Red Rock Brewing Co.

Salt Lake City, UT United States

Micro Brewery

Total 62,650

Unique 21,032

Monthly 601

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46,840 Ratings

132 Beers

Added 11/11/10


Beer List

Elephino Double IPA

IPA - Imperial / Double

Hoppy-Citrusy-Resinous: "Elephant" was the original name of our hop-centric, flagship ale. A certain mass producing lager brewery in Denmark with a beer… Read More

8% ABV

88 IBU


8,710 Ratings

Added 04/16/12


20th Anniversary Imperial Red Ale

Red Ale - Imperial / Double

Bold-Caramely-Citrusy: Turning 20 in the beer industry is a milestone worth celebrating! For a big anniversary we had to brew an equally big beer. Boasting… Read More

9.5% ABV

73 IBU


2,324 Ratings

Added 05/09/14



Stout - Russian Imperial

Roasty-Chocolaty-Smooth: Drioma is the Slavic spirit of the night. Her dark nature is smooth and subtle, just like our Russian imperial stout. The Russian… Read More

10.1% ABV

59 IBU


2,346 Ratings

Added 03/05/13


Le Quatre

Saison / Farmhouse Ale

Rustic-Tart-Fruity: Le Quatre means "The Four" in French and Saison means "Season." The name is a reference to the four seasons observed in a year. This… Read More

6.2% ABV

30 IBU


2,111 Ratings

Added 06/30/11


Bobcat Nut Brown Ale

Brown Ale - American

Toasty-Nutty-Hoppy: The term "nut brown" stems from the color of brown ales rather than the use of actual nuts in the recipe. Traditional English brown… Read More

6.1% ABV

27 IBU


2,133 Ratings

Added 10/08/12


Amber Ale

Red Ale - American Amber / Red

Caramelly-Dark Bread-Hoppy: Sometimes referred to as Red Ales, American Amber Ales bridge the gap between lighter American Pale Ales and the darker American… Read More

4% ABV

32 IBU


1,655 Ratings

Added 03/31/11


Griswald's Holiday Ale

Spiced / Herbed Beer

Spiced-Warming-Festive: Whether you're recovering from a long day of shopping or a powder day on the slopes, Griswald's Holiday Ale is there to help you… Read More

8.5% ABV

15 IBU


1,313 Ratings

Added 12/06/12


IPA Junior

IPA - American

Hoppy-Piney-Floral: When American homebrewers were looking for a style to showcase the piney, citrusy, and dank characteristics of indigenous hops, India… Read More

4% ABV

36 IBU


1,285 Ratings

Added 05/16/11


Golden Halo Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale

Mild-Bready-Smooth: Blonde ales are the model gateway craft beer. With more flavor than American lagers and less bitterness than pale ales, American blonde… Read More

5.8% ABV

20 IBU


1,393 Ratings

Added 03/06/11


Oatmeal Stout

Stout - Oatmeal

Roasty-Nutty-Oaty: With the roasty, rich flavors of a stout and the creamy, nutty flavors of oats, Oatmeal Stout is the quintessential comfort beer style.… Read More

4% ABV

36 IBU


1,434 Ratings

Added 06/09/11


Fröhlich Pils

Pilsner - German

Crisp-Crackery-Dry: Fröhlich means "happy" in German. Our "Happy" Pils is created with traditional German malt, hops, and lager yeast. Its crisp, clean… Read More

5.5% ABV

33 IBU


997 Ratings

Added 08/21/14




Creamy-Mild-Wheaty: Hefeweizen means "yeast wheat" in German. While the yeast fermentation character of German wheat beer tends to be quite evident, the… Read More

4% ABV

17 IBU


926 Ratings

Added 07/24/11



Lager - IPL (India Pale Lager)

An India-style rye lager made in collaboration with fellow World Beer Cup winners Pelican Pub & Brewery.

6.9% ABV

35 IBU


790 Ratings

Added 03/11/12


Honey Wheat


Light-Bready-Refreshing: You'll never find a lighter, more refreshing beer on our menu than Honey Wheat. Its gentle wheat flavors and honey-sweet aromas… Read More

4% ABV

16 IBU


938 Ratings

Added 07/24/11



Gruit / Ancient Herbed Ale

Fruity-Tart-Zippy: Paardebloem, Dutch for "dandelion," is a 9.2% ABV chardonnay barrel aged Belgian style ale brewed with toasted pilsner malt, peaches,… Read More

9.2% ABV

10 IBU


717 Ratings

Added 03/06/11


Grand Bavaria


Fruity-Wheaty-Creamy: Weissbier means "white beer" in German. The term was first used to refer to any light colored beer, but now predominantly refers… Read More

5% ABV

11 IBU


708 Ratings

Added 05/15/15


Nut Brown Ale

Brown Ale - American

Toasty-Nutty-Hoppy: The term "nut brown" stems from the color of brown ales rather than the use of actual nuts in the recipe. Traditional English brown… Read More

4% ABV

25 IBU


700 Ratings

Added 03/31/11



Belgian Tripel

Smooth-Fruity-Warming: Belgian style tripels are known to have an elevated alcoholic content while being devilishly smooth and easy to drink. Belgian… Read More

11% ABV

18 IBU


643 Ratings

Added 10/07/16


West Coast Pale Ale

Pale Ale - American

Hoppy-Citrusy-Dank: The saying goes "one man's pale ale is another man's IPA." A West Coast Pale Ale tows the line between pale ale & IPA with its aggressive… Read More

4% ABV

45 IBU


633 Ratings

Added 07/12/15


White Rainbow

IPA - White

Citrusy-Hoppy-Fruity: If there’s one thing the American beer drinker can’t get enough of, it’s IPAs. There’s the less hoppy pale ale, the more hoppy double… Read More

6.2% ABV

53 IBU


522 Ratings

Added 06/02/16


Zwickelbier-2017 Gold Medal GABF

Kellerbier / Zwickelbier

Crispy-Bready-Dry: Zwickel is pronounce "tzvickle", and is named for the sampling cock attached to the outside of a fermentation vessel. This unfiltered… Read More

4% ABV

22 IBU


494 Ratings

Added 10/10/11



Belgian Tripel

Bright-Bubbly-Tart: Utah's first barrel aged beer! Rêve means "dream" in French. In an attempt to make our dream a reality, we crafted a traditional tripel… Read More

10.3% ABV

38 IBU


481 Ratings

Added 07/24/11




Woody-Whiskey-Spicy: Secale (pronounced se-cal-le) means "rye" in Latin. Our tribute to the spicy cereal grain comes in the form of a rye dopplebock lager… Read More

8.5% ABV

22 IBU


489 Ratings

Added 12/10/11


Special Bitter

Extra Special / Strong Bitter

Smooth-Nutty-Earthy: This ale originates from England and is the middle child of the British bitter family. Also known as Best Bitter, it falls between… Read More

4% ABV

30 IBU


394 Ratings

Added 07/24/11



Belgian Strong Golden Ale

Spiced-Bready-Smooth: Gineva is a Belgian Style Spiced Ale with juniper berries and kaffir lime leaves. The evident yeast character adds fruity notes… Read More

5.5% ABV

11 IBU


387 Ratings

Added 07/15/16

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