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Bryan, TX United States

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Added 07/28/13


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Contract Killer

Porter - Other

A rich & robust coffee porter made using College Station's very own, What's the Buzz coffee. We use a blend of Brewer's 2-row, Vienna, Crystal, Chocolate… Read More

6.6% ABV

20 IBU


2,272 Ratings

Added 06/06/13




Very clean, brilliant ale with noble hop flavor and aroma. Pilsner & Maris Otter comprise the majority of the malt and German Perle & Hersbrucker add… Read More

5.5% ABV

22 IBU


1,459 Ratings

Added 08/24/13


Timber Snake IPA

IPA - American

A very bright, citrusy & juicy American-style IPA with the maltiness to back it up. Maris Otter, Vienna & Crystal malts are used to create a rich wort… Read More

6.8% ABV

64 IBU


1,502 Ratings

Added 02/26/15


Border Town

Lager - Vienna

Brewed in the traditional Mexican-style, this Vienna lager is extremely crisp with a rich malt sweetness and subtle noble hop aroma. Cheers!!

5.5% ABV

22 IBU


992 Ratings

Added 07/03/15


Ole St. Nipplaus

Stout - Milk / Sweet

Definitely one of our favorite beers to make. This rich and delicious double milk stout is rounded off with peppermint. Brewed using over 150 pounds of… Read More

7.2% ABV

17 IBU


709 Ratings

Added 11/28/15


I Wity the Fool


As the weather warms up we're pleased to release our Belgian-inspired wheat ale. Crafted from a mixture of Belgian pilsner malt and wheat & oat, this… Read More

4.6% ABV

17 IBU


526 Ratings

Added 04/09/15


Brewjeria Brown Ale

Brown Ale - American

Robust molasses smokey malts with some spicy hops to enjoy by a Texas woodpile fire.

6.9% ABV

14 IBU


463 Ratings

Added 12/24/15


Ciarán Scotch Ale

Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy

Ciarán (pronounced Kee-rin) Scotch ale is a complex malty ale with notes of caramel & dark fruits. Maris Otter, Chocolate & Roasted malts comprise the… Read More

5.6% ABV

17 IBU


324 Ratings

Added 01/10/16


Hop Damn Citra

IPA - American

The first of many to come, Hop Damn Citra is a single hop throwback to our Girls Pint Out collaboration Hazy Lady. We generously hop in the whirlpool… Read More

6.8% ABV

17 IBU


288 Ratings

Added 04/13/18


Watermelon Saison

Saison / Farmhouse Ale

A refreshing Belgian-style farmhouse ale made with pureed local watermelon from Dilorio Farms.

5.1% ABV

20 IBU


225 Ratings

Added 08/01/14


Hazy Lady

IPA - New England

Hazy Lady is a collaborative brew between Blackwater Draw Brewing Co. & BCS Girls Pint Out to celebrate International Women's Brew Day. Hazy Lady is a… Read More

7.6% ABV

10 IBU


225 Ratings

Added 03/30/17


Brad's IPA

IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale

A very special beer brewed in memory of Brad Hass. This imperial black IPA is brewed with a shit ton of hops, cause that's what he was about. Warrior,… Read More

9% ABV

73 IBU


213 Ratings

Added 09/10/15


North Pole Mafia Peppermint Milk Stout

Stout - Milk / Sweet

Our Christmas seasonal, the Queen's Tits Milk Stout brewed with peppermint. Perfect for those holiday growler fills. Cheers!!

7.75% ABV

23 IBU


187 Ratings

Added 12/21/14


Queen's Tits

Stout - Milk / Sweet

A rich & roasty double milk stout brewed with 2-Row, Chocolate, Crystal & Black malts. A generous addition of lactose gives a distinct sweetness & body.… Read More

6.9% ABV

28 IBU


170 Ratings

Added 09/27/13



Bock - Doppelbock

A dark German-style lager. Strong malt character with notes of caramel, dark honey and molasses. Subtle floral hop flavor and aroma. Finishes with dry… Read More

8.7% ABV

19 IBU


176 Ratings

Added 01/14/17


Hell's Cellar Sour Series (2016): Hibiscus Saison

American Wild Ale

Hell's Cellar Sour Series is a limited release American wild ale. We aged our saison in Messina Hof Cabernet wine barrels for over a year in the presence… Read More

7% ABV



149 Ratings

Added 05/18/16


SMaSH Mosaic

IPA - American

A very nice Maris Otter malt sweetness forms the backbone of this brew. We chose to use Mosaic as our hop in the ale using it generously through hop-blasting… Read More

6.9% ABV

85 IBU


112 Ratings

Added 03/14/14




A malty and slightly smokey lager. Brewed using Weyermann Rauchmaltz (Beechwood-smoked malt) & Munich malt, this lager is very refreshing yet surprisingly… Read More

6.7% ABV

26 IBU


100 Ratings

Added 01/22/16


Flight of the Great Pumpkin

Stout - Milk / Sweet

Our milk/sweet stout brewed with roasted and chocolate malts. Over 160 pounds of pumpkin added with a well-balanced blend of nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon… Read More

5.7% ABV

13 IBU


117 Ratings

Added 10/05/17


Rebel Yell

Bock - Maibock / Heller (Helles) / Lentebock

Rebel Yell is a German-style spring bock. A nice crisp lager with an elevated ABV. Maintains a light, crisp, mineral-like quality with a sweet maltiness… Read More

6% ABV

32 IBU


103 Ratings

Added 03/28/17


Liquid Bread

Extra Special / Strong Bitter

Very tasty example of an ESB

5.7% ABV

25 IBU


99 Ratings

Added 01/20/16


Common Take It

California Common

True to style...malty, light & crisp with a notable hop contribution form Northern Brewer hops. Enjoy y'all

5.7% ABV

31 IBU


99 Ratings

Added 05/20/16


Black Standard


Brewed using the finest German malts & hops. We combine pilsner, Munich & Carafa malts with Hersbrucker hops to produce a light yet surprisingly flavorful… Read More

6.1% ABV

20 IBU


93 Ratings

Added 02/03/15


Dragon's Breath IPA

IPA - Imperial / Double

Beer number one for American Craft Beer Week in 2015 is our Dragon' Breath IPA. We crafted this I^2PA from Maris Otter, Pilsner, Crystal and Cara malts… Read More

7.9% ABV

94 IBU


96 Ratings

Added 05/11/15


Extra Pale Ale

Pale Ale - American

The very first batch brewed on our new brew house in downtown Bryan. A very malt forward and nicely hopped amber ale. We hope you enjoy it!!

6.4% ABV

40 IBU


92 Ratings

Added 12/18/15

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