Brewery Madness Round 4 Recap

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First and foremost, congrats to the last four teams standing in the NCAA Tournament! Kudos to Baylor, Gonzaga, Houston and UCLA for making it this far, and best of luck to each moving forward! The Untappd Brewery Madness is now down to just four teams as well. Four awesome breweries will look to continue their winning streak, with the ultimate goal of bringing home the title of Brewery Madness!

Fun Facts from the Round of 8:

  • There are two single-digit seeded teams left, and two double-digit seeded teams left!
  • Other Half Brewing Co. notched the most check-ins for the third straight round!
  • Tree House Brewing Company has beaten the No. 3 and No. 6 seed in the past two rounds

Notable Performances

No. 23 Other Half Brewing Continues Hot Streak

Three straight rounds with the most check-ins, are you kidding me!? The next matchup for Other Half Brewing Co. is a juicy one, much like some of the IPAs made by its semifinal foe.

Fun Facts of the Semifinalists:

  • Stone Brewing's narrowest margin of victory was 777 check-ins
  • New Belgium has the lowest average check-ins per round of these four breweries
  • Other Half Brewing Co. has the highest average check-ins per round of these four breweries
  • Treehouse Brewing Company has the second-highest average check-ins per round of these four breweries. Also, to get here they have beaten three teams ranked inside the top 20.

The Final Check-In

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No. 1 Stone Brewing vs. No. 5 New Belgium Brewing Company

Avg. number of check-ins per round for Stone Brewing: 3,446.25
Avg. number of check-ins per round for New Belgium Brewing Company: 3,342.75

Stone Brewing is the top-seeded team for a reason, but the average number of check-ins for the whole Brewery Madness indicates another close matchup for the top-seeded team. New Belgium has been within 550 check-ins of Stone Brewing each round of the tournament, including logging more check-ins in the opening round.

Stone Brewing logo

Stone Brewing

Subsidiary of Sapporo Breweries

Escondido, CA United States

Regional Brewery

Total (?) 11.37M+

Unique (?) 1.29M+


8,324,647 Ratings

1444 Beers

New Belgium Brewing Company logo

New Belgium Brewing Company

Subsidiary of Kirin Brewery Company

Fort Collins, CO United States

Macro Brewery

Total (?) 9.45M+

Unique (?) 1.3M+


6,302,984 Ratings

665 Beers

No. 23 Other Half Brewing Co. vs. No. 14 Treehouse Brewing Company

Avg. number of check-ins per round for Other Half Brewing Co.: 6,312.25
Avg. number of check-ins per round for Treehouse Brewing Company: 4,951.5

This is going to be a great matchup. While the numbers say Other Half Brewing Co. has a substantial edge, Treehouse is coming off impressive wins against Sierra Nevada and Lagunitas. Can the 23rd-seeded Other Half Brewing Co. take down King Julius to get to the finals, or will Julius get one step closer to his throne?

Other Half Brewing Co. logo

Other Half Brewing Co.

Brooklyn, NY United States

Regional Brewery

Total (?) 5.46M+

Unique (?) 329,555


4,281,419 Ratings

1709 Beers

Tree House Brewing Company logo

Tree House Brewing Company

Charlton, MA United States

Regional Brewery

Total (?) 6.97M+

Unique (?) 304,498


4,568,742 Ratings

1119 Beers

Check-in a beer from the brewery you want to advance to the next round or win the title within the dates below!

Semifinals: 3/31-4/3
Championship: 4/5

Let us know who you think advances between these four awesome breweries! Check back on Monday to see the recap of these matchups, as well as a preview of the championship round, where we will then crown the winner of 2021's Brewery Madness

And of course, drink responsibly!

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