Stevens Point Brewery

Stevens Point, WI United States

Regional Brewery

Total 270,419

Unique 100,541

Monthly 1,258

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195,768 Ratings

133 Beers

Added 10/18/10


The Stevens Point Brewery is steeped in a history that has transcended the trials of… Show More

Beer List

Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin / Yam Beer

Handcrafted using real pumpkin and savory pumpkin pie spices with hints of all natural cinnamon and nutmeg. Perle hops balance with rich Munich, Roasted,… Read More

7.5% ABV



24,861 Ratings

Added 11/10/10


Classic Amber

Lager - American Amber / Red

Point Classic Amber is a multi-award winning amber-style lager. It boasts a recipe of the highest quality natural ingredients. Roasted caramel malts gives… Read More

4.9% ABV

14 IBU


11,334 Ratings

Added 08/18/11


Onyx Black Ale

Porter - American

Dark rich roasty and complex, international award winning Point Onyx Black Ale is hand-crafted with a blend of roasted, chocolate, and black malt with… Read More

5.2% ABV

18 IBU


10,918 Ratings

Added 05/25/14


Beyond the Pale IPA

IPA - American

Golden in color with a heavenly hop aroma, Beyond the Pale IPA is artfully balanced with celestial hop flavor and clean malt character. Galaxy hops are… Read More

5.7% ABV

41 IBU


11,573 Ratings

Added 05/11/13


Cascade Pale Ale

Pale Ale - American

Point Cascade Pale Ale is handcrafted combining special top-fermenting yeast and a dry hopping process to create this truly classic American Pale Ale.… Read More

5.4% ABV



9,429 Ratings

Added 08/21/10


Point Special Lager

Lager - North American Adjunct

The brewery’s flagship brew since 1857, Point Special is a well-balanced, full-bodied classic American-Style lager. This award-winning pilsner is highly… Read More

4.8% ABV



7,293 Ratings

Added 08/21/10




Point Oktoberfest is an authentic Marzen Style Lager beer, a style reminiscent of the beers originally brewed for the first Oktoberfest Celebrations in… Read More

4.9% ABV

15 IBU


7,830 Ratings

Added 11/10/10


Whole Hog Espresso Stout

Stout - Other

Handcrafted using a blend of supreme roasted malts, delicately aged on hand-picked espresso coffee beans from Valentine Coffee Roasters, Milwaukee, WI.… Read More

6.5% ABV

17 IBU


8,248 Ratings

Added 09/05/14


Whole Hog Imperial IPA (Six Hop IPA)

IPA - Imperial / Double

It just wasn't enough to use a blend of five varieties of hops in our India Pale Ale. We needed more. We needed to go whole hog! So, we added a sixth… Read More

8% ABV

87 IBU


5,798 Ratings

Added 03/05/11


Drop Dead Blonde

Blonde Ale

Highlights of sweetness and smoothness reveal the character of Point Drop Dead Blonde Ale. The invigorating flavors are captured and revealed with an… Read More

4% ABV



5,046 Ratings

Added 08/04/11


S.P.A. Session Pale Ale

Pale Ale - American

Point S.P.A. (Session Pale Ale) features 100% Citra Hops. Handcrafted using two-row malted barley, this crisp drinkable Pale Ale has a light malt body… Read More

4.8% ABV

24 IBU


4,658 Ratings

Added 01/09/16


Snow Pilot

Brown Ale - American

Point Snow Pilot is handcrafted using a blend of victory malt, caramel malt, palisade hops and savory crushed pistachio nuts. The flavor of this delectable… Read More

6% ABV

16 IBU


4,328 Ratings

Added 09/17/16


Siesta Key

Fruit Beer

Generous amounts of Australian Vic Secret Hops create a tropical fruit citrus sensation. A refreshingly tart burst of freshly squeezed grapefruit will… Read More

4.3% ABV

27 IBU


4,105 Ratings

Added 02/17/16


Smiley Blue Pils

Pilsner - Czech

Get in the mood for fun with Smiley Blue Pils – an authentic Czech-Style Pilsner handcrafted with Pilsner Malt and Saaz Hops. Take your time to savor… Read More

4.4% ABV

32 IBU


4,025 Ratings

Added 03/07/15


Point IPA

IPA - American

Great depth of bold hop aroma begins your journey into this authentic India Pale Ale. Dry-hopped using a complex blend of Magnum, Perle, and Cascade hops,… Read More

5.6% ABV



3,687 Ratings

Added 01/19/13


Coast Radler

Shandy / Radler

Radlers (the German word for “cyclists”) were first introduced in 1922 near Munich, Germany after thirsty cyclists coasted through the mountains and were… Read More

4.4% ABV



3,260 Ratings

Added 04/02/14


Whole Hog Russian Imperial Stout

Stout - Russian Imperial

Ruby-black in color, with dark roast coffee aromatics. Enticing frothy tan head. Semisweet chocolate and bold malty flavor accompany a thick, complex… Read More

8.6% ABV



2,942 Ratings

Added 11/08/10


Spruce Tip IPA

IPA - American

A soulful combo of bold Cascade hops, sweet Colorado blue spruce tips and a touch of caramel malt will satisfy your craving for something unique. Make… Read More

5.5% ABV

45 IBU


2,974 Ratings

Added 02/16/14


Peach Mango IPA

IPA - American

Blending juicy peaches, tasty mangos, and heaps of Cascade Hops shows you how passionate we are about this one. A one-of-a-kind flavor burst waiting for… Read More

5.5% ABV

40 IBU


2,835 Ratings

Added 02/16/14


One Shot IPA

IPA - American

Single-hop IPA. Calypso hops, lightly toasted Vienna malt and white wheat malt blend. New Calypso hops add tasty citrus flavors with hints of passionfruit,… Read More

6% ABV

40 IBU


2,451 Ratings

Added 01/12/14


White IPA

IPA - White

Crisp, clean and refreshing this authentic IPA will give you a first-hand look and taste of Sorachi Ace Hops, named after the Sorachi Subprefecture in… Read More

5.5% ABV

40 IBU


2,233 Ratings

Added 01/12/14


Lakemaid Beer - Fisherman's Lager

Lager - North American Adjunct

In 2015, brewing of this beer shifted to Stevens Point Brewery, but the beer is the same. Lakemaid Beer is a limited release brew from August Schell Brewing… Read More

4.5% ABV



1,444 Ratings

Added 05/22/11


6% ABV



1,757 Ratings

Added 05/29/14


Point Bock

Bock - Single / Traditional

The origin of Point Bock Beer can be traced back to 1938. Production was discontinued in 1942 to be returned after WWII in 1945. Since that time, for… Read More

4.7% ABV

14 IBU


1,246 Ratings

Added 03/01/14


Milkshake Malt Porter

Porter - Other

Porter made with natural flavor added. Made with chocolate wheat malt, cocoa, topaz and tettnang hops.

5.5% ABV



1,405 Ratings

Added 02/23/18

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