99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall….Take One Down, Pass It Around

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99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around….

If you've been drinking beer for a while, you know that bottles mean quality...or meant quality. If you've been drinking beer recently, you probably understand that cans are actually a brilliant container for beer. 

Still, we owe the can's popularity to the history of the bottle. Although brewers originally used glass to contain their precious liquid, they quickly noticed that light began to spoil the beer. Brown and green bottles emerged as a way to avoid these skunky or "lightstruck" effects. And eventually, cans eliminated that problem all together. 

Now, when you drink beer out of the bottle you're tasting a bit of history. And you can give the bottle its due with the 99 Bottles badge.

To earn this badge, check in five different beers with the serving style of bottle. Try five more for Level 2! 

Yup, Untappd's Drinking Socially podcast hosts Harrison Hickok and Jon Dispenza are back on the bottle. And they're celebrating with a round of Bell's Tropical Oberon. The beer that has become one of Bell's best sellers tropically transforms itself for summer. Brewed with real passionfruit, pink guava, and mango, this limited-release ale takes your favorite summer beer to new shores.  

Hear what other 98 beers Harrison and Jon are drinking out of the bottle by tuning into this week's episode of Drinking Socially on YouTube or listening wherever you grab your favorite podcasts.


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