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CoConspirators Brewing Company

Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Contract Brewery

Total 14,348

Unique 4,946

Monthly 374

You 0


11,840 Ratings

17 Beers

Added 11/20/16


Coconspirators Brewing is an independent nomadic brewing company from Melbourne and Show More

Beer List

The Matriarch

IPA - New England

She may look like your mum on a big night out but the Matriarch is much more than meets the eye: a sheep dressed up in lambs clothing’ slightly hazy and… Read More

6.5% ABV

47 IBU


2,511 Ratings

Added 06/19/17


The Butcher

IPA - Red

Red, the colour of passion. Brewing was his love but when you’re the fastest knife in the north the debt must be paid… They call him the artist of death,… Read More

6% ABV

63 IBU


1,671 Ratings

Added 12/29/16


The Bookie

Pale Ale - American

​Meet the Bookie. He will happily take your hard earn clams for the long shot, but if you want a sure thing, this brew is for you! Aromas of citrus and… Read More

4.6% ABV

40 IBU


957 Ratings

Added 01/24/17


The Editor

Sour - Fruited

Mild mannered reporter by ‘Day’ and independent beer crusader by night, The Editor works hard to expose the truth. Using her words as her weapons, she… Read More

4.8% ABV

10 IBU


808 Ratings

Added 11/21/18


The Beancounter

Porter - English

He's the acrobat of arithmetic, nerdy number cruncher, magician of money making debts disappear, the bad-ass of bean counting. His humour and soul are… Read More

5% ABV

21 IBU


753 Ratings

Added 05/01/17


The Henchman

IPA - American

Henchman are a dime a dozen, countless unnamed characters killed off, but not this guy. Hailing from the West Coast, he’s old school! First up hitting… Read More

6.8% ABV

60 IBU


746 Ratings

Added 11/19/16


The Middleman

IPA - American

This guy crosses borders like one crosses the street. He has his fingers in many pies and the long arm of the law will never catch him. Anything you need… Read More

7.4% ABV

57 IBU


586 Ratings

Added 05/08/18


The Wheelman Raspberry Gose

Sour - Gose

You have heard the saying "drive it like you stole it" but to be honest... the wheelman probably had. He wasn’t in it for the money he loved the thrill,… Read More

4.2% ABV



526 Ratings

Added 12/25/17


The Undertaker

IPA - Rye

Meet the Undertaker. When things go a ‘rye’ he’s your guy, undertaking the jobs no one else wants. He’s no nonsense and gets down to brass tacks, but… Read More

6% ABV

60 IBU


529 Ratings

Added 09/12/18


The Sour Matriarch

Sour - Ale

Pucker up because The Matriarch is back! You may have met her before but don’t think you know her. She changes outfits like a chameleon and is back to… Read More

6.5% ABV

20 IBU


508 Ratings

Added 01/08/19


The Apprentice

Stout - Milk / Sweet

She cut her teeth on the streets of Panama as a child, it was there she was educated on the ‘import/export’ business by one of the darkest characters… Read More

5.9% ABV

30 IBU


441 Ratings

Added 07/03/18


The Belgian Breakfast

Belgian Quad

With a whiff of waffle and a flash of figs, this dark, complex malt-driven number makes for the perfect breakfast beer.

9% ABV



351 Ratings

Added 04/30/18


The Salesman

Pale Ale - American

“Amarillo! Centennial! Citra! You need it? I got it! I got the juiciest hops in town! Megalo juicy! You pay cash...Special deal...Just for you.” You can… Read More

5.1% ABV

35 IBU


316 Ratings

Added 02/12/19


The Berserker

Stout - Russian Imperial

To age a stout of formidable strength, we looked to history and the world—not just any old barrel would suffice, but one whose history was greater than… Read More

12.5% ABV

80 IBU


133 Ratings

Added 02/09/18


The Baron

IPA - Brut

Introducing The Baron, our newest co-conspired beer with Market Juice. The next big thing: Brut IPA but with a CoConspirators spin. We are taking this… Read More

6% ABV

20 IBU


110 Ratings

Added 08/17/18



Pale Ale - Australian

5% ABV



12 Ratings

Added 02/23/19


The 'Wise' Guy

Sour - Fruited

This wise guy is a fast talker but definitely not a straight shooter. He's got the answer, before you even ash the question. He's the top lady's right… Read More

5% ABV



0 Rating

Added 04/06/19

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