10 Best Wheat Beers of 2021

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Photography courtesy of Bell's Brewery

Considered one of the most approachable, drinkable beers in the world, wheat beers are typically hazy, light gold in appearance, utilize either ale or lager yeast, and most importantly are brewed with a substantial portion of wheat. Although, that exact amount of wheat depends upon the beer. American wheat beers usually have at least thirty percent malted wheat in the bill. For example, one of the most classic American versions such as Bell's Oberon has anywhere from ten percent to thirty-five percent. Whereas German "weissbiers" require at least fifty percent wheat malt. And iconic versions of witbiers such as Allagash White are generally made with around twenty percent unmalted wheat.

Additionally, it's a style that spans the globe from witbiers in Belgium and hefeweizens in Germany all the way to wheat beers in America, which find roots from its European cousins. Inspired by the unfiltered wheat beers of Bavaria, American craft brewers wanted to replicate this fruity, slightly spicy style. But they didn't have access to that speciality Belgian yeast or Bavarian weizen yeast. Instead they turned to clean fermenting American ale and lager yeast. Today, the American wheat ale isn't the most popular style by any stretch of the imagination, but it deserves its due.

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Photography courtesy of Allagash Brewing Company

Mainly, because this is not an easy style to brew. 

Traditionally, wheat beers can be very finicky because the proteins and starches in the high amount of grain make it trickier to extract those essential yeast-loving sugars. So you know whether you're drinking an American wheat beer, a German weizen, or a Belgian witbier that it has been brewed with intention and dedication to a craft. (And a significant portion of wheat or malted barley!)

Regardless of the origin of wheat beers, one thing remains the same: Generally, this style has a fair amount of haze, creamy texture, and citrusy, bready notes. They're delicious, light, and perfect for really anytime of the year. So, we're guessing this is one of the reasons you all just voted for the "Wit, Weiss, and Weizen" badge to be added to our core lineup. If you're looking to unlock this badge, this list might be a good place to start: Here are Untappd's 10 highest-rated wheat beers of 2021.

1. Oberon Ale - Bell's Brewery

2. Gumballhead - 3 Floyds Brewing Company

3. Teach's Peaches - Edward Teach Brewing

4. The Joy Bus WOW Wheat Ale - Four Peaks Brewing Company

5. Surfcaster - Tree House Brewing Company

6. Allagash White - Allagash Brewing Company

7. Double White Ale - Marble Brewery

8. Blood Orange Honey - Cheboygan Brewing Co.

9. Royal Blood - 3 Nations Brewing

10. Beer for Golf - Off Color Brewing

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