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Beer List


IPA - American

Our flagship IPA was brewed with massive amounts of Citra hops and blended with Amarillo and Eukanot hops to leave you with a true tropical citrus experience.… Read More

6.4% ABV
65 IBU
7,128 Ratings
Added 04/05/16

Booty Call

IPA - Imperial / Double

Big double IPA blended with Citra, Simcoe, & Bravo hops. The beer you turn to when you need some lovin'. This beer will always be around to leave you… Read More

8.7% ABV
80 IBU
3,410 Ratings
Added 10/20/16

Burn Down Brown

Brown Ale - English

This English style brown ale has notes reminiscent of chocolate and toffee with a balanced hop character. We add a heavy dose of rolled oats to bring… Read More

5% ABV
27 IBU
3,198 Ratings
Added 02/10/14


IPA - White

An aromatic, hazy White IPA bursting with notes of tropical fruit and banana from our house Belgian yeast.

6% ABV
70 IBU
3,309 Ratings
Added 03/23/17

Ground Up Coffee Milk Stout

Stout - Coffee

We use Counter Culture's certified organic coffee from Durham, NC to compliment the chocolate, caramel and toffee flavors in this stout.

5.3% ABV
21 IBU
2,606 Ratings
Added 12/18/14

Life in the South

Lager - American Light

Using a true Southern staple, the addition of grits to the beer defines the body and creates a crisp and crushable beer.

4.5% ABV
25 IBU
2,600 Ratings
Added 03/12/15

Dat Pale

Pale Ale - American

A Pale Ale hopped with Simcoe, Azzaca, and Citra hops. This hop-forward beer is fermented with our house ale yeast. A crisp, clean ale with a refreshingly… Read More

5.2% ABV
50 IBU
2,532 Ratings
Added 09/15/16


Belgian Tripel

Tripel brewed to be dangerously drinkable that yields a light and refreshing profile.

8.8% ABV
36 IBU
1,526 Ratings
Added 05/31/14

Burn Down For What

American Wild Ale

Unboiled and unhopped Burn Down Brown, aged on our house Kombucha culture for several months and blended with fresh Burn Down Brown. Caution- May make… Read More

4.8% ABV
27 IBU
1,470 Ratings
Added 08/12/14

Send It

IPA - American

Send It is a lifestyle beer. We used Cascade, El Dorado, and Simcoe hops to give this beer the character it deserves. This beer is an enticingly juicy,… Read More

6.3% ABV
1,585 Ratings
Added 05/26/18

Name Drop Guava Milkshake IPA

IPA - Milkshake

This guava IPA combines juicy Mosiac hops and lactose to give it a perfect milkshake like character. Straw not included!

5.8% ABV
1,536 Ratings
Added 08/08/18

Laughing Yogi

Wheat Beer - Other

A refreshing Belgian wheat ale infused with organic jasmine green tea. This beer has a perfect balance of malt and floral notes.

4.8% ABV
12 IBU
1,248 Ratings
Added 03/27/16

Breakfast In Heaven

Stout - Imperial / Double

Breakfast in Heaven in a base Imperial stout rested in Heaven Hills barrels and blended with Counter Culture coffee, Madagascar vanilla beans, cacao nibs… Read More

10% ABV
1,135 Ratings
Added 03/06/16

Tart De La Wit

American Wild Ale

A Belgian style witbier fermented with SC peaches and aged with our house kombucha culture. Makes for a delectable sour beer that is not one to miss!… Read More

4.6% ABV
11 IBU
1,032 Ratings
Added 02/24/14

Queen City Blues

Sour - Fruited

Paint the city blue, pucker up and groove. This beer does not shy away from the blues. In fact, it thrives with copious amounts of blueberries. If you… Read More

5.4% ABV
923 Ratings
Added 08/04/15

No-Show Amber

Red Ale - American Amber / Red

A blend of fine European pale malts and American citrus hops create highly drinkable amber ale that has been crafted to reduce gluten. This product may… Read More

6% ABV
36 IBU
852 Ratings
Added 05/18/14

Strawberry Seduction

American Wild Ale

Strawberries cold pressed to unveil the sweet and tart flavor profile. Soured to perfection to seduce your taste buds. This wild ale will steal your heart. Read More

5% ABV
715 Ratings
Added 10/26/13

Kentucky Creeper


Kentucky Creeper 4.4% ABV, Gluten Free! - This wild child was created in the heat of the summer using North Carolina staples! Our in-house culture delivers… Read More

4.4% ABV
636 Ratings
Added 10/26/13

Johnny Rico Red IPA

IPA - American

"These are the rules. Everybody fights, nobody quits. If you don't do your job I'll kill you myself. Welcome to the Roughnecks!" -Johnny Rico Red IPA… Read More

6% ABV
45 IBU
644 Ratings
Added 12/17/15



Festbier was creatively named Festbier after the style of beer... Festbier. This smooth, clean, pale German lager has a moderately strong malt flavor… Read More

6.3% ABV
652 Ratings
Added 12/10/16

Passion Fruit Gose

Sour - Gose

Let the flavor shine. Crisp, refreshing, clean sour with a strong passion fruit flavor. If you love citrus - you will really enjoy this sour.

4.8% ABV
623 Ratings
Added 06/11/17

The Magellan

Spiced / Herbed Beer

We take our Burn Down Brown and give it a dose of what explorer Ferdinand Magellan had in mind when he set sail for the Spice Islands. Cinnamon, nutmeg,… Read More

5% ABV
27 IBU
465 Ratings
Added 12/12/14

Holy Moly

American Wild Ale

Holy Moly 4.4% ABV, Gluten Free! - This wild ale is crisp with a dry and spicy finish that will leave you shouting Holy Moly! Our open-top fermenting… Read More

4.4% ABV
30 IBU
429 Ratings
Added 10/26/13

Apricot Jam Sour

Sour - Other

Apricot Jam is a tart, colorful juicy kettle sour that boasts over 1,000 pounds of Apricots per batch. It's time to slam the jam!

7% ABV
482 Ratings
Added 04/25/19

De La Wit

Wheat Beer - Witbier

This Belgian Style Witbier quite thirst quenching, complemented by a nice bready malt backbone from the high percentage of wheat used. The addition of… Read More

5.4% ABV
13 IBU
425 Ratings
Added 04/14/14
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