Wagner Valley Brewing Company

Lodi, NY United States

Micro Brewery

Total 31,810

Unique 11,135

Monthly 468

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24,919 Ratings

30 Beers

Added 12/16/10


Welcome to Wagner Valley Brewing Company, established in 1997. We are a small craft-brewing… Show More

Beer List

Sled Dog Doppelbock


A true Bavarian style Doppel (Double) Bock specially brewed with only imported Munich Malts that provide this Bier with intense, yet exceptionally smooth… Read More

8.5% ABV

12 IBU


3,950 Ratings

Added 08/21/10


Cross-Section India Pale Ale (IPA)

IPA - American

Cross-section IPA has a resinous hoppy bitterness that is balanced out by a crisp, solid malt foundation. Hop varieties are carefully selected to deliver… Read More

6.5% ABV

67 IBU


2,889 Ratings

Added 03/05/11


Hop Tropic

IPA - American

Bursting with tropical fruit character, this new IPA is sure to bring you back to that beach chair. Pineapple and mango aromas invite juicy fruit forward… Read More

6% ABV

62 IBU


2,307 Ratings

Added 10/25/14


Dockside Vienna Lager

Lager - American Amber / Red

Smooth and aromatic, this easy drinking beer is enjoyable on any occasion. Imported Vienna malts contribute a sweet, yet toasted backbone to this crisp,… Read More

5.1% ABV

21 IBU


1,842 Ratings

Added 11/14/10


Cloudbank Hefeweizen


Cloudbank Hefeweizen is a Bavarian-style weiss bier with incredible flavor and aroma. Brewed with imported wheat malt & two-row barley, this unfiltered,… Read More

5% ABV

13 IBU


1,494 Ratings

Added 07/08/11


Sugar House Maple Porter

Porter - American

Handcrafted once a year, when the Maple sap runs, Sugar House Maple Porter is incredibly smooth, dark, and robust. Brewed with dark imported English malts,… Read More

5.7% ABV



1,435 Ratings

Added 05/29/11


Daybreak Pilsner

Pilsner - Other

Don't be fooled by this American-style lager - this is not your typical flavorless, yellow, fizzy water. At first sip, your palate is met with a sweet… Read More

5.5% ABV

16 IBU


1,423 Ratings

Added 03/05/11


Reserve Trippelbock


A traditional Bavarian style lager, brewed in early winter & aged until our annual spring release. Its dark mahogany hue represents this bold, heavily… Read More

10% ABV

17 IBU


1,241 Ratings

Added 07/29/13


Glacial Grind Coffee Porter

Porter - Other

A real eye opener, Glacial Grind Coffee Porter, is a robust European style porter that has traditional dry chocolate & toasted notes with subtle maltiness.… Read More

5.3% ABV

14 IBU


1,255 Ratings

Added 10/08/12



Sour - Gose

Light, tart, and fruity with a touch of salt. This kettle soured beer is a collaborative creation with our friends at Resurgence Brewing Co. in Buffalo.… Read More

4.7% ABV



699 Ratings

Added 06/22/16


Skin Deep Berliner Weisse

Sour - Berliner Weisse

Skin Deep is a kettle soured Berliner Weisse style white ale. We collaborated with Wagner Vineyards wine makers to introduce a special addition of Cabernet… Read More

4% ABV

10 IBU


305 Ratings

Added 10/28/16


Cherry Kolsch


A rare, summertime favorite, Cherry Kölsch, is a spin on the classic light brew that originated in Cologne, Germany. Specially brewed with fresh pressed… Read More

4.5% ABV

13 IBU


298 Ratings

Added 08/27/13


Drenched Wet Hop Double IPA

IPA - American

Drenched Wet Hop Double IPA is a representation of our local hop bounty. Produced with a single hop variety from Crooked Creek farm in Addison NY. We… Read More

8% ABV

50 IBU


293 Ratings

Added 09/22/16



Belgian Tripel

New Zealand Nelson Sauvin dry hops contribute aromas of white wine and grape skins, a nice compliment to the complex spicy, citrus character derived from… Read More

9% ABV

24 IBU


261 Ratings

Added 02/21/17



Sour - Gose

Made with real passionfruit puree, pink mineral salt, and organic coconut, you can imagine how this inventive brew got its name. Bright aromas of passionfruit… Read More

5.5% ABV

10 IBU


236 Ratings

Added 04/28/17


Kolsch Is the New Black


Kölsch is one of the most drinkable beer styles that has a pleasing softness on the pallet. This dark interpretation of the style is designed to drink… Read More

4.8% ABV

18 IBU


198 Ratings

Added 07/10/17


No Innuendos IPA

IPA - New England

No need for suggestive names or implications,this hazy tropical fruit bomb of an IPA will leave you floating on a cloud. Lactose sugar and oats lend to… Read More

7% ABV

38 IBU


175 Ratings

Added 03/23/18




Smoketoberfest is our rendition of the traditional German Marzen style with a bit of a twist. A healthy dose of three different varieties of smoked malts… Read More

6.2% ABV

26 IBU


179 Ratings

Added 09/23/16



Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Malt: 2 Row, Wheat, and Rye Hops: Golding and Saaz Other Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves This Spicy Rye Saison's complexity is enhanced by the addition… Read More

7% ABV

23 IBU


164 Ratings

Added 09/12/17



Sour - Berliner Weisse

This kettle soured Berliner-Weisse is loaded with blueberry character. Over 200 lbs of blueberries went into this sour wheat beer to create a fresh fruit… Read More

6.2% ABV

10 IBU


149 Ratings

Added 03/05/18


Hitch Hiker's Guide Galaxy Pilsner

Pilsner - German

Our Daybreak Pilsner dry-hopped with Galaxy Hops

5.5% ABV

16 IBU


139 Ratings

Added 09/01/16



Belgian Quad

A beautiful refuge to the harsh winter weather, this Belgian Style Quadrupel will warm you to the core. Boozy warmth, spicy yeast, and sweet citrus aromas… Read More

12% ABV

18 IBU


150 Ratings

Added 12/12/17



IPA - Session / India Session Ale

Slightly sweet and floral on the nose, this aromatic session IPA was made using only the Amarillo hop variety. Light and fluffy on the palate with fragrant,… Read More

4.5% ABV

30 IBU


152 Ratings

Added 07/10/17


Chocolate Wasted

Stout - Milk / Sweet

Aged on cacao nibs, our Chocolate Wasted Chocolate Milk Stout is a dark, fudge-y brew, with a big, full body. Along with all of its chocolatey goodness,… Read More

6.4% ABV

10 IBU


122 Ratings

Added 12/12/16


Root Beer

Root Beer

Rootbeer brewed right on site at Wagner Valley Brewing Co. Non-alcoholic, caffeine free. Brewed with real vanilla, anise, birch beer extract, black strap… Read More




115 Ratings

Added 08/01/13

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