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Hamilton, Waikato New Zealand

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Porter - English

Classic London Porter with roasted notes, underscored by very subtle vanilla additions for aromatic delight.

4.5% ABV
629 Ratings
Added 10/22/11


IPA - American

Brewaucracy Ltd. would like to retract the statement made in error by one of its Directors that "Brewaucracy will never brew an IPA". This statement was… Read More

6% ABV
50 IBU
370 Ratings
Added 04/15/16

The Formfiller

Pale Ale - American

A balanced and sessionable ode to classic West Coast "C" hops underpinned by a firm biscuity maltiness that satisfies the palate without getting in the… Read More

5% ABV
35 IBU
325 Ratings
Added 06/14/18

Manifest Density

Stout - American

Smooth, creamy, balanced, though with fairly intense roast flavours, and a firm finishing bitterness. Andrew Jackson would say it will expand your area… Read More

6% ABV
54 IBU
314 Ratings
Added 07/25/18

Anonymous Norman

IPA - Imperial / Double

Ol' Norm is Litany of Lies: Lie #3 tweaked slightly and reborn! We love that Norman Anonymous told churches where to go, even if he did defend regal authority… Read More

8.5% ABV
75 IBU
179 Ratings
Added 06/06/19

Tax Evasion

Mild - Light

A beer created simply to obey the law - we must have a 2.5% or lower abv beer on tap in our taproom. I chose a pale mild, as 1) it's a very under-represented… Read More

2.5% ABV
187 Ratings
Added 03/23/18

The Philsner

Pilsner - Czech

A classic Czech-style Pilsner with German Pilsner malt and Czech Saaz hops... except it's a phoney! Ale yeast fermented cool to create a clean lager-like… Read More

5% ABV
32 IBU
194 Ratings
Added 05/31/18

The Devil's Deadline

English Bitter

Pouring a deep amber, with a dense beige head, Devil's Deadline has the aroma of freshly baked wholegrain loaf and golden syrup, with a light herbal note… Read More

4% ABV
45 IBU
69 Ratings
Added 07/29/20

Parauri From Accounts

Brown Ale - English

Brown ales have an unfortunate reputation for being “boring old man beer” and so of course, Mr. Parauri (“brown” in Te Reo) would work in the much maligned… Read More

4.8% ABV
26 IBU
57 Ratings
Added 05/12/21

Be Bold With Bananas

Wheat Beer - Hefeweizen

Do not google that. Well, unless you like terrible 70s cookbooks... and probably... other things. Anyway! Be Bold with Bananas is our gentle, easy-quaffing… Read More

4% ABV
20 IBU
59 Ratings
Added 12/15/20

Litany of Lies: Lie #10

IPA - American

A big bold and bitter West Coast IPA. Nothing but 100% Gladfield's Pilsner malt for a super clean malt base, and then 15g/L of Ekuanot and Trident hops.… Read More

6.4% ABV
50 IBU
54 Ratings
Added 03/10/21

Fat Cat's Cream

Blonde Ale

Before the lockdown, we had made a beer with Bootleg Brewing. Or rather, we made a beer, and they made a different beer. These were designed to blend… Read More

4.8% ABV
15 IBU
29 Ratings
Added 09/08/21

Litany of Lies: Lie #11

IPA - American

From BestMalz in Germany comes Red X - a new malt designed to have a bright red colour, while keeping the gentle bready/grainy notes their Pilsner malt… Read More

6% ABV
55 IBU
37 Ratings
Added 08/05/21

Albrecht's Accident


Featuring Pilsner, Munich, Vienna, and Caramunich malts, as well as the gentle touch of Perle hops, this is the latest in our lager series, and appropriately… Read More

4.8% ABV
20 IBU
26 Ratings
Added 09/23/21

One More Red Nightmare

IPA - Red

A riff on our red-ish Litany of Lies: Lie #11, and the result of the endless calls to "bring back Red IPA". 100% NZ Gladfield malt (Ale malt, Vienna,… Read More

6% ABV
55 IBU
39 Ratings
Added 11/17/21

Panic Buy (Kohatu Redux)

Pale Ale - New Zealand

This latest Panic Buy is a re-brew of a previous one, but with an all-New Zealand malt base (thanks Gladfield Malt!) to bring out a little more bready… Read More

5.8% ABV
35 IBU
32 Ratings
Added 06/10/21


Bock - Single / Traditional

This is the beer for the shadowy cabal meeting you're attending later. Rich, strong, and malty, with toasted crusty brown bread, some raisins, and even… Read More

7.4% ABV
23 IBU
25 Ratings
Added 07/28/21

Under Duress

Pale Ale - New England / Hazy

Not having learned my lesson when I first said, back in 2011 or so, "I'll never make an IPA", I've been on the record numerous times taking a stand against… Read More

5.5% ABV
25 IBU
31 Ratings
Added 11/25/21

Panic Buy (Standard Issue)

Pale Ale - New Zealand

After cycling through more than a few NZ hop combinations, we have decided to settle on our favourite for the "generic" version of Panic Buy - Standard… Read More

6% ABV
35 IBU
19 Ratings
Added 11/03/21

Von Linde's Lager

Lager - Red

Without refrigeration, there would be no lager! Here's to Carl von Linde and his great work. This red lager is made with primarily Red X malt from German… Read More

5% ABV
25 IBU
16 Ratings
Added 12/23/21
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