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Asheville, NC United States

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Unique (?) 199,718

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Burial Beer Co. crafts bold American creations with a dedication to drinkability, tr Show More

Beer List

Surf Wax

IPA - American

If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. But are you crazy enough? Show those guys that are inchingd their way on… Read More

6.8% ABV
45 IBU
50,300 Ratings
Added 11/21/13

Skillet Donut Stout

Stout - Coffee

Cold, black iron. Never decaying. It is held to the fire to unearth impeccable flavor from whatever it holds. Never prejudicial, it welcomes all ingredients.… Read More

8% ABV
60 IBU
29,870 Ratings
Added 05/30/13

Bolo Coconut Brown

Brown Ale - American

For wherever you have gone, we shall not know. But we shall forever cherish your return. Behold the emergence of one of the first imbibing experiences… Read More

5.6% ABV
27 IBU
16,738 Ratings
Added 05/31/14

Shadowclock Pilsner

Pilsner - German

Made with German barley and American corn, our own brewer's prize is then dry-hopped with Sterling and Tettnanger hops. Never filtered, the result is… Read More

5% ABV
30 IBU
14,338 Ratings
Added 06/30/15


Stout - Imperial / Double Coffee

Behold the vibrant glare of life's everlasting penchant for satisfaction's zenith. We kneel before the temple of your desires and proudly offer you this… Read More

10% ABV
35 IBU
11,390 Ratings
Added 10/10/15

Until There Is No Longer

IPA - New England / Hazy

A pair of wandering orbs fixated upon the bloodsky. And behind them dwells a lurking obsession. Wanting to know what lays beyond it. Whirlpooled with… Read More

7.4% ABV
60 IBU
9,920 Ratings
Added 06/07/19

Scythe Rye IPA

IPA - Rye

The day of resurrection is at hand, the blade still sharp. Our longest standing beacon of utility, this Rye India Pale Ale invokes the vital tenets of… Read More

7% ABV
66 IBU
8,559 Ratings
Added 06/15/13

To Streak Blood Across My Brow

IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy

The chuckling insanity of an appetite for utter disaster paves the path to unrelenting purity. Everyone's favorite hop extravaganza has returned for its… Read More

8.5% ABV
55 IBU
7,873 Ratings
Added 04/29/18

The Keeper's Veil

Farmhouse Ale - Saison

A peak back inside the genesis of our thought. A kindred spirit no longer lost. Brewed with wildflower honey, Riverbend Pilsner malt and wheat, with a… Read More

5.5% ABV
15 IBU
8,537 Ratings
Added 11/24/15



Brewed with Pilsner and Flaked Wheat, and fermented with Kolsch ale yeast this essential beer is dry-hopped with an abundance of Mandarina Bavaria and… Read More

4.9% ABV
33 IBU
8,121 Ratings
Added 05/21/16

Blade & Sheath

Farmhouse Ale - Saison

Dreams relapse. The imprinted memories get diluted. Lost in a feverish quest for the shattered fragments of our greatest moments, sometimes, we start… Read More

6% ABV
40 IBU
7,870 Ratings
Added 04/24/15

Rationality Shall Run Its Course

IPA - New England / Hazy

Awakened among the sea of our dire circumstances. Treading water that rises with each dreadful hour. Alone in our boat, fearing the flood. But these tired… Read More

7.5% ABV
40 IBU
7,046 Ratings
Added 03/30/20


Pale Ale - American

There are things that cast great shadows. Maybe an oracle under veil, or the subjective truth that sought our ear. Whatever it be, it is now yours to… Read More

5.3% ABV
35 IBU
7,478 Ratings
Added 12/18/20

The Tearing of Flesh From Bone

IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy

Upon this dead earth, I lay encased in a carcass of my past. And the bones beneath this blood-bustling decay exude the only shreds of my future realities.… Read More

8.2% ABV
50 IBU
6,446 Ratings
Added 05/25/18


Lager - American Light

A righteous revelation in our truth. Set adrift on the river of refreshment. This throwback American wonder was concocted from our memories, and the curiosity… Read More

3.5% ABV
11 IBU
4,939 Ratings
Added 05/14/16


Lager - Munich Dunkel

Cast into the clutches of eternal damnation. And crucified by all the noise. It’s dark lager. You need to have it but you don’t know it yet. You're infested… Read More

4.8% ABV
22 IBU
5,694 Ratings
Added 03/12/18

The Beginning Is After the End

Porter - Coffee

We shall travel along a jagged edge and into the mouth of utter chaos. The blood of sun shall drain from the sky. The chill of the dark unknown shall… Read More

6.5% ABV
25 IBU
5,065 Ratings
Added 04/20/20


Porter - Baltic

Mighty as the rugged smith who made it, the blade is marked with a telling inscription. For between these jagged edges lays the storied steel wielded… Read More

7.2% ABV
30 IBU
4,378 Ratings
Added 11/22/17

End of Plagues

IPA - New England / Hazy

All along we had nothing to fear. Just the pale grim unwinding of our minds. Then the sun rose and fell. The scabs dissolved into scars. The scourge persisted… Read More

7.2% ABV
47 IBU
4,430 Ratings
Added 12/29/20

Culture Keepers Festbier


For those who came before us. And for those who will follow. An annual celebration of the everlasting splendor of beer's beginnings. Our traditional German-style… Read More

5.8% ABV
25 IBU
4,042 Ratings
Added 10/02/17

Anatomical Transmutation

IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy

An existence forged from the boundaries of our meandering metamorphosis. A spectacle in the intangible force of Heavy Resin. The original Heavy Resin… Read More

8.5% ABV
43 IBU
3,790 Ratings
Added 05/04/20

Riding Into The Heart Of Hell

IPA - American

It's not tragic to die doing what you love. Be a searcher. Seek out the ultimate ride. A triple saturated version of our beloved house IPA, laced with… Read More

6.8% ABV
45 IBU
4,085 Ratings
Added 10/19/20

Enlightened Aren't We All

IPA - New England / Hazy

A chaos we must float upon. A turnstile of aimless beliefs. And the eventual adoration of all the elements that will define you. The findings we came… Read More

7.2% ABV
42 IBU
3,885 Ratings
Added 02/14/22

Portal Beyond Nonexistence

Stout - Imperial / Double Pastry

The pathway into unknown spaces. A brooding hellspawn of evolution. Once again we walk through this gate without worry. Our beloved S'more-inspired stout… Read More

15% ABV
32 IBU
3,546 Ratings
Added 10/10/19

Own Benefactor

IPA - American

Like Augie says, all artists need a benefactor. We just decided to be our own. A somtimes foolish theory of existence in craft, revisited with our good… Read More

6.4% ABV
50 IBU
3,662 Ratings
Added 08/15/17
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