Angry Scotsman Brewing

Oklahoma City, OK United States

Micro Brewery

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2,912 Ratings

44 Beers

Added 05/31/14


An urban microbrewery in downtown OKC, featuring a broad selection of craft beers inspired… Show More

Beer List

Rusty Kiltpin

Scottish Ale

Our flagship, malty Scottish 80/- ale. Rich mahogany in color, packed full of biscuity caramel and complex vanilla malt notes with a clean finish. This… Read More

5.3% ABV

20 IBU


479 Ratings

Added 05/02/16


Night Terror

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Flagship house black IPA with gobs of debittered black malts and an insane cocktail of Chinook, Columbus, Amarillo and Simcoe hops.

6.8% ABV

85 IBU


465 Ratings

Added 04/28/16


Gateway to Helles

Lager - Helles

Year-round flagship Munich Helles lager. A clean, crisp and refreshing German lager that's complex yet simple and sessionable on a hot day.

5.1% ABV

22 IBU


336 Ratings

Added 09/06/14


Pale Ryder

Rye Beer

Year-round flagship American pale ale, brewed with 20% rye malt and lots of West Coast C-hops for clean, crisp beer with a nice hoppy finish.

6.3% ABV

48 IBU


295 Ratings

Added 01/03/15


Impulse IPA #1 - 02/22/2018 (Redwood IPA)

IPA - Red

Impulse IPA is our rotating IPA series. Batch I is a West Coast style Red IPA we call Redwood IPA. Pale and Vienna malts combined with a trifecta of C15/40/120… Read More

7.2% ABV

67 IBU


211 Ratings

Added 01/18/18


Left Luggage

Porter - American

A classic Robust Porter, packing a roasty punch of sweet coffee and chocolate notes. This beer has also been treated to reduce gluten content (you'd never… Read More

6.3% ABV

46 IBU


201 Ratings

Added 09/29/17


Spring Forward


Our spring seasonal combines a German Hefeweizen backbone with wildflower honey and blood oranges.

5.9% ABV

16 IBU


151 Ratings

Added 05/03/18


Industry Standard

IPA - Imperial / Double

A bold statement, this rotating IPA is our interpretation of an old school, West Coast double IPA. Strong, bitter and clean, with plenty of hops in the… Read More

8.9% ABV

120 IBU


68 Ratings

Added 03/14/17



Belgian Tripel

10.2% ABV

29 IBU


59 Ratings

Added 02/06/18


Impulse IPA #2 - 05/17/2018 (Benny Brew)

IPA - New England

Small batch New England IPA brewed with papaya and mango pulp. Brewed with Benny Jacobs from the brewers union.

6.3% ABV

51 IBU


52 Ratings

Added 05/18/18


Coffin Dodger

Old Ale

English Old Ale with Black Treacle & French Oak

9.4% ABV

54 IBU


45 Ratings

Added 05/02/16


Powder Keg


A pan Asian influence witbier featuring Gunpowder Green Tea and Lemongrass

5.8% ABV

15 IBU


50 Ratings

Added 02/17/18


Purple Hillsides

Spiced / Herbed Beer

A blonde ale finished with a copious dose of heather flower tips at whirlpool. A floral perfume nose that's reminiscent of getting lost in the Highlands. Read More

6.3% ABV

21 IBU


40 Ratings

Added 10/14/17


Impulse IPA #3 - 06/28/2018

IPA - Imperial / Double

We're back with another Impulse IPA. Batch #3 is a nod to the original Double IPA: bold, bitter, and dangerously easy to drink. We've tweaked the hop… Read More

9.3% ABV

120 IBU


36 Ratings

Added 06/26/18


Peer Pressure

IPA - American

If you know us, you know we're not huge fans of the New England IPA. But many of you are, so we gave in and reworked our favorite Industry Standard DIPA… Read More

5.7% ABV

49 IBU


27 Ratings

Added 05/16/17


Agave Saison

Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Belgian Saison with Blue Agave Syrup added in secondary fermentation; resulting in a stronger, drier finish with hints of agave among the ester profile. Read More

7.5% ABV

28 IBU


20 Ratings

Added 11/01/17


6% ABV

23 IBU


21 Ratings

Added 09/29/17



Pumpkin / Yam Beer

German Dunkelweizen pairing seasonal pumpkin with the natural spicy clove esters from traditional weizen yeasts.

5.8% ABV



22 Ratings

Added 12/24/14


Pints of Persia


Belgian witbier with hibiscus, sweet orange and Persian saffron for a tart, fruity nose up front and an earthy, terrior finish.

6% ABV

21 IBU


22 Ratings

Added 02/16/15


Tsar Bomba

Stout - Imperial / Double

RIS with turbinado sugar and black treacle on bourbon oak.

14.3% ABV

90 IBU


23 Ratings

Added 02/16/15


La Chimere

Saison / Farmhouse Ale

French Saison with Voignier grape must added to secondary fermentation

9.5% ABV

33 IBU


16 Ratings

Added 03/14/17


Aprikose Weisse

Sour - Berliner Weisse

Kettle soured Berliner Weisse with apricot puree added post-fermentation.

4.3% ABV



13 Ratings

Added 11/08/17


Redwood IPA

Red Ale - American Amber / Red

West coast Red IPA. Amarillo & Simcoe hops

7% ABV

63 IBU


15 Ratings

Added 12/31/16


Extreme Night Terror Double IPA

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

Imperial Black IPA with Amarillo, Chinook, Colombus & Simcoe

9.6% ABV

205 IBU


9 Ratings

Added 01/03/15


Nice Buzz

Honey Beer

A light German lager brewed with Orange Blossom honey. Aromatic, easy drinking and thirst quenching when you need a nice buzz on a hot day.

5.6% ABV

21 IBU


10 Ratings

Added 09/29/17

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