Bugnutty Brewing Company

Merritt Island, FL United States

Micro Brewery

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Unique 2,542

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7,715 Ratings

57 Beers

Added 09/09/13


Three guys with very different backgrounds decided to work together to live the same… Show More

Beer List

Zeus Will Smite Thee

IPA - American

Zeus is crafted to capture distinct Florida flavors and is our version of a Florida style IPA. Well-balanced with pleasant tropical pineapple and tangerine… Read More

7.2% ABV

70 IBU


993 Ratings

Added 09/20/13


Red Wheat & Blue

Fruit Beer

A fruit beer that is crisp and easy to drink. Modest amounts of roasted grain are added to give it an amber hue. Subtle hints of blueberry make this beer… Read More

4.3% ABV

16 IBU


538 Ratings

Added 09/20/13


Sticky Foot Pale Ale

Pale Ale - American

Mildly bitter, Sticky Foot has a predominately pale malt grain bill that allows hop aromas to shine through.

5.7% ABV

36 IBU


393 Ratings

Added 09/13/13


Dark Matter Black IPA

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

An IPA for dark beer lovers! Full Bodied, Toasty Dark Malt, Chocolate, Earthy, Citrus, Pine

6.5% ABV

67 IBU


457 Ratings

Added 07/23/16


Suzi's Red Belly Ale

Red Ale - Irish

Irish Red Ale made with Marris Otter grain and a few more. And hopped with Sovereign.

5% ABV

23 IBU


327 Ratings

Added 09/08/13


Red Falcon IPA

IPA - American

An out of this world well balanced red IPA featuring Falconers Flight hops.

6.83% ABV

68 IBU


283 Ratings

Added 05/17/14


Two Finger Porter

Porter - American

Brewed with the help of the "News Junkies" sidekick Sabrina, this porter is an excellent example of what has historically been deemed a "Working-Man's"… Read More

5% ABV

22 IBU


282 Ratings

Added 11/24/13


Perigee Pils

Pilsner - Other

A hand crafted ale that will appeal to those who enjoy lighter brews. Made from a blend of German malts and noble hops, Perigee is a light, refreshing… Read More

4.9% ABV

25 IBU


231 Ratings

Added 04/07/15


Foxy Brown Coconut Ale

Brown Ale - Other

A medium bodied brown ale infused with lightly toasted coconut, lactose and a blend of cocoa nibs from Ecuador and Ghana.

4.8% ABV

21 IBU


230 Ratings

Added 07/03/16


Rhesus Peanut Butter Cup

Stout - Milk / Sweet

Medium bodied dark ale with balanced peanut butter and chocolate notes.

6% ABV

32 IBU


247 Ratings

Added 10/31/14


Flakey Blonde

Blonde Ale - Belgian Blonde / Golden

A light Belgian wheat beer that is smooth and refreshing to drink. Hints of sweet orange and coriander.

5% ABV

20 IBU


168 Ratings

Added 10/16/13


007 Golden EyePa

IPA - American

Single hop IPA using Idaho 007 Goldenhops giving it a distinct pineapple nose.

7.4% ABV

66 IBU


172 Ratings

Added 08/29/16



California Common

Often referred to as a “Steam” beer, this style was very popular during California’s “gold rush” years. Snicklefritz has a clean aroma, hints of banana/ester… Read More

5.4% ABV

37 IBU


140 Ratings

Added 04/24/14


Key Lime Pie

Fruit Beer

Light body, tart key lime, sweet vanilla, graham cracker finish.

5.4% ABV

11 IBU


151 Ratings

Added 09/05/15


Oatdis the Elder

Stout - Oatmeal

A classic British-style stout brewed with flaked oatmeal and roasted barley. Just like it's little brother, but stronger.

7% ABV

36 IBU


133 Ratings

Added 02/28/17


Paddy's Vanilla Red Ale

Red Ale - Irish

Paddy’s Irish Cream Ale is our version of a classic Irish Red Ale style with a creamy twist. It has an amber hue, a light creamy body and a pleasant aroma. Read More

6.73% ABV

10 IBU


104 Ratings

Added 03/29/16


Oatdis the Younger

Stout - Oatmeal

A classic British-style stout brewed with flaked oatmeal and roasted barley. Dark, full-bodied, mild roasted grain, slightly sweet with hints of coffee… Read More

5% ABV

36 IBU


126 Ratings

Added 04/19/16


Zombie Blood IPA

IPA - Imperial / Double

Prominent blood orange aroma and flavor. Very easy to drink.

7.8% ABV

38 IBU


129 Ratings

Added 11/01/15


8.76% ABV

24 IBU


97 Ratings

Added 07/03/14


5.7% ABV

10 IBU


97 Ratings

Added 10/05/14


Watermelon Wheat

Fruit Beer

Watermelon Wheat with a distinct and not too sweet, refreshing flavor.

4.2% ABV

15 IBU


95 Ratings

Added 07/04/15


Shultz Oktoberfest


This sweet malty deliciousness was released for their 1 year anniversary bash. A well balanced and very drinkable Oktoberfest.

5.9% ABV

22 IBU


86 Ratings

Added 09/13/14


Copernicus Weizen Doppelbock


Sometimes a beer comes along that challenges everything that we know. This Weizen Doppelbock is just such a beer. It is a style that Shawn discovered… Read More

8.74% ABV

18 IBU


93 Ratings

Added 09/22/15


Dragon Drool

Strong Ale - American

Bigger than a Brown Ale but smaller than a Barley wine. Dragon Drool is a complex beer that has a beautiful dark amber hue, a solid malt backbone with… Read More

7% ABV

58 IBU


84 Ratings

Added 08/28/14


Boo Berry

Fruit Beer

A full bodied fruit beer with slightly sweet blueberry overtones.

9.8% ABV

32 IBU


94 Ratings

Added 10/31/15

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