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Added 11/20/16


Coconspirators Brewing is an independent nomadic brewing company from Melbourne and… Show More

Beer List

The Matriarch

IPA - New England

She may look like your mum on a big night out but the Matriarch is much more than meets the eye: a sheep dressed up in lambs clothing’ slightly hazy and… Read More

6.5% ABV

47 IBU


978 Ratings

Added 06/19/17


The Butcher

IPA - Red

Red, the colour of passion. Brewing was his love but when you’re the fastest knife in the north the debt must be paid… They call him the artist of death,… Read More

6% ABV

63 IBU


970 Ratings

Added 12/28/16


The Bookie

Pale Ale - American

​Meet the Bookie. He will happily take your hard earn clams for the long shot, but if you want a sure thing, this brew is for you! Aromas of citrus and… Read More

4.6% ABV

40 IBU


501 Ratings

Added 01/24/17


The Beancounter

Porter - American

He's the acrobat of arithmetic, nerdy number cruncher, magician of money making debts disappear, the bad-ass of bean counting. His humour and soul are… Read More

5% ABV

21 IBU


362 Ratings

Added 05/01/17


Rumball In the Jungle

Porter - Other

Why wait for Christmas; this isn't your Nanas usual Christmas treat. This Rumball Porter weighs in at 7.6%. We have set the flavour dial to 11 with the… Read More

7.6% ABV

40 IBU


269 Ratings

Added 04/30/17


The Diplomat

Saison / Farmhouse Ale

She grew up in the Belgium countryside, surrounded by small family farms. Any hint of fresh cut elderflowers, the farmhouse or spicy earthiness take her… Read More

6% ABV

25 IBU


213 Ratings

Added 09/04/17


The Henchman

IPA - American

Born from the West Coast of the USA, allow us to introduce The Henchman IPA. The all-American hops create a piney, resinous and fruity burst of flavour… Read More

6.8% ABV

60 IBU


119 Ratings

Added 11/18/16


The Hustler

IPA - New England

He’s been hustling since schoolyard days. The kids knew then they could come to him for anything they needed, as the years have gone by he has honed his… Read More

6.3% ABV

33 IBU


91 Ratings

Added 11/05/17


The Wheelman

Sour - Gose

You have heard the saying "drive it like you stole it" but to be honest... the wheelman probably had. He wasn’t in it for the money he loved the thrill,… Read More

4.2% ABV



66 Ratings

Added 12/25/17

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