Bottles Up

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Cheers to you, beer lover! Raise those bottles high. Beer brings us together. It's a beverage that's central to celebration, whether you're celebrating a major milestone, from a wedding to a new job, or toasting something as simple as a Friday night.

We know you choose the right beer for those moments based on flavor. At O-I Glass, we love making glass bottles because glass brings something special to the table. Glass touches your senses through sight, touch and even sound with the smile-inducing chime of a toast between friends.

A glass bottle is made of four simple ingredients -- silica sand, limestone, soda ash, and recycled glass—and it doesn't interact with the beverages it holds. That means the beer inside tastes fresh and full of flavor – just like the brewery intended. Brewers large and small have trusted their beers in glass for generations for a reason! When flavor is important -- and us beer lovers know it is -- glass wins.

Another reason we love beer in glass bottles is because glass is infinitely recyclable. Not only can you recycle it again and again without losing quality, but a glass container can go from curbside recycling bin back to the store shelf as a new glass bottle in as little as 30 days.

Bottles up, beer friends! When you celebrate those moments large and small, reach for beer in a glass bottle. You'll find the flavor, recyclability, and experience you're looking for all in the same place. #ChooseGlass

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"Bottles Up" Badge


Check-in to three (3) beers using the serving style "bottle" between November 1, 2020 - January 31, 2021 to earn the "Bottles Up" Badge.

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