me on Untappd yet you can change that now: HarryBeerBeard

Better yet - if you think you can tell a better emoji story than this recent check-in of mine, tag me in it! 

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Next time, I'm going to break down my top 10 emojis and why they're mostly of different fruits. 🍈🍍🍉  Try and stop me!

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